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Sole Proprietorships: Flying Solo

The simplest business structure is the sole proprietorship —the IRS's automatic classification for any business started by an individual. Most new businesses with only one owner start out as sole proprietorships [more…]

The Birth of the Limited Liability Company (LLC)

The limited liability company (LLC) didn't come out of nowhere. Business entities with the same characteristics as LLCs have been around for many years. The origin of LLCs can be traced back to the Germans [more…]

Before Filing Your Articles of Organization for Your Limited Liability Company

The articles of organization is your limited liability company's (LLC) most important document. Why? Because you can't even be an LLC until you create and file your articles of organization with your Secretary [more…]

Erecting Your Restaurant on Solid Legal Ground

Your attorney and your accountant can help you decide how to set up your business. You have a number of options from going it alone to setting up a partnership to incorporating your business. Your decision [more…]

Creating an Out-of-State Limited Liability Company

If your limited liability company (LLC) isn't a bricks-and-mortar business — maybe you're running an Internet company or a consulting or service business that isn't restricted to a particular state — and [more…]

Sorting Out Business Legal Structures

Business type and tax preparation and reporting go hand in hand. If you work as a bookkeeper for a small business, you need to know the business's legal structure before you can proceed with reporting [more…]

Examining Legal Structures for Your Business

When you start a new business, you must choose a legal structure for it. No business legal structure is inherently better than another legal structure; you just need to decide which one is right for your [more…]

How to Choose a Lawyer to Work with Your Business

Believe it or not, most lawyers are nice people, and a lawyer can help you start and maintain your small business. Any business — even a home-based business — needs an attorney on its support team. [more…]

Buying into a Business Franchise

A franchise is an agreement in which one business buys the right to distribute another business's products or services. The business buying into the franchise wants the right to use that successful and [more…]

How to Avoid Franchising Legal Pitfalls

If you’re considering starting a franchise, or already have, remember to do your homework regarding franchise law. You don’t want to get stuck in a franchise agreement without knowing the facts and where [more…]

Managing Your Personal Life as a Franchisee

Starting a franchise is hard work and the pressure can sometimes affect you and your family. The support of your loved ones is important so put time aside to spend with your family. Remember that you have [more…]

Differences between C and S Corporations for a Small Business

A corporation is a separate legal entity formed under a state corporation law. Your small business can register as a C corporation or an S corporation if you go the corporation route, which you may want [more…]

Reasons for Incorporating Your Business

Deciding to incorporate your business, or not, can be nerve-wracking. Even if you've done your research and understand what it means to incorporate your business, you may still be unsure about moving forward [more…]

Business Incorporation Terms to Know

If you're considering incorporating your business, do your research (there's a bunch of information about the process) and become familiar with these terms associated with business incorporation: [more…]

Business Incorporation Worksheet

Incorporating your business can be overwhelming - a lot of information has to be collected. Save yourself some time by getting the information in this incorporation worksheet together so you're ahead of [more…]

Incorporating Your Business For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you're thinking about incorporating your business, learn the terms associated with the process; get ready to complete the information on the business incorporation worksheet; and consider some reasons [more…]

How to Structure a Micro-Entrepreneurial Business

How your micro-entrepreneurial business is structured affects your taxes, liability, and other legal and business issues. Each micro-entrepreneurial business type has different benefits and responsibilities [more…]

Grow a Micro-Entrepreneurial Business through Franchising and Dealerships

If your micro-entrepreneurial business is a business model that can be copied and sold, consider franchising or creating dealerships. You can grow your micro-entrepreneurial business and make more money [more…]

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