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Readying Guest Rooms in Your Bed & Breakfast

If you’re running a bed & breakfast, you want to give your guests the best possible experience in your inn. Use the following checklist to make sure your guest rooms make a good first impression: [more…]

How to Take Complete Reservations for Your Bed & Breakfast

You need to gather essential information when taking guest reservations for your bed & breakfast by phone, and you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget the basics. To cover all the bases, begin by taking [more…]

Important Phone Numbers to Keep Handy for Your Bed & Breakfast

Even the best-run bed & breakfast suffers an occasional crisis, and the time to search for a drain-cleaning service is not when you have guests waiting for breakfast. Record telephone numbers for the following [more…]

How to Be Productive When You’re Working from Home

When you’re working from home, separating your home life from your work life can be a real challenge. Your home-based business is a real business, and, as such, it demands both a professional environment [more…]

Unified Remote Call Control

With remote call control (RCC), you can integrate your unified communications platform with your existing Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone system. RCC enables you to leverage some of the capabilities [more…]

Exercises to Combat Computer Eyestrain

A recent survey found that nearly 70 percent of us use a computer to do our jobs. Although working on a computer all day won’t permanently damage your eyes, you might find that after several hours at the [more…]

Tech Tools Your Call Center Needs

Are you thinking about what technology you need for your call center? Or do the terms VoIP, ACD, IVR, and CRMintrigue you, and you want to find out more? Here are some of the top tech tools that your call [more…]

Primary Components of the Call Center Business Model

Thinking about creating a business model? Such a model gives you a great place to start because it’s critical for the successful operation of your call center, helping you clearly identify your mission [more…]

Thriving in the Workplace All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Thriving in today's workplace — despite longer workdays, larger workloads, and less job security — is possible. To survive (and thrive) at work, take stock of the qualities that your employer values and [more…]

How to Make a Brain-Friendly Workplace

Productivity flourishes under the right conditions, not just the right leader. If you want a successful business, make your employees happy. If you want a successful and [more…]

What to Watch Out for in a Business Lease

If your business has a physical presence, you’ll most likely negotiate a business contract known as a lease for rental of space to house your business. Be aware that the landlord may use a form lease that [more…]

Retail Business Terms

If you run a retail business or even work in a store or for an online marketer, knowing retail-business terms is key. The following list contains key terms you need to know so that you can stay on top [more…]

How to Network with Your Colleagues

Although a lot of great advice you get to be successful will come from your franchisor, it’s a good idea to stay connected and find new people and new ideas to benefit your franchise business and your [more…]

Information to Gather when Troubleshooting Telecom Systems

Every telecom system needs some troubleshooting now and again. If you're the troubleshooter, make your life easier by gathering certain information on every telecom job you called to. The following list [more…]

Information to Record about Your Telecom Carriers

If you're managing a telecom system, you have to keep track of a great deal of information, not the least of which is the local- and long-distance carriers you use. The following list shows you what to [more…]

Information to Record about Your Telecom Circuits

Telecom systems run on circuits, so to manage your telecom systems effectively, you need to keep track of the circuits and on the toll-free numbers associated with them. The following list shows you what [more…]

Evaluating and Protecting Your Business’s Good Name

Research shows that companies with good reputations can charge higher prices for their goods and services — anywhere from 3 to 8 percent more than their less-reputable competitors. [more…]

Being Open with Workers to Promote Ethical Behavior from Management Down

Most business leaders face the perennial problem of encouraging their employees to think like owners. Open book management, the practice of sharing financial and other information with your workers, can [more…]

Mapping Out Stakeholder Interests that Influence Your Business

A stakeholder is any group or individual that can crucially affect or is crucially affected by an organization. For your business, stakeholders include your stockholders, your employees, your customers [more…]

Business Ethics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Business students often object to required courses in business ethics, and the more cynical members of the general public consider the term business ethics [more…]

Useful Metaprogram Patterns in Business NLP

In Business NLP, metaprograms are unconscious filters that people develop to allow themselves to handle the high level of information and stimuli they receive. Of all the metaprogram patterns, the following [more…]

Logical Levels of Change in Business NLP

The Logical Level model in Business NLP contains a number of different levels, and a hierarchy which illustrates the relationship between the parts. Change can happen at one or more of six levels: [more…]

The Four Pillars of Business NLP

Business NLP requires you to do some things that you may not be doing currently. These key points are summarised in the ‘Four Pillars of Business NLP’, which are: [more…]

Business NLP Principles

Ten core principles underlie the thinking and approach of Business NLP. Getting the full benefit from them requires you to assume that each principle is true. The principles are as follows: [more…]

Business NLP For Dummies Cheat Sheet

NLP enables you to understand what makes you tick: how you think, how you feel, how you make sense of everyday life in the world around you and how to take charge of your life. Business NLP can help you [more…]


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