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How to Draw Fashion Eyes with Different Angles and Expressions

You’ll often draw eyes from different angles, depending on the look that you’re going for. Each angle involves a different technique. Sometimes you can add flair simply by drawing eyelids and lashes. [more…]

How to Draw Fashion Figure Noses

Keep noses under control in a fashion illustration. The idea is to create a great-looking nose without going overboard with too many shapes and shadows. You’re not illustrating an anatomy textbook, and [more…]

How to Draw Mouths on Your Fashion Figures

You can often read a person’s mood just from the set of her mouth, and the same is true in fashion illustration. Certain mouth shapes are in style at different times; for example, full lips are popular [more…]

How to Draw Feet and Shoes on Fashion Figures

A mini golden rule is that you must know what a foot looks like before you can even begin to draw a shoe. After you know the basic shape of a foot, you can draw everything from classic sandals and loafers [more…]

Choose the Right View for Your Fashion Figure Faces

Before you can start drawing a fashion face, you first have to draw a head with a face grid. When you’re ready for your face, you can adjust the guide lines on the face grid to reflect various views of [more…]

Keep Children's Arms Simple in Fashion Drawings

Kids’ arms are short and rounded, and they’re always purely functional looking in fashion drawings. No kid frets about how his arms look the way teens and adults do. Kids’ arms are meant for climbing, [more…]

How to Draw Hands on Your Fashion Figures

You can really have fun with hands in fashion illustration. Gone are the days of always hiding them behind a fashion figure’s back or slipping them into pockets. Instead, try some fluid and playful styles [more…]

How to Draw Fashion-Ready Legs

Legs can make or break a great fashion pose. They add so much personality and attitude. Long legs can turn women into supermodels whose bodies go on forever. For men, legs define masculinity even in the [more…]

How to Draw Eyes on Your Fashion Figures

Eyes really are the windows to the soul. The expression in the eyes is the first thing that people look at in real life as well as in fashion illustration. Eyes instantly express a person’s mood and can [more…]

Medical School Entry Tests: UKCAT and BMAT

Many medical schools require applicants to sit the UKCAT or BMAT as part of their selection procedures. Familiarity with the kind of questions you’ll face in these tests is crucial to scoring well. [more…]

Fast-Tracking the Medical School Entry Course

An increasing number of graduates want to study medicine. You can opt to apply for the undergraduate medical courses or you can apply for accelerated ‘fast-track’ graduate-entry courses instead. Accelerated [more…]

The UK Medical School Application Timeline

Every year, around 22,000 people apply to study at UK medical schools. Less than 8,000 are accepted. Getting in requires research, preparation, dedication and good personal insight. This flowchart outlines [more…]

Deciding Which Medical School Is Right for You

Selecting the medical school that’s right for you can be a difficult decision. All UK medical schools offer an excellent education and well-rounded university experience but they’re not interchangeable [more…]

Structuring Your UCAS Personal Statement

Medical schools want candidates with excellent academic records who have realistic views of a career in medicine. They need people who are mature enough to know their own strengths and limitations, and [more…]

Get into UK Medical School For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Nervous about applying to medical school? There’s no need! With the right approach and preparation you’ll give yourself a head start of the competition. This Cheat Sheet gives you the key things to know [more…]

Pursuing Corporate Finance Professionally

You've decided that a career in corporate finance is absolutely your life's calling, so what do you do next? You need to bone-up on some essential mathematical and computer skills that not everyone warns [more…]

How to Draw Pockets on Fashion Pants

Pockets play a key role when you’re drawing pants. Some are easy to see from the outside (usually in jeans), and others are sort of hidden in the side seams [more…]

How to Draw Different Types of Fashion Hair

Even though hair isn’t the main focus of a fashion illustration, it adds to the overall look and can portray a certain style. However, you don’t have to follow any specific hair rules. If you prefer wild-looking [more…]

How to Draw Various Hairstyles on Female Fashion Figures

To make the most of your female fashion figures, you need to be able to draw short hair, long hair, simple hair, fancy hair, and everything in between. No matter what hairstyle you choose when drawing [more…]

How to Draw Hairstyles for Male Fashion Figures

Although men usually have fewer choices in hairstyling than women, you still have to master the main male hairstyles. Keep in mind that men also have another hairy area to consider: the face. You can hair [more…]

How to Draw Hairstyles for Fashionable Children

You rarely see a kid with a fantastic ’do. When you draw fashions for children, make sure your figures have simple hairstyles. In real life, you rarely see a kid with a fantastic [more…]

How to Draw a Basic Shirt on Your Fashion Figures

Blouses, sweaters, and T-shirts come in so many fantastic styles that having to choose which one to draw is like being in a candy store — where do you start? As always, you start with the basic shapes [more…]

Add Details to Drawings of Basic Fashion Shirts

In fashion drawing, you’re either copying something that’s already been designed — drawing something you see on the street or runway — or designing a garment as you draw. Either way, you’ll discover endless [more…]

How to Draw the Perfect T-Shirt on Fashion Figures

Ah, the T-shirt! The tee is easy to draw, and it lends itself to all kinds of fun prints. Throughout the years, the T-shirt has made its way from the gym teacher’s wardrobe to the high-fashion runway and [more…]

How to Draw Polo Shirts for Fashion

Polos are shirts made out of knit fabric, which means they stretch and are quite comfortable to wear. They’re like T-shirts but dressier. The neckline on the polo has a collar and a placket with several [more…]

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