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How to Use MBA Teams for Competitive Intelligence Target Studies

College students enrolled in masters of business administration (MBA) degree programs are eager for real-world experience in competitive intelligence and problem solving. You can help provide them with [more…]

How to Use SMD (See, Mean, Do) Analysis for Competitive Intelligence

You don’t have to pay a professional analyst to transform information into valuable competitive intelligence. Your intel team can tackle the job by following a three-step analysis process known as [more…]

Creative Ways to Motivate Competitive Intelligence Team Members in a Small Business

How do you reward competitive intelligence team members for their efforts and expertise? Well, increased pay, extra benefits, and bonuses for their extra work are always effective, but assuming that you’re [more…]

Legal Regulations Related to Competitive Intelligence

Whether you’re conducting business domestically or abroad, you need to be aware of a few laws that directly or indirectly apply to your competitive intelligence efforts. [more…]

How to Create a Code of Ethics for Competitive Intelligence

When developing a code of ethics to govern competitive intelligence behavior throughout your organization, the goal must be unmovable standards — clear rules that aren’t open to interpretation. [more…]

How to Apply Ethics to the Three Competitive Intelligence Categories

Although you don’t want to cloud your competitive intelligence ethical standards with situational thinking (that is, letting the circumstances guide what you deem appropriate), you and others in your organization [more…]

How to Navigate the Ethical Gray Zones of Competitive Intelligence

Assuming that your organization is committed to gaining competitive intelligence above reproach, you shouldn’t have much of a gray zone to worry about. You shouldn’t have to fear landing in court as the [more…]

How to Develop a Competitive Intelligence Information Repository

Before you start gathering competitive intelligence information, you need somewhere to put it — ideally, a secure, centralized database that enables anyone within the organization to input and extract [more…]

Basics of Fee-Based Competitive Intelligence Services

When you’re gathering information for competitive intelligence, it’s not always a case of getting what you pay for. Sometimes the most valuable information drops in your lap. However, several fee-based [more…]

Basics of Competitive Intelligence Polls and Interviews

Sometimes existing information isn’t enough to provide valuable competitive intelligence or evaluate customer needs and expectations or answer the question of why a competitor has changed course. When [more…]

How to Hire an Interviewer for Competitive Intelligence Research

Finding someone who’s qualified to conduct a poll or interview for your competitive intelligence research needs can be quite a challenge, but the following steps help you choose the right candidate: [more…]

How to Extract Meaning from Competitive Intelligence “Big Data” through External Analytics

In the context of business, specifically competitive intelligence, analytics is the process of taking big data and transforming it into actionable intelligence that leads to positive change. It’s characterized [more…]

How to Monitor the Global Environment for Competitive Intelligence

Before you start collecting data for your competitive intelligence analysis, you need to know what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for an answer to a specific question, your purpose and scope are [more…]

How to Tap Internal Sources for Competitive Intelligence

Extracting the information you need for competitive intelligence from internal sources is often rather challenging. The information is there, but you need to find a way to extract it from the people who [more…]

How to Use Free or Nearly Free Data Sources and Analysis for Competitive Intelligence

If you decide to fly solo and manage competitive intelligence internally, your costs are measured primarily by the time and effort you invest in it. You can gather most of the information you need for [more…]

How to Use Ten-Forces Analysis for Competitive Intelligence

When you're monitoring the global environment for opportunities and threats for competitive intelligence, you need to consider ten forces that are likely to impact your organization. The ten forces fall [more…]

How to Assess a Competitor’s Propensity toward Risk in Competitive Intelligence

The bigger the risk an individual or organization takes, the bigger the chances of failure or success. Your competitive intelligence team can often predict an organization’s decisions based on the level [more…]

How to Brief the Decision Makers on Competitive Intelligence

As a member of the competitive intelligence team, you play the role of advisor, providing your organization’s decision makers with the information and insight they need to implement positive change. Because [more…]

Human Blind Spots in Competitive Intelligence

Challenges posed by complexity and velocity in competitive intelligence aren’t all that difficult to overcome until you add the human element into the equation. Human beings have blind spots that prevent [more…]

How to Use Interrogation to Clear up Competitive Intelligence Ambiguity

Competitive intelligence is constantly trying to develop actionable intelligence from incomplete or highly limited information. To reduce ambiguity and improve clarity, start with the information you have [more…]

How to Test Competitive Intelligence Conclusions through Triangulation

As you gather information for competitive intelligence, you naturally begin to draw conclusions about what you’re seeing. That’s what see-mean-do (SMD) analysis is all about. As you draw conclusions, however [more…]

How to Prepare for Competitive Intelligence Crises

Many competitive intelligence teams have a war room where key players can quickly gather to respond efficiently and effectively to an emerging crisis, but simply having a room, whether it’s physical or [more…]

How to Use War Games and Scenario Building for Competitive Intelligence

A good portion of competitive intelligence involves speculation and playing "What if?" You engage your mind and the minds of others in trying to imagine what the next big thing and next little thing will [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: How to Gauge a Competitor CEO with the Seven-Factor Profiling Assessment

One of the quickest and easiest ways to profile a CEO for competitive intelligence is to complete the seven-factor CEO profiling assessment. It's based on hundreds of studies of organizations of all sizes [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: How to Use the Seven-Factor Profiling Assessment to Gauge CEO Predictability

A CEO’s assessment score provides valuable competitive intelligence insight into how predictable a CEO’s decisions and actions are and how a CEO is likely to act in specific situations. After performing [more…]


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