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How to Explore Fragmented Markets for Competitive Intelligence

Fragmented markets are often dominated by smaller firms that serve local customers. They tend to change rapidly, so it’s important that your competitive intelligence stays on top of the latest trends in [more…]

How to Explore Secondary Markets for Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence can be crucial in secondary markets because they can be subject to rapid change. Secondary markets, often referred to as aftermarkets [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: How to Keep Pace with Emerging Markets

Keeping your finger on the pulse of emerging markets in the global business world through your competitive intelligence work enables you to preempt competitors by [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: Key Life Cycles in Mature Markets

To analyze mature markets in your competitive intelligence efforts, you need to become somewhat of a biologist and study the life cycles of products, technologies, and demand. Each provides a different [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: How to Analyze Sales of Mature Market Divisions

Business theorists use the term frame-breaking change to describe tsunami-like moments in a business area, which is important to include in all competitive intelligence work. When frame-breaking change [more…]

How Competitive Intelligence Can Help You Spot Opportunities and Avoid Pitfalls in Declining Markets

Declining markets (or more precisely, decreasing demand for specific products) involve high risk, so you need competitive intelligence to help you recognize when you're competing in one. An obvious tell [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: How 7-Factor Profiles Can Predict Future Competitor Actions

Seven-factor profiles are a great tool for competitive intelligence. Simply rate each organization on a scale of one to five in each of the following areas based on the internal view, publications view [more…]

How to Read Emotional Pitch in Competitive Intelligence Interviews

When you’re listening to someone speak as you search out competitive intelligence data, try to tune in to the underlying emotion. Some people have little emotion in their voice. They speak in a relative [more…]

How to Implement the Issue-Management System in Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence serves as your organization’s radar. As you monitor the global environment, you begin to pick up signals. When you pick up a signal, the first task is to classify it as strong [more…]

How to Create Actionable Competitive Intelligence

Your data is no good when it can’t lead to any action. The best approach for converting information into actionable competitive intelligence is the see-mean-do [more…]

How to Gain Insight from Competitive Intelligence and OODA Loops

To add another important dimension to your competitive intelligence analysis work, consider observe, orient, decide, act (OODA) loops. In the mid-1950s, Colonel John Boyd created OODA loops for the purpose [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: How to Avoid Interpretation Bias

It is important to avoid bias in competitive intelligence. Unfortunately, while people like to think of themselves as rational human beings and objective thinkers, few actually are. The rest of us are [more…]

How to Conduct a Counterintelligence Audit

When you want your competitive intelligence team to test just how secure your organization is, attack it by conducting a counterintelligence audit. Create a [more…]

How to Maintain Competitive Intelligence Visibility through Communication

Great companies that walk the talk understand the value of symbolism and storytelling. They don’t just say that they value competitive intelligence; they demonstrate it in a meaningful way. If your organization [more…]

How to Conduct Competitive Intelligence Briefings for Executives

When presenting a competitive intelligence report to anyone on the executive team, including the CEO, you need to bring your A game. A shoddy presentation not only undermines the CI team’s efforts to persuade [more…]

How to Deal with a Negative Competitive Intelligence Response

If you’ve been in the competitive intelligence business for a while, you’ve heard the “We already knew that” response many times. Sometimes it’s even true; the person really did already know what you told [more…]

How to Enhance Competitive Intelligence’s Value Proposition and Image

Most organizations don’t have a value proposition for each of their internal functional units. (A value propositionsimply states how the unit or department contributes to the organization’s ongoing success [more…]

5 Shady Ways Competitors Acquire Intelligence

Some organizations are willing to engage in shady schemes to access the intellectual capital of their competitors and any other firms that may be able to give them a competitive advantage. Developing an [more…]

How to Create a Security Perimeter to Prevent Competitor Intelligence Gathering

Any information left in plain view is fair game for your competitors, so you need to take reasonable precautions to secure sensitive information. The best place to start is outside the company property [more…]

10 Questions to Help You Assess Competitive Intelligence Effectiveness

Auditing competitive intelligence is an ongoing process with the ultimate goal of achieving and maintaining best-in-class CI capabilities. Below are 10 questions that you need to consider when gauging [more…]

How to Build up Buy-in for Your Competitive Intelligence Incrementally

When you’re trying to gain acceptance within your organization for the reality of a situation, revealed by competitive intelligence, one approach is to gather support gradually until you have enough backing [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: How to Deal with Bureaucracy and Egos

In competitive intelligence, you have to gain the approval of the leaders of your company. Let’s face it: big egos and bureaucratic tendencies can transform organizations into dinosaurs destined for extinction [more…]

How to Position Competitive Intelligence as a Service Center

One of the best ways to convince anyone of the value of competitive intelligence is to prove it. Position CI as a service center, and then take steps to serve the decision makers in a way that improves [more…]

How to Publicize Competitive Intelligence’s Value and Achievements

Internal memos and newsletters often celebrate the achievements of sales and marketing, but don’t often reveal the contributions of competitive intelligence. For the CI team to maximize its effectiveness [more…]

How to Take Competitive Intelligence into Implementation

Your role in implementing strategic initiatives developed through competitive intelligence is to serve as trusted advisor to the executive team and your internal customers. You’re uniquely qualified to [more…]


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