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How to Define a “Green Job”

You want to find a “green job,” but eco-friendly job-hunting isn’t as simple as asking how to find a job that helps the environment. Defining green jobs [more…]

How to Track New Opportunities in the Green Economy

A successful job-hunt is about finding opportunity. A successful eco-friendly job-hunt is about finding opportunity in the green economy. This means you must know how to track a moving target, as sustainable [more…]

How to Get a Green Job through Volunteerism

Who says that you have to earn money for the job to be worthwhile? In fact, volunteering is one of the most effective ways to build a socially responsible network. In the process, you build a more attractive [more…]

How to Wait for the Right Green Job

You are ready to find a green job, but the right green job might not be out there. The timing of your transition to an environmentally focused career doesn’t hinge on your experience or education. In fact [more…]

Green Jobs Making Waste into Energy

To find your green career, you have to identify where your skills and passions fit. If you believe that renewable energy is one of the most important foundations of an environmentally sustainable future [more…]

Green Jobs in Geothermal Energy

To find your green career, you have to identify where your skills and passions fit. If you believe that renewable energy is one of the most important foundations of an environmentally sustainable future [more…]

Green Jobs in Solar Energy

Making a green career transition will be successful only if you use both your skills and your passion. Solar energy is a great place to start if you are looking for a growing eco-conscious industry that [more…]

Green Jobs in Tidal and Marine-Based Energy

Tidal and marine-based energy may not be the first words off your tongue when asked about renewable energy. Even so, job-seekers should consider it in any green career transition plan. These facets of [more…]

Green Jobs in Wind Energy

Chances are, as you research job opportunity in the green economy, you’ve read about wind energy. Wind is inexhaustible, affordable, and is fairly predictable in certain regions of the world; and it’s [more…]

Green Jobs in Atmospheric Science

If you are working on an eco-conscious career transition, don’t forget to include atmospheric science in your green job search. Atmospheric science is a key component of environmental science, and one [more…]

Green Jobs in Biology

The environment depends on all living things within it, which is why biology is a field full of opportunity in an eco-conscious career transition. If you believe that a sustainable future rests on the [more…]

Green Jobs in Ecology

The word ecology alone sounds like the perfect field for a green job-seeker. After all, we cannot have a sustainable future without sustaining the earth in a healthy state. If you are interested in an [more…]

Green Jobs in Geosciences

Studying the planet — which is, in essence, what the geosciences are all about — is one of the foundations of environmental science and a key component to a sustainable future. A green job search, particularly [more…]

Green Jobs in Hydrology

Nothing is more essential to a healthy, sustainable environment and community than water. As such, anyone considering a green career transition should consider hydrology. Hydrology is the study of water [more…]

Green Jobs in Building and Architecture

Building has long been considered the antithesis of an eco-conscious industry, thanks to residential homes and commercial building’s energy, raw material, and water consumption, plus production of carbon [more…]

Green Jobs in Manufacturing

Manufacturing will always play a big role in the economy, and that includes the green economy. The good news is that an eco-conscious job search will uncover many opportunities in sustainable manufacturing [more…]

Green Jobs in Smart Grid Infrastructure

It’s easy to see that the green economy includes renewable energy sources; it may be less immediately obvious to consider more traditional forms of electrical generation in an eco-conscious career transition [more…]

Green Jobs in Transportation

Any environmentally conscious consumer knows that transportation has a huge impact on our lives and on the nation’s carbon footprint. If you want to make a difference in greenhouse gas emissions, you may [more…]

Green Jobs in Marketing

A truly eco-friendly product is about more than green features; environmentally sustainable factors encompass the product’s entire life cycle. If the company has a corporate social responsibility initiative [more…]

Green Jobs as a Sustainability Specialist

The move from business as usual to sustainable business is underway. A career transition into the green economy may put you at the heart of this change as a sustainability specialist. Such a job could [more…]

Green Jobs in Air Resource Management

Ever heard the phrase “as important as the air you breathe?” Keeping the air clean — and thus breathable — is the primary goal of air resource management, an important field for green job-seekers to explore [more…]

Green Jobs in Fish and Wildlife Resource Management

The concept of wildlife may feel removed from the economy, but fish and wildlife management is an important part of the green economy. Maintaining the balance between these resources and human life is [more…]

Green Jobs in Forest Resource Management

Forests are one of the most critical ecosystems on the planet, providing us with products from raw lumber for construction to pulp for paper and packaging to fuel sources such as biomass. Managing forests [more…]

Green Jobs in Land Resource Management

Whether you want to build a sustainable future through conservation, bring a healthy balance back to the environment through restoration, or simply make sure the land is well cared for, land resource management [more…]

Green Jobs in Waste Management

Waste is one of the most abundant resources on the planet, and it’s generally buried in eco-harmful landfills. The green economy has to address this, which means a rich opportunity for eco-conscious job-seekers [more…]


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