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Getting Help to Set Up Your Small Business

Sometimes you need help to figure out how to set up a small business. Here's a list of links to helpful websites for Australian and New Zealand small business; these websites will help you understand everything [more…]

Ten Tips on How to Start a Small Business

Small business success begins with good planning. Start a successful small business with your experience and talent, then add smart management and technical know-how. You will need time, money, and people [more…]

Clauses to Make Sure to Get into Your Commercial Lease

When you're negotiating your commercial lease, there are a few things that should absolutely be in there. Including all of the following items in your lease is strongly recommended: [more…]

Clauses to Be Apprehensive About in Your Commercial Lease

Just as it's important to include certain key terms in your lease, you must also be cautious about what terms are in the lease to begin with and how they may affect you. You may want to remove or adjust [more…]

Questions to Ask Before Searching for the Perfect Commercial Building

If you're thinking of starting your own business, or if you're getting ready to change locations for your current business, you're probably anxious to get out the door and start looking at some properties [more…]

Understanding What Makes a Business Plan Work

If you’re just getting your business off the ground, then making projections for the months or years ahead can seem rather like betting on the horses. However, you have to start somewhere. You probably [more…]

Checking Out Business-Planning Essentials

Planning doesn't guarantee success, but planning does go a long way towards bettering your chances. Here’s a checklist of planning essentials you can use to get your business plan into gear: [more…]

Key Things to Ask Yourself about Customers and Competitors

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. The more you know about your customers, the more you know about your own business. Customers tell you how to succeed in the marketplace. Your customers are [more…]

Useful Resources for Australian Businesses

You can find a treasure trove of business planning information and resources online. To help you sort through all the riches, here's a list of popular sites that provide useful and reliable tips, tools [more…]

Business Plans For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australian Edition)

Some people picture a business plan as just something that they have to put together to raise money for a new business idea; a formality. But you don’t create a business plan just to raise money. You should [more…]

How to Tax-Deduct Home-Office Expenses as a Micro-Entrepreneur

One of the most attractive deductions for micro-entrepreneurs is the home office deduction. Basically the home-office deduction allows micro-entrepreneurs to deduct a portion of their home [more…]

How to Finance Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Business

At some point, your micro-entrepreneurial business may need financing to help pay for things, such as expansion. Maybe you’re a micro-entrepreneur with a home-based business that needs financing to warehouse [more…]

7 Steps to Selling a Micro-Entrepreneurial Business

Your micro-entrepreneurial business is a product, and it can be sold like anything else. If you’ve developed a large customer base for your micro-entrepreneurial business, you can get a lot of money for [more…]

Grow a Micro-Entrepreneurial Business through Franchising and Dealerships

If your micro-entrepreneurial business is a business model that can be copied and sold, consider franchising or creating dealerships. You can grow your micro-entrepreneurial business and make more money [more…]

Examine the Pros of Outsourcing Work for Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Business

Just because you own a micro-entrepreneurial business doesn’t mean you need to do everything yourself. Sometimes it makes sense to outsource the work you don’t have time to do, or don’t like to do. Take [more…]

Examine the Cons of Outsourcing Work for Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Business

Just because you own a micro-entrepreneurial business doesn’t mean you need to do everything yourself. Still, sometimes outsourcing your work to strangers doesn’t make sense. Before you decide to give [more…]

How-to Hire Outsourced Workers for Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Business

Hiring outsourced workers for your micro-entrepreneurial business is very simple to do, but you need to outsource the right way to prevent problems. Outsourcing your work, if done right, is one way in [more…]

7 Great Outsourcing Websites for Micro-Entrepreneurs

Hiring outsourced workers for your micro-entrepreneurial business is easy if you choose carefully and are aware of potential problems. For micro-entrepreneurs just getting started with outsourcing, agencies [more…]

4 Reasons Why Micro-Entrepreneurs Need a Web Presence

Most businesses wouldn’t think twice about whether to have a website or not, but as a micro-entrepreneur, you may be wondering a website is worth the trouble, given the small size of your micro-entrepreneurial [more…]

Identify Competitors to Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Business

Potential customers will either buy from your micro-entrepreneurial business or someone else. Identifying your business competitors helps you focus your marketing efforts and protect your existing client [more…]

Offer Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Services through Elance

No matter what type of services your micro-entrepreneurial business offers, Elance, like other freelancer sites, can connect you with prospective customers that need your business services. Finding work [more…]

The Attributes of a Winning Business Idea

Lots of businesses start with a great idea. Writing a business plan can help you refine that great idea and put it to its first test. Ask yourself these questions to evaluate your idea as you assemble [more…]

Key Components of a Business Plan

Writing a business plan is a big task, and no two business plans are alike. But most effective plans include the following major elements. As you write your business plan, come back to this list of key [more…]

5 Ways to Ensure an Effective Business Plan

No matter whether yours is a new or existing business, effective business planning is essential. Not only do you need to put time into the planning process, but you need to involve the right people as [more…]

Evaluating Your Business Plan

Each time you review and revise your business plan, actively solicit suggestions and ideas throughout your company and target audience. Useful ideas can come from anyone anywhere. Start within your business [more…]

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