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The 9 Laws of Data Mining: A Reference Guide

Pioneering data miner Thomas Khabaza developed his "Nine Laws of Data Mining" to guide new data miners as they get down to work. This reference guide shows you what each of these laws means to your everyday [more…]

Phases of the Data Mining Process

The Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining(CRISP-DM) is the dominant data-mining process framework. It's an open standard; anyone may use it. The following list describes the various phases of [more…]

Data Mining For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Data mining is the way that ordinary businesspeople use a range of data analysis techniques to uncover useful information from data and put that information into practical use. Data miners don’t fuss over [more…]

Preventing Data Privacy Disasters

Data privacy is a big issue for data miners. News reports outlining the level of personal data in the hands of the US government's National Security Agency and breaches of commercial data sources have [more…]

Searching for Data with the Federal Data Portal

Before you begin searching for data to mine on, the federal data portal, you must understand one thing: There is no data on the site. is home to a data catalog, a list of dataset names [more…]

Mastering Your Data Mining Toolkit

An awful lot of data miners rely exclusively on a little bag of data mining tricks they learned years ago and don’t regularly invest time in adding new skills to the mix. The reasoning is usually simple [more…]

Tthe Most Important Data Mining Skill

A data miner’s discoveries have value only if a decision maker is willing to act on them. As a data miner, your impact will be only as great as your ability to persuade someone — a client, an executive [more…]

10 Common Data Mining Mistakes (That You Won't Make)

Data mining is done by trial and error, and so, for data miners, making mistakes is only natural. Mistakes can be valuable, in other words, at least under certain conditions. Not all mistakes are created [more…]

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