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Checking Out Different Mediation Styles

Mediation isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to dispute resolution. You should choose the mediation technique that you’re most comfortable with and that serves the parties’ interests better than other [more…]

Brushing Up on Mediator Lingo

You can often help parties resolve their dispute by shifting their attention from their legal rights and remedies to the interests that each party is attempting to serve in pursuing legal claims. To do [more…]

Reading Payer Contracts for Key Medical Billing and Coding Details

Insurance companies (payers) offer various levels of coverage to their members, and as the medical biller/coder, you must be able to navigate payer contracts to gather the information you need to prepare [more…]

Medical Billing: Filing a Clean, Error-Free Claim

A clean medical claim is one that has no mistakes and can be processed without additional information from the provider or a third party. It's correct from top to bottom. A clean medical claim meets the [more…]

10 Must-Know Medical Billing and Coding Acronyms

The world of medical billing and coding is like one big bowl of alphabet soup because using abbreviations and acronyms in medical records saves time. Each medical office will have its own most frequently [more…]

Medical Coding: Switching from ICD-9 to ICD-10

The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is a list of medical classifications used in medical coding. ICD-9 has been used in the United States since 1979, but ICD-10 is coming, ready or not. [more…]

Medical Billing & Coding For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Working as a medical biller and coder is a challenging and rewarding job that takes you into the heart of the medical industry. To succeed, you'll need to know how to file an error-free claim, important [more…]

Finding Your Way around the Blackboard Course Control Panel

In your Blackboard course, you have access to the Control Panel — your learners don't. You therefore have the power to add, modify, copy, and remove content; turn course tools on and off; decide how to [more…]

Post Your Syllabus to Blackboard

The first thing you have to do to get your course started using Blackboard is to post your course syllabus. How else can your audience know that you give 10 bonus points just for showing up? Follow these [more…]

Give Online Assignments in Blackboard

As an instructor using Blackboard, you'll probably want to post an assignment for learners to turn in (and for you to collect and grade) online. Here’s how: [more…]

Set Up Your Gradebook in Blackboard

To save time later in your course, set up Item columns in your Gradebook as soon as you create your course so that you have to worry only about entering earned points for each learner. Here’s what to do [more…]

Start Discussion Topics in Blackboard

Communicating with learners in Blackboard takes several forms. A discussion works like an office bulletin board. For this task, you establish a discussion forum and start the conversation as shown in these [more…]

Blackboard For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The Blackboard Learning System provides you, the instructor, with the tools to present class materials on the web, communicate online with the entire class, and track your lessons. But you're a teacher [more…]

What’s the Difference between Internal and Payer Medical Coding Audits?

Several different kinds of medical billing and coding audits exist, both internal and those done by payers, but all refer to an independent review conducted by a different person with coding background [more…]

The Do’s and Don’ts of HIPAA Compliance for a Medical Biller/Coder

Ultimately, all employees, including medical billers and coders, within an organization bound by HIPAA are responsible for maintaining compliance to the best of their abilities. [more…]

When Unbundling Is Okay for a Medical Coder

Sometimes, unbundling is supported and a medical coder can do so. For example, if the provider performs a procedure that is listed as inclusive but does so through a separate incision, you can unbundle [more…]

What are Contractual Exclusions for a Medical Coder

For a medical coder, exclusivity may be a reference to procedures or it may relate to contractual terms. Payer contracts may pertain to the type of plan — Health Maintenance Organization [more…]

What are Mutually Exclusive Procedures in Medical Billing and Coding?

Mutually exclusive procedures in medical billing and coding fall into two basic categories. Using basic medical knowledge and common sense, the biller/coder can quickly learn to recognize potential problems [more…]

How the Operative Report Is Used to Medically Code a Surgical Procedure

As a Medical Coding Professional, when you sit down to code an open procedure, you need to see the operative report, which includes the following: [more…]

How to Use Billing Modifiers in Medical Coding

Medical Coders have found that certain modifiers are appropriate for surgical or diagnostic procedures. Other modifiers are appropriate for claims submitted for reimbursement of office visits, referred [more…]

What is the Difference between Medical Coding and Medical Billing?

Although many people refer to medical billing and coding as if it were one job function, billing and coding really are two distinct careers. Here is a brief description of the tasks and functions associated [more…]

How is a Medical Billing Claim Processed?

Claims processing in Medical Billing and Coding refers to the overall work of submitting and following up on claims. When you’re not interfacing with the three Ps — patients, providers, and payers — you’ll [more…]

What Does a Medical Coding and Billing Associate Need to Know

If you’re going to work in the medical billing and coding industry, you must familiarize yourself with three big “must-know” items: compliance (following the regulations established by the United States [more…]

How to Get a Job as a Medical Coding and Billing Associate

To score a job as a biller and coder, you must get certified by a reputable credentialing organization such as the American Health Information Management Association [more…]

Why is ICD-10 Important to a Medical Coding and Billing Associate?

As soon as you get your first medical billing and coding job — and probably even before that — you’ll start hearing about something called ICD-10, which is the 10th edition of the International Classification [more…]

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