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Green Jobs in Ecotourism

Who says a green career transition can’t be glamorous? If you have a passion for travel and want to make a positive difference for the environment, ecotourism holds job opportunities for you. The ecotourism [more…]

Green Jobs in Event Planning

Believe it or not, you can make a green career transition into many different service fields, including event planning. Although this has long been considered a resource-wasting field, an eco-conscious [more…]

Green Jobs in Law

Do you want to fight the good fight for the environment? The legal field is rich with opportunity for a green job-seeker. Lawyers and legal experts combine their knowledge of the law and scientific concepts [more…]

Green Jobs in Community/Urban Planning

The success of the green economy depends on sustainable community architecture. If you feel passionate about eco-conscious plan for land, community, and infrastructure, planning may be the right industry [more…]

Green Jobs in Politics and Policy

If you want to change the way environmental policy is made, you may want to make a green career transition right to the source of the matter: politics and policy. You don’t have to run for office to play [more…]

Filmmaking For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The responsibilities of a filmmaking team can be compared to those of the host of people needed to pull off a fine-dining experience from the director/chef to the production assistants/servers. As a filmmaker [more…]

Paralegal Career For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’re starting a career as a paralegal, the first thing you need to know is how to conduct legal research, the next thing you need to know is about the research materials and Web sites that can help [more…]

How to Mediate Your Own Conflict at Work

When you're in a conflict-resolution meeting being held between an employee and yourself, you’ll wear two hats, that of mediator and that of contributor. Granted, you’re not acting as an objective third [more…]

Understanding the Firefighter Hiring Process

After filling out an initial application for a firefighting job, candidates vying for a position within a fire department can expect to take several qualifying exams. To be hired as a firefighter, you [more…]

Elements of the Written Firefighter Exam

The written firefighter exam is usually the first step in the firefighter hiring process, after filling out an application. Written firefighter exams test candidates in a variety of subject areas. The [more…]

Oral Interview Tips for Firefighter Candidates

Fear of speaking before a group of people is common, so many firefighter candidates stress about the oral interview stage of the firefighter hiring process. If you remember the following advice during [more…]

Common Firefighting Acronyms and Abbreviations

There are some firefighting acronyms and abbreviations every potential firefighter should know. Firefighters have a unique way of speaking, from their alphabet [more…]

Firefighter Exam For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The firefighter exam actually involves multiple tests and evaluations. The exams are part of a multi-tiered hiring process designed to identify the “best of the best” candidates — those whom fire departments [more…]

Courses to Take to Become a Forensic Accountant

Fraud can be a huge problem for a business or a government entity, and that problem is growing. Most frauds involve financial matters, so the most logical people to investigate them are accountants. Forensic [more…]

Certifications Relating to Forensic Accounting

To become a forensic accountant, no government-issued license is required. However, certifications related to forensic accounting and fraud investigation are issued by several professional associations [more…]

Writing a Romance Novel For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Writing a romance novel means meeting reader expectations for the genre in addition to the preparation and actual writing you need to do. Finding the right editor and publisher for your book comes next [more…]

Technical Writing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Write a technical brief as your important first step in the technical-writing process — whether you're an experienced technical writer or a beginner. A technical brief helps you identify and organize important [more…]

Working toward a Financial Accounting Career

As a financial accountant, you may choose to work in public accounting (doing jobs for multiple business clients) or private accounting (performing accounting work only for your employer). You can also [more…]

Cool Careers For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Searching for a cool career starts with asking some serious questions to find out what you value in a job choice. When you start your job search make sure you’re in the right frame of mind to create a [more…]

Writing Young Adult Fiction For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The elements of storytelling are the same for young adult fiction and adult fiction, but writers of young adult fiction must come at those elements with a wholly different mindset. After all, this category [more…]

Culinary Careers For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Food is entering a revolutionary era. Chefs are becoming superstars, restaurants are hotter than nightclubs, and cooking-related shows are saturating the airwaves. For those that dream of entering the [more…]

Complete MBA For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Before you earn an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree, you can still apply MBA-level knowledge in your career: Be a better business manager by efficiently delegating responsibilities among [more…]

Grasping the Mediation Process

Having a structure in place helps ensure that parties stay on track and progress toward a resolution for their dispute. The process isn’t always linear, but it does have several stages that go something [more…]

Exploring Mediation Fundamentals

To be a master mediator, you need to master certain fundamental skills, strategies, and techniques. The following are all traits of a well-trained mediator: [more…]

Success as a Mediator For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To achieve success as a mediator, you need to be able to talk the talk, walk the walk, and show everyone in your market just how good you really are. You'll need to understand the mediation process and [more…]


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