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Ten Pricing Models to Help Raise Margins

Great business models command better margins than the competition. Sometimes, a business model can be improved simply by clever pricing strategies. The list below offers some methods to potentially raise [more…]

Things to Remember when Designing a Business Model

When designing a business model, you have a lot to remember. Refer to this handy list of business-model reminders to make sure you stay on track: [more…]

Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Business Model

If your current business model is no longer effective, it's time to make some changes. When you're designing or re-designing your business model, keep these questions in mind: [more…]

Generate Ideas with the Business Model Wheel

When you're ready to create and analyze your own business model, jot down your ideas while using the business model wheel. This practical tool is also useful when you revisit the ideas you come up with [more…]

Business Models For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Designing or updating your business model becomes easier when you think through your offering, monetization, and sustainability. As you work on your business model, keep important tips in mind, ask questions [more…]

How Higher-Margin Products Fit in Your Business Model

Gas stations don’t make money from the sale of gasoline. They make their profit from the sale of higher-margin items like cigarettes and soda. While creating your winning business model, think about which [more…]

Improve Your Business' Profits without Raising Prices

All business models erode and grow weaker over time. Your job is to assess the model and make changes before it’s too late. If your profit isn’t what it once was, consider raising your prices — without [more…]

Get Business Model Ideas from Other Businesses

Business model innovation is a necessity. The constant march of competition and time causes all business models to erode eventually — you can’t stand still and expect to get ahead. Regularly spend time [more…]

Ten Off-the-Wall Ideas that Can Improve Your Business Model

They’re called innovations for a reason. Great ideas rarely are in the mainstream or are conformist. Some of the best ways to innovate a business model come from unusual or counterintuitive means. Here [more…]

Figure Out How to Monetize Your Business Plan

The Internet has brought a new mentality to the business world in which users matter more than profit. The concept is to capture a large audience and figure out how to make money from the audience later [more…]

Plan Your Business Model for Hard Times

When you present your business model to investors, they don't want to hear you say, "My business plan calls for…" This issue is also known as “assuming the hard part.” Every business plan calls for rapid [more…]

Make Sure Your Business Model Includes Profit Up Front

Venture capitalists do not appreciate hearing about a business model that includes the words, "I'll make it on the back end." When working your business model and thinking about investors, make sure you [more…]

Consider the Marketability of Your Business

Investors looking at promising business models often don't want to hear, "Everyone needs this product." When investors hear, “Everyone needs this product,” they may get the impression that you don’t understand [more…]

Business Models Based on Other Companies

A business model that says, essentially, "I used to work for a company that did the same thing," is not something investors want to hear. This plan has a good and a bad aspect — the bad part is a successful [more…]

Use Competitors as a Source for Your Business Model

Business model innovation is critical to the long-term success of your enterprise. Still, most people need a starting point for some inspiration — so start with your competition. Sure, competitors are [more…]

Use Great Companies as Basis for Your Business Model

The best ideas for business model innovation can come from companies outside your industry. There’s a reason everyone inside your industry is constrained by the thinking of that industry. They say things [more…]

The Crystal Ball Method of Business Planning

Using the crystal ball to help guide your business model is more than just guessing at the future or daydreaming. Using the crystal ball is a process by which you paint a vivid picture of what the business [more…]

Employees as Inspiration for Your Business Model

Companies use employee suggestion boxes for improvements to their business process, but employees can be a valued source of business model improvements as well. Employees have access to the intimate details [more…]

Travel to Other Countries for Business Inspiration

Sometimes the best innovation for business is borrowing other people’s innovation. Howard Schultz got the idea for Starbucks while sitting in an Italian café. Plenty of creative product, fashion, and food [more…]

Business Model Problem: Desire to Sell the Business

A business counseling client once said, “If I didn’t own this place, I’d quit.” Because the business owner can’t quit, many business owners use the hope of selling their business as the universal magic [more…]

Business Model Plan: You Need to Constantly Borrow Funds

If your business plan includes the need to borrow money constantly, it is probably not a good one. For example, sales are increasing 30 percent per year. Your accountant informs you that you’ve produced [more…]

Business Problem: Do You Need Sales Superstars to Fix Your Sales?

One big issue with a business model can be with sales. Here are some of the most common scenarios seen with mid-sized and small businesses concerning issues with their business model: [more…]

Business Problem: Are Your Margins Lower Than Your Competitors’?

Great business models are built upon great margin. What does it say about your business model if your competitors’ margins are better than yours? It’s not the end of the world, but it certainly means you’re [more…]

Business Problem: You Feel There is No One to Whom You Can Delegate

One problem you might find when looking over your business model is one of delegation. Most business owners work below their pay grade. They know they should delegate work, but they don’t. These are the [more…]

The Elements of a Good Business Plan

Many businesspeople mistakenly believe that a business plan and a business model are one and the same. Your business model is the core concept upon which you build your business plan. Therefore, your business [more…]


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