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Competitive Intelligence: How to Use the Seven-Factor Profiling Assessment to Predict CEO Behaviors

Guessing the behaviors of a competitor CEO is an important part of competitive intelligence. Although the composite score in the seven-factor profiling assessment provides a good indication of how predictable [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: How to Assess a Competitor's Corporate Culture to Predict Behavior

In compiling competitive intelligence, you want to have an idea of the possible and likely future behaviors of your competitors. Every organization has a personality. Some are buttoned-down, nose-to-the-grindstone [more…]

How to Use Leadership Behavior Patterns in Competitive Intelligence

Although all completive intelligence needs to be future focused, you can predict a great deal about how a person or organization will react based on how it responded to similar challenges in the past. [more…]

How Sticky Notes Help Capture Key Ideas of Competitive Intelligence

A major data-mining investigation as part of your competitive intelligence research may yield more than a thousand articles, and you’re not likely to remember what each article covers a few days after [more…]

How to Use Trade Shows to Gather Competitive Intelligence Data

Trade shows can provide interesting opportunities for competitive intelligence. To begin with, most companies send a senior executive or product expert to meet and greet clients or prospects at such gatherings [more…]

Pros and Cons of Expert Interviews for Competitive Intelligence Data Collection

In some ways, leading an organization into the future with the help of competitive intelligence is just like flying in a fog – relying on the mechanical instruments rather than the pilot’s vision. Sometimes [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: How to Contact Experts for Interviews

Assuming you did your competitive intelligence homework, you should have a fairly comprehensive list of experts who have written articles or been quoted related to your target area of investigation. Based [more…]

How to Improve Competitive Intelligence Predictive Accuracy: Delphi Panels

A number of years ago, two competitive intelligence researchers at The Rand Corporation developed a technique called the Delphi method to help achieve higher accuracy in predicting futures that involve [more…]

How to Find Lies and Misleading Statements in Competitive Intelligence Research

Although the silent conversation is important in gathering information for competitive intelligence, don’t ignore the words themselves. Always look for the following clues in what a person says so that [more…]

How to Develop a Scan Technique for Competitive Intelligence Research

To process competitive intelligence information more efficiently, you need to develop a technique for skimming through articles and extracting key facts, figures, ideas, and opinions. Below is a three-pass [more…]

How to Build an Effective Questionnaire for Competitive Intelligence Expert Interviews

A questionnaire to generate feedback is crucial to obtaining the information you need to develop competitive intelligence. Ask the right questions in the right way, and you’re likely to receive high-quality [more…]

How to Conduct Expert Interviews for Competitive Intelligence Data Collection

After you lay the groundwork for your interviews, you're ready to get started collecting data for competitive intelligence. How you conduct your interviews is up to you. You may simply send each expert [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: How Visual and Auditory Clues Can Help You Collect Data

When conducting interviews for competitive intelligence research, don't ignore that funny feeling inside. Sometimes your intuition encourages you to question what you're hearing. Remember, intuitive insights [more…]

How Competitive Intelligence Can Help You Expand to the Global Marketplace

Global markets can offer both sales and sourcing opportunities. The competitive intelligence team can help your organization’s leaders by being aware of some key issues through the following ongoing tasks [more…]

How to Read a Competitor’s Documents for Competitive Intelligence

As you collect competitive intelligence data, you can often find competitor newsletters, speeches, and press releases on their corporate websites and other online sources, but these public releases are [more…]

How to Read Body Language in Competitive Intelligence Interviews

Body language is one of the best resources you have in your collection of competitive intelligence data to listen in to the silent conversation and figure out what a person is really saying. While speaking [more…]

How to Track Speech Patterns in Competitive Intelligence Interviews

As your interviewee is speaking in your competitive intelligence interview, try to tune in to speech patterns — anything about the person’s oral communication style that’s distinctive. For example, pedantic [more…]

How Arm and Leg Positions Can Help You during a Competitive Intelligence Interview

Body language can give very important clues as you interview people to collect data for you competitive intelligence. As you conduct your interviews, observe what your subjects do with their arms, hands [more…]

How to Cross-Index Competitive Intelligence Resources

Some sources that you use for competitive intelligence may reference more than one category of information. For example, a document about distributors may mention a new technology that improves efficiency [more…]

How to Use a Competitive Intelligence Resource-Scoring System for Quality Control

As you evaluate competitive intelligence sources, articles, white papers, and so on, assign them a score of A, B, C, D, or F to indicate how reliable and useful you think the source and the particular [more…]

How Analytics Can Aid Competitive Intelligence

Analytics is meaning-based computing; that is, it works like the human mind to identify patterns in data and to display data in meaningful competitive intelligence contexts. When you read articles, you [more…]

How to Address Competitive Intelligence Ambiguity

Conducting competitive intelligence is similar to dating. It would be much easier if you had clear, unambiguous signals to work with. Unfortunately, reality isn’t so clear-cut. People intentionally — and [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: How to Evaluate a CEO’s Product-Development Philosophy and Approach

Some of the competitor CEOs you encounter in your competitive intelligence work will seem to have a product-development philosophy that can be summed up as, “If we build it, consumers will buy it.” They [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: How to Calculate the Future Competitive Index for a Market Sector

When you’re playing king of the mountain, you need the competitive intelligence to know where you stand in relation to the other players so you can formulate a strategy for beating them. [more…]

How to Track Your Customers for Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence often focuses on competitors, but you also need to keep track of your customers. After all, if your top customers begin to sneeze, you’re the one who’s going to catch the cold. [more…]


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