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Venture Capital: Key Limitations in the Selection Process

The venture capital industry moves lots of money. The average size of a venture capital fund is around $150 million. If you think raising money for your company is hard, imagine how hard raising [more…]

Venture Capitalists Make Long-Term Investments

When venture capital firms invest, they intend to keep that company in their portfolios for four to seven years, effectively tying up their money even longer — in some cases for up to ten years. And ten [more…]

Look into Other Kinds of Funds and Venture Companies

Venture capital is great for companies that match the profile, but if your company doesn’t match, don’t worry. Lots of other opportunities are out there: [more…]

Venture Capital and Scalability: Growth Potential

When venture capital investors look at the scalability of a company, they want to see three things: that the business was designed to grow large, that the owners want the business to grow large, and that [more…]

How Venture Capitalists View Your Management Team

Venture capitalists often say that they “bet on the jockey and not the horse.” Translation: The management team is often more important than having a great idea, no matter how great that idea is. VCs point [more…]

Venture Capital: Determine Your Market Share

Venture capital investors want to be involved in markets that will support the kind of growth they need to be successful. In making an assessment about whether your market is big enough, VCs make a distinction [more…]

Venture Capital and the Benefits of Patents

A venture company’s success is largely hinged on an unfair advantage. A venture company needs to capture a large portion of the market that might otherwise go to competitors. To do so, it must have an [more…]

Venture Capital: Make Your Company Stand Out

Venture capitalists are highly visible because they work with high-profile companies. Because of this visibility, most people know that they exist and that they help companies grow. Many people also think [more…]

Connect with Venture Capitalists Online

Raising venture capital money is all about relationships. You have to make genuine relationships with people in the communities where you hope to be funded. You can’t fake this. The trick is to be able [more…]

Branded Website and E-Mail that Attract Venture Capital

If you do nothing else to build a public persona for attracting venture capital interest, get a webpage. Buying a web address and having a page hosted doesn’t cost very much — less than [more…]

Use Social Media to Attract Venture Capital

When you want to raise money for your company, going online is a given. While in the past many people viewed social media sites as novelties or time-wasters, now, they are necessary for business. [more…]

Blog about Your Company to Attract Venture Capital

You can maintain a blog as a highly dynamic part of your website that might attract investor interest. A blog post is part press release, part editorial, and part entertainment. The best posts include [more…]

Launch a Community Campaign to Attract Venture Capital

If you plan to get noticed by venture capitalists (VCs) by simply contacting the VC, you’re missing a bunch of other important channels. Think about fundraising as a presidential campaign: You have to [more…]

Online Tools for Real-Life Funding: Investing Sites

As if LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, your website, and your community campaigning weren’t enough exposure to alert the community and potential investors that you’re looking to raise capital, you can post [more…]

How to Use Investing Sites Effectively for Venture Capital

When you want to attract venture capitalist attention, getting a profile set up on an investing site is a good start, but don’t just post your profile on these sites and sit back waiting for a response [more…]

How to Make Contact with Venture Capital Investors

Searching out a venture capital (VC) investor or company is the first part. After you feel comfortable that your company is ready and your deal is mature enough for investors, you will have to actually [more…]

How to Get in Touch with the Venture Capitalist

You can start making contact with a venture capital (VC) firm or investor after you and the rest of your management team have a few VC firms on your collective hit list. This process is a little like applying [more…]

What Happens after You Pitch to a Venture Capital Firm?

Follow the venture capital (VC) firm's rules on submitting your materials to the letter. You can follow up with a call after that is done. Then, you wait to hear their response. [more…]

Should You Pursue a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Venture Capitalists?

Most venture capital (VC) firms won’t even discuss signing a non-disclosure agreement early on in the conversation and companies that push this issue put themselves at a disadvantage by showing a lack [more…]

Investors View Your Company as a Whole Package

Venture capital investors are a special kind of customer. They are not buying your product. What investors are really shopping for are great investment opportunities. This distinction is lost for many [more…]

How to Present Company Weaknesses to Investors

No company is perfect. If you wait to talk to venture capitalist investors until your company is completely polished in all aspects, you could miss the optimum fundraising window. Investors [more…]

Business Plan Basics for Venture Capital Investors

A business plan is a document that describes the details of any business, and it has its place in securing capital for your business. This document includes plans for the business over the course of many [more…]

What to Include in Your Business Plan to Investors

When you create (or update) your business plan, whether for sharing with venture capitalists or for internal use, you need to plan three to five moves ahead, just as you would in a chess game. Investors [more…]

Product Development and Investors

Take a look at a couple of key areas that you don’t want to forget as you develop your product and pitch your company to potential investors. Product development is the process by which your product goes [more…]

Highlight Your Product for Potential Investors

“Building a better mousetrap” is a popular idiom that refers to coming up with a product that is an improvement on all other currently available technology. Many venture companies have [more…]


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