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Business Models For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Designing or updating your business model becomes easier when you think through your offering, monetization, and sustainability. As you work on your business model, keep important tips in mind, ask questions [more…]

How Higher-Margin Products Fit in Your Business Model

Gas stations don’t make money from the sale of gasoline. They make their profit from the sale of higher-margin items like cigarettes and soda. While creating your winning business model, think about which [more…]

Improve Your Business' Profits without Raising Prices

All business models erode and grow weaker over time. Your job is to assess the model and make changes before it’s too late. If your profit isn’t what it once was, consider raising your prices — without [more…]

Get Business Model Ideas from Other Businesses

Business model innovation is a necessity. The constant march of competition and time causes all business models to erode eventually — you can’t stand still and expect to get ahead. Regularly spend time [more…]

Ten Off-the-Wall Ideas that Can Improve Your Business Model

They’re called innovations for a reason. Great ideas rarely are in the mainstream or are conformist. Some of the best ways to innovate a business model come from unusual or counterintuitive means. Here [more…]

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