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Basic Lines, Curves, and Shapes in Fashion Drawing

All fashion drawings consist of lines, curves, and geometric shapes. Figuring out how to draw smooth, flowing lines and shapes that vary from dark to light, thick to thin, and bold to subtle isn’t always [more…]

Create a Basic Stick Figure for Fashion Drawing

Drawing a stick figure, or line figure, is a perfect way for beginners to get comfortable with basic figures for fashion drawing, and it serves as a refresher for people who’ve done figure drawing before [more…]

How to Draw a Fashion Stick Figure in Profile

When drawing a stick figure from the side for your fashion sketches, start with an 8-head count. A stick figure drawn from the side looks a bit more relaxed because you show a bit of a curve in the spine [more…]

How to Draw Heads for Basic Fashion Figures

Start with a basic oval when drawing a head for your fashion drawings. Take a look at your head in a mirror. Ignore your facial features and hair, and see that your head is longer than it is wide — the [more…]

How to Draw the Neck and Shoulders for Fashion Figures

A fashion head is basically an oval to which you attach a beautiful upper body. Start with the neck and add in shoulders to see your fashion figure start to come alive. Breaking figure drawings down into [more…]

How to Draw Arms on Fashion Figures

When making fashion sketches, you have to draw the arms in proportion to the rest of the body, or your drawing will look very off-balance. A common beginner’s mistake is to make the arms too short, so [more…]

How to Draw Hands on Fashion Figures

Many new fashion artists hide the hands by sticking them behind the figure’s back or by drawing shapes that looks like paws. But hands don’t have to be so hard if you use basic shapes and curves. [more…]

How to Draw Waists and Hips on Fashion Figures

Waistlines come in all shapes and sizes, even in fashion drawing, but the basics remain: a woman’s waist is curvy, and a guy’s is relatively straight. Hips are wider and curvier on women and straighter [more…]

How to Draw Legs on Fashion Figures

Counting head lengths when drawing fashion figures works when dividing up the length of the legs. The entire length of legs in a figure drawing runs about 4 heads. The knee joints start within the 6th [more…]

How to Draw Feet on Fashion Figures

Feet hold the body up, so don’t draw them too small on your fashion figure drawings — the length of your foot is about the length of your forearm, from the crease of your elbow to the start of your wrist [more…]

How to Add Depth to Fashion Drawings with Shading

Shading techniques are used in both figure and fashion drawing but in somewhat different ways. In fashion illustration, you often use shading to create a fabric texture or to accent a curve in the body [more…]

The Four Fashion Views in Fashion Drawing

Fashion illustrators use four views when drawing a model. Imagine yourself trying on an outfit and looking in the mirror. What views do you try to get to determine whether a look is for you? Here are the [more…]

Curve a Fashion Figure's Spine with the Letter S

Fashion figures often twist and move into extreme positions. Nearly all wonderful fashion drawings start with the S curve. No, the S curve isn’t some special code that fashionistas use. It’s a drawing [more…]

How to Slant Shoulders and Hips without Drawing S Curves

The drama and interplay between the line of the shoulders and the line of the hips really bring fashion illustration to life. You can create a terrific torso by following a simple fashion formula that [more…]

Proportions in Fashion Drawing

Long and lean is the overall motto of fashion design for women! Legs, arms, and torsos on female bodies are drawn at unrealistic lengths and widths. Male and children’s bodies are drawn a little more realistically [more…]

Basic Shapes for Drawing Torsos in Fashion Figures

The basic torso is simply two trapezoids drawn one above the other. The upper trapezoid is upside-down, and the lower one is right side up. Both male and female torsos have these shapes, but each has a [more…]

Add Attitude to Fashion Drawings by Bending Figures at the Waist

The way the lines of the shoulders play off the angle of the hips can make your fashion drawing really fierce! The angles you choose for the shoulders, hips, and waist can convey totally different attitudes [more…]

How to Draw Fashionable Ears

You don’t want to draw anything other than a graceful ear in your fashion illustrations. Fashion ears shouldn’t be big and floppy, and they shouldn’t stick out on your fashion head. Fashion ears are often [more…]

How to Draw the Side View of Fashion Figure Torsos

Drawing figures from the same perspective all the time is way boring, so master the different views from the beginning. You don’t want to get in a front-view rut. Drawing from a side view lets you vary [more…]

How to Draw Three-Quarter Views of Fashion Figure Torsos

Three-quarter views of the torso show mood and subtle action in your fashion drawings. The partial side view brings your figure to life because you avoid that straight-on stiff soldier look. Plus, this [more…]

How to Draw Back Views of Fashion Figure Torsos

Although you won’t draw a fashion design from the back every day, you’ll use the back view occasionally. A woman’s back in fashion illustration is quite beautiful, with sleek lines and shoulder blades [more…]

How to Style a Fashion Figure with Arms

Creating great arm attitude is tough enough to do in person, and you, as a fashion illustrator, have the extra challenge of capturing those same attitudes on paper. Fashion models practice moving their [more…]

How to Draw Arms with Attitude on Your Fashion Figures

The powerful stance is in, and arms can convey such a powerful feel in fashion drawing. The popular hands-on-the-waist look really brings out the fierceness of a pose. [more…]

How to Raise Arms away from Your Fashion Figure Bodies

Arms can go any which way in fashion drawing. A few fun options include bringing one or both arms above the head or having them cross the body.

Take a look at fashion magazines to get some ideas for arm [more…]

How to Sculpt Arms for Male Fashion Figures

When you’re drawing a dude’s arms, don’t aim for Muscle Beach in fashion drawing. Male arms can look toned and terrific without making people’s heads swivel in disbelief at their size and shape. Keep in [more…]

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