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Finding Professional Help with Your Small Business Start-Up

Planning a business start-up takes a lot of work. But you don’t have to do it all alone. You can and should get professional help with many of the tasks involved, and at the very least, you need a lawyer [more…]

Deciding on a Place of Business

Finding a location for your business (if you’re able to choose a location) is an important step. When choosing your business premises, aim to spend as little as possible while making sure that your place [more…]

Starting & Running a Small Business For Canadians All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’ve got the urge to start your own small business, the practical advice offered in this Cheat Sheet introduces budding entrepreneurs to some of the essential steps involved in starting up and running [more…]

Promote Your Dog Photography Business Locally and Cheaply

Chances are you have a dog of your, and you’ve started a dog photography business, so why not put Sasquatch to work as well? Take him for an outing to your favorite dog park and let [more…]

Create a Business Plan and Set Goals for Your Dog Photography Business

If, after doing a bit of due diligence, you determine that the conditions are ripe to set up shop and photograph dogs for a living, your first major assignment is to create a business plan, which is basically [more…]

Legal Matters for Your Dog Photography Business

In order to be a legal and legit business, you need to file all kinds of paperwork and go through a few other steps. This isn’t necessarily the most fun part of starting the biz, but it’s the most necessary [more…]

Originality, Integrity, and Collegiality in Your Dog Photography Business

Pet photographers of all sorts are popping up like crazy. It’s a fast-growing industry, so chances are, you’re not the first one in your area to start this type of business. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t [more…]

Discover Your Client’s Needs, Expectations, and Reasons for the Photo Shoot

In addition to learning about your canine subject, you need to learn about your human client. Sometimes, this is even more vital, because the human is the one paying your fee [more…]

Confirm Details with Your Dog Photography Clients

As you find out more about your client’s needs and wants, you’ll know what session or package option is right for her and her god and you can discuss that with her. [more…]

Prepare Your Human and Canine Photography Clients

You should run through how the photo shoot is going to work with your human client ahead of time. This is a big piece of the shoot, actually, and it doesn’t even happen during the session itself. [more…]

Model Releases for Your Dog Photography Business

As a photographer, you retain your rights to your photos. You can decide to waive those rights at any time, but in general, you should retain them. To protect your rights, you need to create a waiver and [more…]

Deliver Client Proofs in Your Dog Photography Business

With proofs of your dog photographs ready to go, it’s time to make them available to your client. You can get your proofs online using a number of methods; for example, you can use Adobe Lightroom’s integrated [more…]

Client Viewing of Your Dog Photography

After your proofing gallery is live, it’s time to invite your clients to view it by e-mailing them the link. Also, let them know what the next steps are. If their package includes any photos, remind them [more…]

How to Accept Payment for Your Dog Photography Business

Getting paid for your dog photography by check or cash is the most direct and usually the easiest way to go, but you can also use PayPal, which is becoming more and more popular. The thing to remember [more…]

How to Build Your Dog Photography Portfolio

Your portfolio is your calling card. It showcases your work and makes people want to book you for jobs. When building your portfolio, you want to build something that represents your style, diversity, [more…]

Create a Website to Promote Your Dog Photography Business

First and foremost, for your dog photography business, you need a website . . . immediately! If you’re not exactly web-savvy, setting up a website can be a daunting task, but in reality, solutions are [more…]

Build Relationships with Local Pet Care Businesses and Rescue Groups

Talking up dog photography is a heck of a lot easier if you do it in the right places. Do some research to map out all the pet care businesses in your area, including pet boutiques, groomers, dog walking [more…]

How to Get Your Dog Photography Business Website Found

Getting your dog photography business website live is half the battle. Getting found online is the other half. Today, most people use a search engine like Google to track down what they’re looking for, [more…]

Where to Get Help with Writing Business Plans

Writing a business plan can be a daunting process. Before you begin to feel overwhelmed and burdened, identify the key people who can help you during the planning process. [more…]

What Kind of Business Plan Do I Need?

The purpose and the process of creating a business plan are different, depending on your starting position. Following are some of the most common questions you should consider to determine the starting [more…]

How to Boost Your Personal Creativity in Business Planning

As far as business planning goes, where do creative ideas originate? As part of an informal survey, innovative individuals named their top idea-generating activities. The most frequently cited answers [more…]

How to Translate an Idea into a Great Business Plan

A successful business plan doesn’t necessarily require an original idea. Consider this success story:

A few years back, a California chef who was vacationing in Spain discovered the joy of [more…]

Identify Business Plan Profit Sources

A great business idea isn’t enough to ensure its long-term success. You must define and develop a workable business plan and business model, or a method that your company uses to generate revenue, earn [more…]

Use Your Business Plan to Chart Your Company’s Future

Business plans serve three purposes: to lay the groundwork for new enterprises as they get up and running, to guide successful businesses as they seek to achieve new heights, and to help struggling businesses [more…]

Use Your Business Plan to Generate Growth

The objective of a business plan is always the same: to acquire customers and to generate revenue and profit. The variables are how your business will grow — and how big you want it to get. Think through [more…]

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