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How Social CRM Helps to Attract Attention in an Attention Economy

Attracting attention can be tough, but Social CRM has some good insights to offer. In the 1970s, psychologist Herbert A. Simon coined the term attention [more…]

How to Integrate New Marketing Strategies with Social CRM

Business operations have surely evolved over time. Now, Social CRM offers new strategies to market your brand. Often, the evolution progresses with advances in technology. When you start looking at new [more…]

Customer-Centric Marketing Is Key to Successful Social CRM

Customer-centric marketing is a key element in Social CRM. You’ve likely heard or experienced for yourself that it costs far more to generate new customers than to keep the ones you already have. Thus, [more…]

Use Social Media to Promote Social CRM

Social media has impacted many facets of our lives and Social CRM. When you consider that social media is a relatively recent phenomenon, you can see just how big an impact it has made. Everyone seems [more…]

How to Create and Use Content for Social CRM

Social CRM is most successful when you create and use content that will drive business to your brand. The key to understanding the type of content that you’ll create is knowing who your audience is. Are [more…]

How to Use Storytelling in Social CRM

Storytelling has become a hot topic for marketers and other content developers, and thus is useful for Social CRM. Information overload causes customers to skip the long boring text passages that marketers [more…]

Keep a Content Inventory for Social CRM

Consider keeping a content inventory for your Social CRM strategy. It can be a useful tool to market your brand. Whether you’re in an enterprise or a small business, your inventory of content is likely [more…]

Tips for SEO in Your Social CRM Blog Content

Search engine optimization is a topic that many businesses would like to ignore. SEO is frustrating because it’s a moving target and, even with Social CRM, there’s no one right way to do everything. But [more…]

The Social CRM Value of Podcasts

No company using social media or Social CRM should overlook the value of podcasts. A podcast is an audio file that listeners can either directly download to their computer [more…]

Does Business Gamification Really Work?

In short, yes, gamification works. That being said, gamification is not a panacea for your business woes. If your business or product is lousy, or if you're at the bottom of a dying industry, gamification [more…]

What Is Business Gamification?

Simply put, business gamification refers to the use of game mechanics and rewards in a business setting to increase user engagement and drive desired user behaviors. Businesses can use gamification to [more…]

How to Get Started on a New Business Strategy Project

The start of an execution plan for a management change or business strategy change outlines the information you already have in hand regarding the project, the reasons for the project, the desired results [more…]

How to Create a Customer-Centric Social CRM

Brian Vellmure, principal and cofounder of management consulting firm Initium, outlines his process for creating a customer-centric social CRM and the opportunities it presents. Social CRM is a five-step [more…]

How to Define Processes That Yield Insights for Your Social CRM

Social CRM is driven by customers having and driving the experience with your brand. As a brand representative, you aid in gaining insight and moving the conversation forward, and these customer interactions [more…]

How to Establish a Sales Profile with Content for Social CRM

Sales profiles can e very useful for the Social CRM salesperson. A salesperson is most often required to use the collateral her company provides. Usually, she can use product sheets, white papers, and [more…]

Customer Touch Points for Your Social CRM Loyalty Program

To show customers that you’re available to hear them for your Social CRM, you want to be present at all your customer touch points — the channels where the brand interacts directly with customers. These [more…]

The Future of Social CRM Analytics

Marketing and PR initiatives have their own set of metrics. Thus, the future of Social CRM analytics can be difficult to predict. What works for those avenues toward customer engagement can't be applied [more…]

The Change to Social CRM

Many companies have issues with the change to Social CRM, which could be associated with the speed at which technology changes or fear of making the wrong decisions. However, the issue with change management [more…]

How Tablets Support Social CRM

Tablets are the new tool to have for a salesperson, especially a salesperson dedicated to Social CRM. Although there were skeptics who thought the iPad wouldn’t be popular, it has sold more units in a [more…]

Why Loyalty Programs are Important for Your Social CRM

How can a loyalty program help your Social CRM campaign? Fred Reichheld — author of several seminal books on loyalty, including The Ultimate Question 2.0: How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a Customer-Driven [more…]

Should You Use Employees’ Outside Connections for Your Social CRM?

Drawing on your employees connections can be a valuable tool for your Social CRM. Employee participation can be especially valuable to a company when employees are permitted to draw on their own social [more…]

Best Practices for Social CRM Media Governance

Because social media technologies continue to evolve, it can be hard for Social CRM managers to address all the issues related to social media governance. It can be helpful to look at the UBM Techweb Technology [more…]

Which Social CRM System Will Meet Your Needs?

There are many options for Social CRM systems and it is important to do some research to determine which is best for your company. You can begin by determining what information is most important to you [more…]

10 Essential Rules for Managing Risk

Risk is a big part of corporate strategy. The scarcity of resources, technology and expertise and the costs of finance, energy and transport mean that your organisation must have risk awareness. [more…]

8 Ways of Achieving Great Returns on Business-Related Investments

In each stage of deciding, implementing and developing competitive strategy in business, you make investments on which you expect returns. Remember the following important and straightforward tips for [more…]

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