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Overcoming Venture Capital Concerns about Team Members Who Are Also Family

Husband/wife, father/daughter, or other family member teams can be particularly challenging for venture capitalists. How likely is it that the best choice for a CFO [more…]

Finding a Qualified Securities Attorney for Your Venture Capital Deal

There are a few times when your attorney more than pays for himself, and negotiating your venture capital deal is one of them. The value in having an experienced attorney goes beyond his knowing the law [more…]

Dressing to Fit into Company Culture When You're Seeking Venture Capitalists

When you are pitching your company to venture capitalists, how you dress can make or break your chances. The accepted style is different in different areas of the country — sometimes from city to city [more…]

10 Things Venture Capital Investors Look For in Your Company

As you prepare your company for investment, be aware that venture capitalists scrutinize all aspects of your company. You do not have to be strong in all ten aspects in order to be ready for investment [more…]

How to Choose a Microphone for Your Presentation to Investors

When you pitch your deal to a room full of investors, you must ensure that everyone can easily hear you. For that reason, microphones are critically important in large or noisy rooms. To work well, these [more…]

6 Ways to Be Ready to Raise Capital for Your Venture

Some companies move quickly through the process of raising capital for their business ventures, and some take a long time to close the deal. The speedy fundraisers tend to be proactive about meeting investors [more…]

Venture Capital For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Navigating the world of venture capital as you seek to raise funds for your business can be scary and confusing because of the high stakes. After you identify whether venture capital is a good choice of [more…]

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