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How to Maintain a Connection between Competitive Intelligence and Key Players

As you position competitive intelligence as a service center, consider using a pull marketing approach rather than a push approach. Pull marketing involves attracting customers to a product rather than [more…]

How to Monitor Mergers and Acquisitions for Competitive Intelligence

Regardless of the type of market you’re analyzing with your competitive intelligence efforts, you’re likely to see mergers and acquisitions as companies jockey for position. Keep a close eye on both because [more…]

What It Takes to Be Successful in Competitive Intelligence

To gain information advantage from competitive intelligence, you must engage in a continuous four-step process that involves planning, gathering information, analyzing the information, and formulating [more…]

How to Garner Executive Buy-in for Competitive Intelligence

The biggest obstacle to implementing competitive intelligence in an organization is the internal resistance to it. In certain cases, an organization’s leadership simply fails to appreciate the value of [more…]

How to Enlist the CEO as Chief Intelligence Officer for Competitive Intelligence

Some organizations actually have their own chief intelligence officer, who’s in charge of competitive intelligence and works directly with the CEO to formulate strategy. If your organization has no such [more…]

How to Gather Basic Competitive Intelligence Information on the Web

You can get plenty of competitive intelligence information for free on the web, but this high-tech resource is likely to produce a lot of low-value intel for several reasons: [more…]

How to Use Online SEC Filings for Competitive Intelligence Information

As you research for competitive intelligence, you can find 8-K, 10Q, and 10K filings on corporate websites for publicly traded companies and also on numerous financial websites. [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: How to Search Online for Analysts’ Opinions

Analysts can be a good source of information in your competitive intelligence efforts. The major investment-banking firms all have analysts who cover specific business sectors, and many analysts have incredible [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: How to Keep an Eye on the Competition

Part of competitive intelligence’s role is to keep an eye on the competition. Fortunately, your competitors are likely to cooperate by providing information in newsletters, speeches, press releases, trade [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: How to Read Posture

Posture sends a message that’s important for you to receive in gathering competitive intelligence information. Whether a person is leaning forward or back, literally talking down to you, or rigid as a [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: How to Decide if You Have Enough Data

How much information is enough? There are hard and fast rules to determine how effective your research is for competitive question. To help you determine if you have enough data, here are three questions [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: How to Gauge the Time Relevance of Your Data

All the information you gather for competitive intelligence should be future focused; that is, it should help you predict the future and formulate strategies for gaining a competitive edge months or years [more…]

How to Test the Accuracy of Your Competitive Intelligence Data

As you gather information for competitive intelligence, you need to constantly question the veracity of statements and the people who make them. Following are some ways to test information for truth and [more…]

How to Assess the Quality and Value of Your Competitive Intelligence Data

When you have some information to work with, you’re ready to begin the analysis process in competitive intelligence. The first step is to evaluate what you have, determine whether your information has [more…]

How to Organize Competitive Intelligence Data for Analysis

A large collection of competitive intelligence data can quickly become unwieldy, regardless of whether you store it in a computer or a filing cabinet. As you begin to think about storing data, keep in [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: How to Profile Key Competitor’s Organizational Attributes

In analyzing your competitive intelligence, looking at a sector’s competitive benchmark and the ratings for individual competitors gives you a broad view of how competitive your competitors will be over [more…]

5 Tips for Delivery of Competitive Intelligence

As you prepare to present your competitive intelligence to your organization’s leaders, you need to spend some time working on your delivery. What you say and how you say it are equally important in improving [more…]

6 Actions a CEO Can Take to Bolster the Competitive Intelligence Impact

Your CEO is its figurehead representing the company’s values and driving positive change. If your CEO doesn’t support the competitive intelligence team and publicize its achievements — or, even worse, [more…]

4 Ways Your CEO Can Improve the Competitive Intelligence Impact

The success or failure of an organization hinges on its ability to capture the future and to act on that information. The CEO–competitive intelligence team partnership is the most effective way to keep [more…]

10 Signs Your Organization Failed to Leverage Competitive Intelligence

When organizations resist change and fail to adapt to the ever-evolving marketplace, as predicted through competitive intelligence, they're doomed to fail. If you can catch the symptoms early enough, your [more…]

How to Get Competitive Intelligence Information from Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service Teams

Those who work in marketing, sales, and customer service are on the front lines of customer interaction, so they’re invaluable for your competitive intelligence information gathering. Be sure to talk to [more…]

How to Get Competitive Intelligence Information from Executive and Manufacturing Teams

One of each department's job duties should be to gather relevant information and pass it along to competitive intelligence. After all, intelligence is a team sport, and every department represents a key [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: How to Identify Tension and Stress in Body Language

Being able to identify when someone’s relaxed or tense is crucial in detecting potential misrepresentation as you collect data for competitive intelligence. Why? Because indicators of stress almost always [more…]

How to Create a Competitive Intelligence War Room

A competitive intelligence war room serves a similar purpose to war rooms like those depicted in old war movies, but it looks a little different — more like a conference room. Rather than maps of the battlefield [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: How to Administer a Strategic Readiness Questionnaire

A few organizations operate like clockwork. Competitive intelligence reveals an opportunity, management formulates a strategy, and everyone works together to capitalize on that opportunity. In most organizations [more…]


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