Starting a Food Truck Business

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Structures for Your Food Truck Business

Long before you open your food truck’s service window, you need to decide which type of business structure best suits your needs. Your options range from sole proprietorships to partnerships and corporations [more…]

Local Laws Govern Your Food Truck Business

Laws will govern just about every aspect of your food truck business, from the types of food you can serve to the ability to stay in a metered parking space so you can sell your fare. Make sure you know [more…]

Paperwork You May Need for a Food Truck Business

The business licenses and permits you’ll need for your food truck business differ for each city, county, and state. Also, some areas may require you to register your business annually, collecting a fee [more…]

Buy the Insurance You Need for Your Food Truck Business

As with any business, the owners of mobile food trucks need to protect themselves and their business. While other food service businesses face potential insurance claims every day, food trucks face additional [more…]

Ten Myths About Food Trucks

Opening a food truck isn’t like the movie Field of Dreams. The mobile food industry is just like any other fledgling industry — it has many success stories, but it also has many stories of failure. If [more…]

Ten Tips for Preventing Food Truck Failure

The number of food trucks has been growing exponentially since 2008, yet some food trucks still haven’t been able to succeed. Here are ten reasons why some food trucks don’t survive and tips you can use [more…]

Ten Tips for Handling Food Truck Health Inspections

Although it may be tempting to put off certain repairs to your food truck or overlook a few minor health violations in hopes that the health inspector won’t pay you a visit in the near future, a better [more…]

A Typical Day in the Life of a Food Truck Owner

Running a food truck is no stroll in the park. In fact, operating a food truck can involve downright dirty, draining, and difficult work. When your employees drop the ball, it’s up to you to pick it up [more…]

Financial Projections for Your Food Truck Business

Creating financial projections for your food truck business plan is both an art and a science. If the primary purpose for putting a business plan together is to attain financing, the financials section [more…]

Traits of Food Truck Followers

The assimilation of social media as a basis of communication in the mobile food industry has altered the way customers or followers are able to find their next meal. The once-static food patrons have become [more…]

Provide Catering Services from Your Food Truck

Catering is a great way to expand the reach of your food truck business. According to the estimates from the National Association of Catering Executives [more…]

Franchise Your Food Truck Business

Do you think your food truck business is unique? Are your friends, family, and, most importantly, your customers telling you that you should franchise your truck? [more…]

How to Calculate Foot Traffic to Position Your Food Truck

Understanding the level of foot traffic at specific locations around your area is very useful in determining where the potential for success is greatest and where you want to park your food truck from [more…]

Parking Options for Your Mobile Food Business

The fact that your food truck business is mobile gives you a fantastic advantage over brick-and-mortar restaurants. If you find that the spots you initially work from don’t provide enough traffic for you [more…]

Tips for Creating a Memorable Logo for Your Food Truck

Establishing a logo for your food truck helps people remember your business and think of it when they’re in the mood to order something from a food truck. For some people, designing a logo is an exciting [more…]

Two Options for Decorating Your Food Truck

You have a couple of options for the exterior decoration of your food truck. You can have your truck either wrapped in vinyl or painted: [more…]

Who Should Wrap Your Food Truck in Vinyl?

When your truck is ready to get dressed and be wrapped in vinyl (featuring your logo and branding), you have two options at your disposal: (1) finding a company to help and [more…]

Match Your Food Truck Menu to Your Overall Concept

You need to create a menu for your food truck business that matches the concept and the atmosphere you want your customers to experience. Without taking this step, you may start adding menu items that [more…]

Hints for Building Your Food Truck Menu

Creating your food truck menu can be overwhelming. What dishes should you offer, and what should you skip? The ideal menu offers a balance of unique dishes and old favorites that match your concept. Avoid [more…]

Link Your Food Truck Menu to Your Kitchen Equipment

The size and types of equipment in your commercial and food truck kitchens will play major roles in determining the items you can include on your menu. The larger the kitchen and the wider the range of [more…]

Taste-Test All Items on Your Food Truck's Menu

Taste-test all your menu items before making a final decision to serve them from your food truck. Modify or discard any food that doesn’t meet your quality standards. This testing is an important technique [more…]

Determine Your Food Truck Menu's Price Points

Your prices are specific, but your price point is the range of prices your menu items fall into. Food trucks are a category of food service operators in which a meal falls into roughly the same range of [more…]

Menu Pricing Methods for Your Food Truck Business

Setting prices for the products you sell from your food truck is one of the most crucial components to running it, because the prices you set directly affect your ability to sell, cover costs, and generate [more…]

Apply Psychology to Food Truck Menu Pricing

Pricing psychology is one of the most fascinating areas of menu development for food truck businesses as well as other restaurant owners. Psychologically speaking, a huge difference exists between [more…]

Your Food Truck Menu Board's Colors, Fonts, Layouts, and Descriptions

Your menu board's color scheme and font should reflect your food truck’s concept. For example, if you’re opening a Mexican-themed truck, using vibrant colors, such as red, turquoise, purple, and green, [more…]


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