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Sorting Out Business Legal Structures

Business type and tax preparation and reporting go hand in hand. If you work as a bookkeeper for a small business, you need to know the business's legal structure before you can proceed with reporting [more…]

How to Identify Your Target Market

Identify your business's target market so that you can best serve and advertise directly to your real customers. To identify your target market, you first need to answer these questions: [more…]

Ten Simple Marketing Strategies for Micro-Entrepreneurs

Everything in your micro business boils down to marketing. As a micro-entrepreneur, your business centers on two basic phases: the set-up phase, which is the easy part [more…]

Micro-Entrepreneurship For Dummies Cheat Sheet

As a micro-entrepreneur, you’re searching for tips and tricks to maximize profits and minimize losses for your micro-business. No matter what you offer to your customers, whether it's a service or product [more…]

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