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Start Your Own Business with These Key Considerations

Read these useful tips to get an idea about what sorts of questions you should be asking yourself as you consider setting up your own business: [more…]

Business Success Based on Six Factors

A combination of several fundamental factors determine the success of a business. Refer to the following important points to make sure that you are covering all vital areas: [more…]

What Goes into a Business Plan

A business plan is a key document communicating the developmental objectives of your business. To be sure that this vital information is as functional, accurate and comprehensive as possible, be sure to [more…]

Product Development Lingo

Get to know the following product development language so you’re on top of your game and your head isn’t spinning from all the jargon used during new product development meetings and conventions: [more…]

The New Product Development Cycle

So you can turn your great ideas into money, take a look at how the cycle of new product development evolves from inception to successfully marketing and selling your product: [more…]

Must-Have Personality Traits to Run a Successful Restaurant

Running a restaurant requires more than solid business skills and the willingness to work hard. Making your restaurant a success starts with the right attitude and these personality traits: [more…]

Legal and Business Requirements for Your Online Entity

Here are some important action points to get cracking with as soon as possible in terms of both the functionality and the legality of your online business. [more…]

Management Direction and Your Small Business

Your business’s management team brings together skills, talent, and commitment. You want team members to find their direction from your business’s mission, values, and vision statements, as well as from [more…]

Finding Professional Help with Your Small Business Start-Up

Planning a business start-up takes a lot of work. But you don’t have to do it all alone. You can and should get professional help with many of the tasks involved, and at the very least, you need a lawyer [more…]

Deciding on a Place of Business

Finding a location for your business (if you’re able to choose a location) is an important step. When choosing your business premises, aim to spend as little as possible while making sure that your place [more…]

Where to Get Help with Writing Business Plans

Writing a business plan can be a daunting process. Before you begin to feel overwhelmed and burdened, identify the key people who can help you during the planning process. [more…]

What Kind of Business Plan Do I Need?

The purpose and the process of creating a business plan are different, depending on your starting position. Following are some of the most common questions you should consider to determine the starting [more…]

How to Boost Your Personal Creativity in Business Planning

As far as business planning goes, where do creative ideas originate? As part of an informal survey, innovative individuals named their top idea-generating activities. The most frequently cited answers [more…]

How to Translate an Idea into a Great Business Plan

A successful business plan doesn’t necessarily require an original idea. Consider this success story:

A few years back, a California chef who was vacationing in Spain discovered the joy of [more…]

Identify Business Plan Profit Sources

A great business idea isn’t enough to ensure its long-term success. You must define and develop a workable business plan and business model, or a method that your company uses to generate revenue, earn [more…]

Use Your Business Plan to Chart Your Company’s Future

Business plans serve three purposes: to lay the groundwork for new enterprises as they get up and running, to guide successful businesses as they seek to achieve new heights, and to help struggling businesses [more…]

Use Your Business Plan to Generate Growth

The objective of a business plan is always the same: to acquire customers and to generate revenue and profit. The variables are how your business will grow — and how big you want it to get. Think through [more…]

How to Define Operations in Your Business Plan

In the lineup of key business capabilities in your business plan, the term operations describes the processes and resources that you use to produce the highest quality products or services as efficiently [more…]

Three Ways to Change Your Business Plan Focus

Don’t wait until your business is upended by change before you refocus your business vision. Stay proactive by annually assessing how well your product, location, distribution, staffing, and operations [more…]

Focus Your Business Plan on Strengths

While flexibility and creativity are important, staying focused on the heart of your business plan is critical to your success. No company can be all things to all people. In fact, companies that try to [more…]

Business Marketing Plan Overview

Your business plan sells your company — to investors, lenders, partners, key employees, and associates — whereas your marketing plan tells how you plan to sell your products. Because selling your products [more…]

Essential Elements of a Business Marketing Plan

Marketing is one of the top issues on the minds of most CEOs, entrepreneurs and small-business owners. In fact, most business advisors and investors consider marketing the one area that can make or break [more…]

Sample Business Plan Income Statement

An income statement summarizes your revenue and costs and shows your net profit in your business plan. Take a look at how a gift shop called Broad Street Emporium uses income statements to manage business [more…]

Business Plan Cash-Flow Statement: Changes in Cash Flow

As you assemble the cash-flow statement for your business plan, you’ll probably notice that many of the entries are based on numbers from your income statement and your balance sheet. That’s because your [more…]

How to Build a Strong Foundation for Your Small Business

Even a sole proprietorship needs a business plan. Being self-employed or running a small business on your own can be very rewarding, but only if you take it seriously. Owning your business isn’t a hobby [more…]


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