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Guidelines for Making a Food Truck Staff Schedule

Without proper time management and employee scheduling, running your food truck business can quickly get out of hand. Your employees are an important component to your business that can turn your business [more…]

How to Motivate and Retain Your Food Truck Staff

The mobile food industry is much like any other area of the food service industry, in which employee turnover isn’t uncommon. You must be prepared to hire great people who you’ll someday lose to another [more…]

Home Offices versus Commercial Offices for Food Truck Businesses

Both working from home and leasing office space can be great options for food truck owners. The key is to figure out which one is best for your needs. Ultimately, your business will suffer the consequences [more…]

A Point-of-Sale System for Your Food Truck Business

A point-of-sale (POS) system is a computerized system that allows you to electronically track your food truck sales, cash flow, and food inventory and can help simplify your bookkeeping process. [more…]

Credit-Card Payments and Your Food Truck Business

The basics of credit-card processing for your food truck sales are easy to grasp. Your first step is to select the right credit-card-processing company. You have no shortage of options here, so take your [more…]

Prep, Cook, and Store Your Food Truck's Food Correctly

When food is cooked and left out for more than two hours at room temperature (or worse yet, food truck temperature), bacteria, parasites, and viruses can multiply quickly. Most of these contaminants grow [more…]

How to Combat Cross-Contamination of Food in Your Food Truck

Cross-contamination can cause harmful contaminants can spread to your food and throughout your food truck. Cross-contamination is the transfer of harmful bacteria, parasites, or viruses to food from other [more…]

Implement Proper Hand-Washing Procedures in Your Food Truck

Hand-washing is an important task for all food service employees to ensure you’re serving safe food. Harmful bacteria or pathogens are found on almost everything you touch. People can carry them in or [more…]

Food Truck Cleanliness

You’re responsible for making sure your food truck employees are doing their job, which includes cleaning the truck during and at the end of a shift. Your main goal should be to ensure that the truck is [more…]

Prepare Your Food Truck for Health Inspections

The goal of health inspectors isn’t to shut down your food truck or commercial kitchen. Their role is to enforce local food codes as well as to educate food service staff on proper food handling practices [more…]

Tips for Protecting Your Food Truck's Staff

Even though the space your food truck and commercial kitchen takes up is minimal compared to many restaurants, the same types of injuries take place. Knowing how to avoid these injuries can help you prevent [more…]

Keep Your Food Truck Comfortable in All Temperatures

The part of the country that you call home determines the typical conditions you’ll find to be the norm in your food truck. During the winter months in northern cities, your kitchen will help you and you [more…]

Your Food Truck's Key Performance Indicators

Key performanceindicators (KPIs) are quantifiable measurements that reflect the factors you’ve deemed critical to the success of your mobile food business. During the process of evaluating your food truck [more…]

Listen to Your Food Truck's Customers

The best judge of whether you’re providing a first-class dining experience at your food truck is always going to be your customers. Customer feedback is often given immediately, which allows you to act [more…]

Listen to the Feedback of Your Food Truck Employees

One of the most overlooked duties you have as a food truck owner is an obligation to your employees. Frequently, food truck owners get caught up in getting things done and tend to forget that they need [more…]

How Food Truck Owners Can Deal with Food Critics

In the mobile food industry, a bad review from a local food critic may seem devastating, but it’s never the single factor that makes or breaks a business. A bad review isn’t likely to close down your food [more…]

Define and Craft Your Food Truck's Marketing Message

The foundation of your food truck marketing plan is your marketing message. This message must concisely communicate what you want people to remember about your truck and stick to that point. To develop [more…]

Communicate Your Food Truck's Marketing Message with Public Relations

You need to determine how to share your food truck's marketing message with your community. Three of the most common methods of message promotion are public relations [more…]

Put Together Press Releases for Your Mobile Food Business

One of the best ways to promote your mobile food business is to issue press releases to your local media. You can distribute most of your press releases by e-mail or through online distribution services [more…]

Essential Components of a Food Truck Website

The goal of your food truck website is to attract customers and provide them with information about your products and services. All too often, poorly designed websites lack the key ingredients needed to [more…]

Twitter and Your Food Truck Business

Many food trucks are very active on social media platforms, especially Twitter, where you can witness an incredible amount of dialogue between food trucks and their customers. [more…]

Facebook and Your Mobile Food Business

As most mobile food vendors discover early in their careers, social media can be the best way to build your food truck’s national and local brand recognition. [more…]

Foursquare and Your Food Truck Business

As a mobile food business owner, you can leverage Foursquare by offering deals to customers who check in. Over 6 million smartphone users are actively using [more…]

Selling Your Food Truck Business

Selling your food truck business is one of the most important things you’ll ever do, because unlike all the other business decision you’ve made over the years, you’ll do this only once. You get a single [more…]

Ten Steps to a Great Small Business Marketing Plan

A great marketing plan is focused on your target audience, market environment, and competitive situation. When creating a marketing plan, be clear about the image and message you want to convey. Choose [more…]

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