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Making Your Work Space Work

Now is the time to put everything into place. Your goal? Fingertip management of everything you do. The way to get there? Blueprint your workspace. You may not be an architect, but anyone can benefit from [more…]

Shattering the Myths about Working from Home

Many myths are floating around about home-based businesses. No doubt you've heard some of them. You may even believe some of them. Regardless of what you may or may not have heard, the simple fact is that [more…]

Setting Up a Great Home Office

The following are the essentials of the well-equipped home office:


Mingling Effectively at Company Gatherings

Believe it or not, mingling is a vitally important business skill. Mingling well demonstrates that you're a friendly, open, and engaged person who is interested in other people. Mingling poorly shows others [more…]

Managing an Ethical Direct Sales Program

The Direct Marketing Association warns against the two biggest direct sales landmines: nondelivery of merchandise and misrepresentation of offers. Every year a few direct marketers hurt the reputation [more…]

How to Establish Ethics in the Workplace

You can establish an ethical workplace environment at your business. Employees look to you when it comes to business ethics as the example of what’s expected: [more…]

How to Introduce a New Employee to Your Corporate Culture

Corporate culture means the environment in which your employees spend their time. Introduce your business's corporate culture to a new employee by following these tips, which can help you introduce your [more…]

How to Demonstrate Trust in the Workplace

A base of trust at your business creates a positive workplace environment for employees. As the employer, you need to demonstrate trust in your employees: [more…]

The Types of Workplace Teams

The kind of team that you set up among your business's employees depends on that employee team's assigned goal. A workplace team means a group of employees who are working together on either a temporary [more…]

How to Make Temporary Workers Feel Welcome

Temporary workers, also called contingent workers, work for your business on a temporary basis, such as during busy periods. Temporary workers increasingly fill businesses' staffing needs. [more…]

How to Change Negative Attitudes at Your Workplace

A negative attitude can be contagious, so make those negative attitudes positive ones! Some employees who have negative attitudes aren’t doing anything particularly wrong; they just have a cynical, negative [more…]

How to React to Threats and Potential Workplace Violence

Take steps to prevent workplace violence and prepare your business and employees to deal with workplace violence if it does occur. Provide your employees with a safe, secure workplace where violence is [more…]

How to Encourage Workplace Diplomacy

Office politics refers to how employees interact in your business. Help your employees become diplomats in your business's office environment. Business diplomacy can help employees operate effectively [more…]

A Woman's Guide to Business-Casual Dress

Business-casual dress codes have been established to allow employees (and employers!) to work comfortably in your business while still projecting a professional image on the job, with customers or clients [more…]

A Woman's Guide to Business-Formal Dress

If your business is formal, or for those formal meetings and presentations, you need the right women's formal business-wear. Get some women's suits and appropriate, conservative coordinates in your business [more…]

Defining Business-Casual Menswear

Business casual can be a tough assignment for some men. Although most men understand formal or business dress, they might have difficulty defining business-casual dress. One of the biggest reasons men [more…]

How to Build a Man's Business-Formal Wardrobe

For men, formal business attire means a suit of some sort, but dressing well means much more than just slapping on a suit. Look through the following tips to find out how to bring some class to your business-formal [more…]

How to Remember Names in a Business Situation

Remembering names and titles in a business situation makes a lasting impression. If you can master remembering the names of people your business deals with, you can present yourself with confidence and [more…]

How to Master the Business Handshake

What is a proper handshake? In a business situation, you’re expected to offer a firm handshake to your business associate or client. A firm handshake with good eye contact communicates self-confidence. [more…]

How to Use a Business Cell Phone Courteously

Cell phones have a place in today’s business world, but that place is somewhere private. If you’re using your business cell phone anywhere in public (especially for an important business call), find a [more…]

Business Voicemail Etiquette

A voicemail message from your business's top client could make or break your business, so provide an appropriate greeting on your voicemail system and get back to the caller as soon as you can. When you [more…]

Conference Call Business Etiquette

Some conference calls, for smaller business groups, consist of several people calling in to a conference-call line at one participant’s business office. That person conferences everyone together by pressing [more…]

How to Use High-Tech Gadgets Courteously

How you use high-tech gadgets at your business can reflect on your business courtesy. High-tech-device faux pas in business situations throw politeness out the window [more…]

How to Plan a Business Meeting

Planning a business meeting can be a thankless job. How you plan a business meeting goes unnoticed unless something at the business meeting goes wrong — and that kind of recognition is never good. Plan [more…]

How to Respect Personal Space in Business Interactions

When meeting any customer or business contact, let that person set a comfortable personal space. If the person's tendency to move in close or stay removed physically doesn't correspond with your personal [more…]

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