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Performing a Business Impact Analysis for a Project

A business impact analysis (BIA) is a business analysis tool that helps you predict how significantly your project will impact the business. You use it to gather information about the project's various [more…]

Business Analysis: A Basic Project Life Cycle

Business analysis projects all follow the same basic life cycle. A project is a set of steps that accomplish something, so describing business analysis activities as part of a project life cycle makes [more…]

Business Analysis: 15 Areas for Process Improvement

A major business analysis task is overseeing process improvement — identifying, analyzing, and improving an existing business process so the company can integrate processes from mergers and acquisitions [more…]

Business Analysis For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Becoming a master in business analysis is a goal many business analysts (BAs) have, but it can be a difficult one to achieve because this field is constantly changing and evolving. The business analysis [more…]

How to Outline Risks in a Business Analysis Report

Understanding and analyzing the risks of a business analysis project is an important part of identifying and documenting the project scope. Risks can be project-related and/or business-related: [more…]

How to Identify Interfaces That Are Part of the Business Analysis Project

When you’re scoping a business analysis project, you want to be able to find all the interfaces that are part of the project. You need to consider three types of interfaces: user, system, and hardware. [more…]

How to Provide Supporting Materials for Your Business Analysis Report

The details section of a business case provides all the supporting documentation and diagrams for the recommendation that results from your business analysis. You usually include only the details of the [more…]

How to Recruit Participants for a Business Analysis Requirements Review

Who participates in the reviews of your business analysis requirements depends on whether the review is formal or informal and on what kind of data/information you want feedback on. [more…]

How to Document Business and Stakeholder Requirements in Your Business Analysis Report

When you write business and stakeholder requirements in your business analysis, you want to capture the problem or opportunity and explain what has to be done [more…]

How to Get to Know the Stakeholders in a Business Analysis Project

People want to work with those they know and share similarities with. Communication is easier (and problem-solving is just faster) when individuals have good relationships. You can better manage tasks [more…]

How to Identify Business Analysis Project Size

Project size is a big factor in determining what tasks you undertake as a business analyst and how long you take to complete them. Factors to consider are the number of features you need to deliver, the [more…]

Key Components of a Business Analysis Work Plan

Dwight Eisenhower once said, “In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” Of course, business analysis isn’t quite the same as war [more…]

How to Identify the Stakeholders in Your Business Analysis Project

The business analysis project participants also have project-related roles and duties that are separate (although related) from their professional responsibilities. Just like actors in a play, stakeholders [more…]

How to Target Your Communication to the Stakeholders in Your Business Analysis Project

A business analysis message is only as good as how it’s received. Take the time now to get familiar with the ins and outs of different stakeholders; it pays off in dividends down the line. [more…]

How to Overcome Common Barriers to Communication in Your Business Analysis Project

Good communication skills are vital to a business analyst’s success. We live in a time when so many barriers — some of which even seem to be socially acceptable — hinder communication. The more you understand [more…]

How to Use Active Listening in Your Business Analysis Project

No matter which stakeholder or project team member you’re working with as a business analyst, you need to understand active listening in order to be a great communicator. Communicating is vital to a business [more…]

How to Understand and Respond to Verbal and Nonverbal Messages in Business Analysis

Communication is key in any business analysis project. Most people believe that words are the communication of the message when, in fact, words make up only 7 percent of the message. Tone of voice and [more…]

How to Build Trust and Respect as a Business Analyst

When taking on large business analysis projects, stakeholders are often tasked with double duty for their current daily job as well as this new project. For that reason, building rapport with stakeholders [more…]

How to Document Functional Solution Requirements in Your Business Analysis Report

Functional requirements section of the business analysis answers the “how” questions, such as “How are we going to change the process? To answer these kinds of questions, your functional requirements should [more…]

Tools for Communication as a Business Analyst

Several tools facilitate urgent transfer and delivery of messages in business analysis. These choices are good for situations where you can’t be face-to-face in the moment but still need someone’s real-time [more…]

How to Choose the Right Communication Tool as a Business Analyst

The communication tool or method you choose should be appropriate for the audience, content, purpose, and message giver of the communication (as a business analyst, you may create communications for others [more…]

Collaboration Tools for a Business Analyst

Collaboration is critical to business analysis success. It’s about working together with other people to accomplish common goals whether you’re all in one location or dispersed across many. To collaborate [more…]

Innovation and Idea Capture Tools for the Business Analyst

Business analysis is a useful tool because companies can lose a lot of time and money chasing ideas and testing concepts in the pursuit of innovation, so they need to successfully identify and distinguish [more…]

Definition Tools for the Business Analyst

Definition tools help you define requirements in your business analysis as productively and effectively as possible. Some requirements are best defined by using only text, while other requirements are [more…]

Requirements Management Tools for the Business Analyst

Requirements management tools initially came about to support larger companies in their business analysis. Projects so often went over schedule and budget or came under their scope that companies demanded [more…]


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