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How to Use Data Flow Diagrams and External Interactions Textual Templates in Your Business Analysis Report

The data flow diagram is a helpful diagram for business analysts that shows the parties and systems involved with a particular process, as well as the data and interfaces involved when dealing with [more…]

How to Use Process Decomposition Diagrams in Your Business Analysis Report

The process decomposition diagram (often called a decomp) explains the breakdown of processes within a project or business area or functional area. The purpose is to show all the processes and identify [more…]

How to Use Decision Tables in Your Business Analysis Report

You use decision tables to help analyze and communicate a company’s business rules. They’re a great way to show and clarify complicated business logic, particularly when you need to help stakeholders understand [more…]

How to Use Workflow Diagrams in Your Business Analysis Report

A workflow diagram (or workflow) is a visual way for your business analysis to show how work gets accomplished. Workflows are composed of a set of symbols that show how various workers accomplish tasks [more…]

How to Make a Use Case Diagram for Your Business Analysis Report

The use case diagram is a visual scoping tool you use as an analyst to plan the boundaries of the business system that you’re analyzing, the expectations of the system [more…]

How to Create a Mockup of a Prototype for Your Business Analysis Report

Not all business analysts are screen designers, so you may find creating a mockup a bit challenging. In fact, a field of study called human factors engineering [more…]

How to Document Nonfunctional Solution Requirements in Your Business Analysis Report

Nonfunctional requirements are just as important to your business analysis as the functional requirements when it comes to defining the look and feel of the solution. Nonfunctional requirements are a challenge [more…]

How to Verify Systems Designed in Business Analysis

Verification is what most people think of when they hear the word testing — it’s the process of testing whether a business analysis solution does what it’s designed to do. [more…]

How to Conduct Usability Testing in Validation of a Business Analysis Project

Validation testing as part of the implementation phase of your business analysis project is your chance to review your project deliverables to make sure they [more…]

How to Create Test Cases for Business Analysis Validation

Test cases are step-by-step instructions, including specific inputs and conditions, that testers follow to validate the system’s functionality as part of the business analysis and implementation. They [more…]

How to Put Together the Verification and Validation Plan for Business Analysis

The verification and validation test plan portion of a business analysis describes how a software product will be tested. Make sure to include the following sections in your verification and validation [more…]

How to Conduct a Requirements Review for Business Analysis

A requirements review is a structured audit within the business analysis process where participants ask questions, make suggestions, and improve the quality of the product being reviewed. When multiple [more…]

How to Find the Right Approach for Your Business Analysis Strategy Roll Out

After you’ve discovered your transition requirements, assessed the organization’s readiness, and addressed motivation and competency in your business analysis, you’re ready to choose the approach you want [more…]

How to Foster Stakeholders’ Motivation and Competence for Business Analysis Strategy Roll Out

Regardless of how great your business analysis solution is, the individuals impacted by it determine the success or failure of your project, so a big part of your change management plan is managing stakeholders’ [more…]

How to Use Prototyping in Your Business Analysis Report

A prototype is a model of a user interface (UI) in an automated system. For your business analysis, the prototype may be the user interface for a full system or a screen layout, report layout, or data [more…]

The “What,” “Who,” and “Why” Questions of Business Analysis

To get your stakeholders to reveal the real issues for your business analysis, you have to do a bit of hunting. Stakeholders aren’t just sitting like ducks in a row around the conference table with all [more…]

How to Break Down Obstacles in Business Analysis

After you’ve pinpointed an obstacle, identify its characteristics to get the whole picture. Is the company compelled to meet certain requirements, or are they merely suggestions? What’s the risk to the [more…]

How to Use SMART Objectives to Clarify Your Business Analysis

One of the most frustrating things that can happen between two parties is that they think they’ve reached understanding and agreement about the business analysis when they really haven’t. In those cases [more…]

How to Write the Impacts and Costs of a Business Cost/Benefit Analysis

You may or may not need to include a detailed cost/benefit analysis for each alternative in the business case. Some opportunities may warrant having just the final recommendation fully documented in this [more…]

Business Analysis Project Types: Data Warehouse, Process Improvement, Infrastructure, and Web Development

In the business analysis profession, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. As you develop your project type, you need to know all the tools available to you; think through all the variables related to [more…]

How to Create Use Case Description for Your Business Analysis Report

A use case model is a business analysis presentation of the steps defining the interactions between a user (called an actor) and a system (usually a computer system). It details the interactions and sets [more…]

How to Test for User Acceptance and Feedback for Business Analysis

After you finish the usability test portion of your analysis of project implementation, you want to test the interface with people who will actually be using it. [more…]

How to Compile Your Business Analysis Work Plan

As you gather all the information about the people, project characteristics, and process, your business analysis plan takes shape. It determines how you go on to elicit, analyze, and communicate requirements [more…]

How to Define Requirements through Business Analysis

Needs and requirements may look like they mean the same thing, but there’s a difference when it comes to business analysis: The need is the objective, and the [more…]

How to Use Entity Relationship Diagrams in Your Business Analysis Report

If you’re looking for a way to define how data is set up in your business analysis system, you’re going to love the entity relationship diagram (ERD). The ERD helps you organize and document the various [more…]


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