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SWOT Analysis: Gathering Competitive Intelligence

In the past, collecting data on your competitors for the purposes of strategic planning was difficult. Today’s overabundance of information makes this important analysis much easier. Now you can collect [more…]

How to Use Social Media Metrics to Pursue Competitive Intelligence

A great way to use social media metrics is in the pursuit of competitive intelligence — a term that means knowing all about what your competing business brands are up to. Gaining competitive intelligence [more…]

Competitive Intelligence: Use Expert Panels to Predict the Future

Although predicting the future seems nearly impossible, competitive intelligence can tackle the challenge with a host of tools, including an expert panel [more…]

How to Analyze Competitive Intelligence Information

In the world of competitive intelligence, analysis transforms raw information into knowledge and insight, shedding light on future action your organization must take in order to capitalize on opportunities [more…]

How to Convince Executives to Act on Competitive Intelligence

Even when an organization’s leadership has all the information and research it needs to execute a positive change, it may fail to take action. In fact, about 80 percent of all change initiatives fail, [more…]

10 Forces that Impact Businesses

Competitive intelligence (CI) enables an organization to continually evolve in response to ever-changing conditions. These conditions, or forces, can be classified into ten distinct categories. The first [more…]

6 Steps to Finding Future-Focused Competitive Intelligence

When gathering competitive information, you may begin with some general data-mining on a topic and discover that what you're researching is far from a new idea. The information isn't especially helpful [more…]

5 Key Concepts of Competitive Intelligence

To perform competitive intelligence (CI) effectively, you need to have a solid understanding of what CI is and what it's not. By spending a few moments reviewing the following list of key concepts and [more…]

9 Ways that Competitive Intelligence Can Help Your Organization

Decision makers in your organization may need to be convinced that CI is indeed valuable. You can't simply stick a dollar figure on CI, but a list of benefits that highlight exactly how CI functions as [more…]

3 Great Sources for Gathering Competitive Intelligence

The Hollywood version of gathering competitive intelligence might show some phone tapping, computer hacking, or night-time activities involving flashlights. Illegal! Fortunately, plenty of competitive [more…]

Competitive Intelligence For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Competitive intelligence (CI) is the process of legally and ethically gathering, interpreting, and acting on information about an organization's competition or other forces that may affect its future success [more…]

How to Identify Pockets of Big Data for Competitive Intelligence

To start using analytics to make sense of big data for your competitive intelligence, identify pockets of big data that you may be able to access and that hold the promise of producing valuable insights [more…]

Basics of Competitive Intelligence and Information Advantage

Every field of study has its own terminology. The two key terms you need to know in this field are competitive intelligenceand information advantage. [more…]

How to Gather and Organize Valuable Competitive Intelligence Information

Without good information, the organization can have no information advantage in its search for competitive intelligence, but what constitutes good information? The following benchmarks enable you to answer [more…]

How to Convince Business Managers to Execute Competitive Intelligence Results

Most competitive intelligence (CI) models end with analysis, but you should consider that to be only step 3 of 4. If you’re part of the CI team, you should approach your job as though it ends with action [more…]

How to Incorporate an Information-Advantage Mindset into Competitive Intelligence Business Practices

Eighty percent of competitive intelligence initiatives fail somewhere between analysis and execution. In other words, 80 percent of the time, company leadership simply does not act on the intelligence [more…]

How to Adhere to Legal and Ethical Guidelines in Competitive Intelligence

Before you engage in competitive intelligence, you should establish legal and ethical standards for gathering information. Obviously, planting spies in your competitor’s organization and hacking into its [more…]

How to Conduct a Competitive Intelligence Needs Assessment

A competitive intelligence (CI) needs assessmentsheds light on your own internal CI goals and on the investment you need to make in CI to remain competitive: [more…]

How to Find Pockets of Competitive Intelligence Need in a Business

Like any customer, your competitive intelligence customers may not know what they need until you tell them. As a perceptive, intuitive CI professional, you should be well qualified to identify needs. Here [more…]

How to Gain Competitive Intelligence Sponsorship in a Business

To gain respect in the organization, competitive intelligence needs management and executive sponsorship — influential leaders in the company who have the power to raise CI’s profile and standing in the [more…]

How to Build Your Competitive Intelligence Team

One of the great things about competitive intelligence is that everyone in the organization makes the team and plays an important role. In large organizations, however, certain team members form a core [more…]

How to Position Your Competitive Intelligence Team to Optimize Impact

To develop a sustainable, effective intelligence operation, position your competitive intelligence team at the very center of operations so everyone in the organization can feed information to CI and access [more…]

How to Conduct Purposeful Competitive Intelligence Analysis

To approach competitive intelligence with a practical mindset, think about it in terms of what you want to accomplish: your purpose. You may want to identify unmet customer needs, predict what a competitor [more…]

How to Use a Board to Analyze Competitive Intelligence in a Small Business

If your business has enough personnel to form a competitive intelligence team, the team can work together to collect and analyze data. If you’re running a small business, however, you may not have enough [more…]

How to Recruit Intel Agents for Competitive Intelligence in a Small Business

Major corporations are likely to have a formal competitive intelligence department complete with a director, data-entry personnel, and one or more dedicated analysts, but you don’t need a separate CI department [more…]

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