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Use Twitter to Promote Your Mediation Business

Twitter is a popular social venue where you can and should be active to promote your mediation business. With Twitter, you send tweets, short messages that consist of no more than 140 characters, including [more…]

Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Mediation Business

LinkedIn is more for business than social networking, which makes it a great place to network with fellow mediators and the people who are likely to be in the market for mediators, especially attorneys [more…]

Promote Your Mediation Business with Face-to-Face Networking

To promote your mediation business, you will need to do some face-to-face networking. To be successful, you need to know what your contacts value most in a mediator, prepare yourself with business cards [more…]

Get Repeat Clients for Your Mediation Business

In the mediation business, one of the best sources for new business is the clients you’ve already served, so keep in touch with them. You want to show your clients that you care about them and that you’re [more…]

Join Mediation Associations to Grow Your Mediation Business

In the ongoing effort to grow your mediation business, if you don’t yet belong to a local mediation or dispute-resolution association, your first step is to find and join the largest and most active group [more…]

Build a Referral Network for Your Mediation Business

To expand your client base for your mediation business you need to build a referral network. This is often easiest when you approach it as a team sport. Join forces with an elite squad of like-minded professionals [more…]

Target the Niche for Your Mediation Business

When you decide to grow your client base for your mediation business, one of the first steps is to target your niche, so you need to know specifically what that niche is. If you’re unclear what your niche [more…]

Phrases You Should Never Use during a Negotiation

Certain phrases always manage to clank against the ear. The following list covers some expressions that have little place in life, let alone a negotiation. [more…]

Part of the Series: Companion Content from the E-Book Negotiation Skills In A Day For Dummies

Using the Alphabet to Identify Malignant Melanoma

You can use the alphabetic classification system to evaluate melanoma, the most aggressive form of skin cancer. This guide helps you determine whether a skin lesion is malignant. The mnemonic is the first [more…]

Knowing What the APGAR Score Evaluates

An APGAR score measures how well a newborn is doing at 1 and 5 minutes after birth. The five factors you evaluate just happen to line up with the last name of the doctor, Dr. Virginia Apgar, who created [more…]

Tricks for NSTEMI Treatment

When you're treating a non-ST elevation myocardial infarction (an NSTEMI), keep OH BATMAN in mind. The mnemonic works for treating unstable angina, too. [more…]

Classifying Anemia by MCV — Mean Corpuscular Volume

In anemia, the body has a reduced quantity of red blood cells. One of the best ways to classify anemia is by the MCV, or mean corpuscular volume, which is expressed in femtoliters [more…]

Five References Every Medical Transcriptionist Needs

The following proven performers should be on your reference bookshelf as a medical transcriptionist. All of them are available in both print and electronic versions. [more…]

Where to Get Medical Transcription Training

The two primary sources of medical transcription education are community colleges and online schools, and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Here’s how they compare: [more…]

Medical Transcription Certifications

You don't need a certification to become a medical transcriptionist, and potential employers won't hold it against you if you don't have one. The key to breaking in to a career as a medical transcriptionist [more…]

Avoid Medical Transcriptionist Job Scams

Unscrupulous individuals launch scams to prey on people who want to become medical transcriptionists. Two especially prevalent schemes to watch out for are the following: [more…]

Medical Transcription For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When researching or starting a new medical transcription career, information is power. You need to know which reference books provide the info you need to do your job and where you can go to get medical [more…]

How to Draw Torsos on Your Fashion Figures

In fashion figures, a couple of trapezoids on top of each other give you the basic idea of the torso’s shape, but you need armholes, leg holes, crotches, breasts, and pecs to turn a shape into a person [more…]

How to Choose a Good Pose for Your Fashion Drawings

Not all poses you see on real-life models translate well onto paper, but it’s helpful to recognize different poses and understand what types of poses work well with different types of clothing. [more…]

Fashion Drawing: How to Sketch a Basic Figure

When drawing fashion illustrations, you first create a rough sketch of the body, also referred to as a croquis. Then you draw the clothes that go on top. [more…]

Make Your Fashion Drawing Art Reflect Your Personal Style

As you get comfortable with pencil and paper, work on incorporating a technique or two that tells the viewer that this drawing was done by you, not one of the hundreds of other artists out there. Here [more…]

The Field of Fashion Illustration

Back in the days before the Internet and great cameras, fashion illustrators were essential for showing a designer’s creations. Today, you find fewer true fashion illustrators who make their living through [more…]

How to Pick Out Paper for Your Fashion Drawings

You may be torn between buying a pad of paper or individual sheets for your fashion drawings. When you’re starting out, buy pads of drawing paper because you get more bang for your buck. [more…]

How to Evaluate Pencils for Fashion Drawing

Why are some pencils so popular for fashion artists? Because folks have used them since kindergarten! They’re the comfort food of art supplies. You use pencils to begin your sketch, put the finishing touches [more…]

How to Pick Permanent Markers for Fashion Drawings

You can use markers for a variety of purposes in fashion drawing. Some artists love to add marker lines over a pencil sketch to get that sharp, clean look [more…]

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