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Starting a Business Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Getting a business off the ground may not be easy but it can be great fun, especially if it gets off to a flying start. This Cheat Sheet serves up key ways to make sure that your business gets the initial [more…]

What Is Management by Objectives?

Preparing your business plan is a key stage in launching your business successfully and objectives – sales and profit targets, for example – are the measurable element of your plan. [more…]

Benefits of Outsourcing Business Activities

A business doesn’t have to do all the activities that it wants to carry out, from creative design, through manufacture, to selling, out of its own retail outlets. Other businesses are almost certainly [more…]

Tools for Business Growth

Growing your business requires that you generate possible options and then make decisions as to which of those will work best for your business. Here are the tools most commonly used to help you set out [more…]

10 Steps to Prepare to Move On from Your Business Commitment

However much you love your business, the time comes when you, and the half a million or so owner-managers who withdraw from business every year, want to realise some or all the value tied up in the business [more…]


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