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How to Succeed in Your Home-Based Business

Although no one can guarantee that your home-based business will bring you the fame and fortune you hope it will, if you work hard, price your products and services right, and keep your customers satisfied [more…]

Obtaining a Liquor License for Your Bar

Every bar that serves liquor must have a license to do so. Different agencies regulate the process in different states. Make sure you start the process of getting your license early in the timeline of [more…]

Planning Your Basic Bar Drink Menu

Most bars are fully stocked bars, so patrons can order their favorite cocktails, such as a gin and tonic, Crown and Coke, or margarita. But many bar owners create specialized drink menus to steer patrons [more…]

Defining Your Business Model

A business model isn't something you build from the ground up. When management-types ask about a business model — as in, "So what's your business model? [more…]

Small Business Ownership: How and When to Write Formal Contracts

Business contracts outline important agreements you (or your business) enter into with others. If you own a small business, you should familiarize yourself with writing a good agreement, or contract. Sure [more…]

Shattering the Myths about Working from Home

Many myths are floating around about home-based businesses. No doubt you've heard some of them. You may even believe some of them. Regardless of what you may or may not have heard, the simple fact is that [more…]

Taking an Existing Business Online

Planning is everything! You have a much better chance for success when you map out a strategy for selling online than when you just put up a Yahoo! Store and hope to sell something. There are major differences [more…]

Understanding Zoning, Licensing, and Permits

No matter which governments — federal, state, or local — have jurisdiction in your particular place of business, you can bet that they all have something to say about how, when, and where you can — and [more…]

Designing a Better Business Organization

Being a manager is one of the most difficult — and potentially one of the most rewarding — jobs that anyone can take on in an organization. A successful manager must continuously improve systems and processes [more…]

Creating a Risk List for Your E-Commerce Venture

The most important step you can take to evaluate your e-commerce plan is to take a close, realistic, — even pessimistic — view of it. Have your project team look at the plan and point out the places where [more…]

Bringing in Partners

A business partnership is when two or more people team up in the ownership and operation of a business. Several large, well-known businesses have started out as successful partnerships [more…]

When to Consider Reviewing Your Business Plan

Giving your business plan a good once-over one time a year may not be often enough. Reviewing your business plan annually is fine under most circumstances, but if your business environment is experiencing [more…]

Examining Types of Business Capital

When implementing a new business concept, only one definition captures the real essence of capital: "It takes money to make money." From the aspiring entrepreneur designing new software in a home office [more…]

Deciding Whether You Really Want to Be in the Bar Business

Think of all the great times people have in bars. They meet for girls' night out, bachelor parties, reunions, birthdays, or just because it's Thursday. They come to celebrate, relax, or have fun. It's [more…]

How to Establish Your Business's Vision, Mission, and Values

Establish your business's vision, mission, and values to tell the world about your business accomplishes. Even if you have your business's vision, mission, and values in mind, you need to commit those [more…]

Dealing with Zoning Laws for Your Home-Based Business

Zoning laws are, among other things, the government’s favorite way of trying to keep residential areas residential and business areas business. Local government's zoning laws make everyone [more…]

Finding Information about Licenses and Permits for Your Business

You can find a business license or permit for most any occasion. Which licenses and permits does your business need? The kind of licenses and permits you need really depends on in which city, county, and [more…]

How to Choose a Lawyer to Work with Your Business

Believe it or not, most lawyers are nice people, and a lawyer can help you start and maintain your small business. Any business — even a home-based business — needs an attorney on its support team. [more…]

How to Buy a Business Opportunity

Business opportunities that you can buy into come in all shapes and sizes. In general, a business opportunity can be an idea, product, system, or service that someone has developed and offers to sell to [more…]

Questions that Test an Entrepreneur's Product Concept

Thorough entrepreneurs test their product ideas before they begin manufacturing. Even if you're in love with your idea, ask yourself the following test questions, which compel you to look closely at these [more…]

Tech Resources for Entrepreneurs

Technology affects practically every entrepreneurial venture, and savvy entrepreneurs know which tech resources to turn to. You use technology to help determine what to sell, how to sell it, where it's [more…]

Entrepreneurs, Know How to Create a Marketing Plan

For entrepreneurs, an effective marketing plan is crucial. Entrepreneurs need to determine who's going to buy the product and how to let those customers know that you have what they want. Creating a marketing [more…]

Entrepreneurs: How to Screen Business Ideas Quickly

Entrepreneurs develop business ideas all the time, but how do you know when to pursue one further? Some entrepreneurs have a hard time screening product ideas, but you can do it very quickly by answering [more…]

Top Ten Forms for Raising Capital

Like anything else in business, if you want to raise capital, you need to fill out plenty of forms — red tape must be cut — before you can get much done. The following list contains the more important [more…]

Great Financial Web Sites for Raising Capital

If you’re trying to raise capital for your business venture, you can turn to a considerable number of comprehensive Web sites for financial information. Strengthen your quest for capital by visiting these [more…]

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