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Support Cross-Functional Teamwork for Business Change

One of the best things about having a diverse change team that supports cross-functional work is that the team will help drive buy-in throughout the organization because the team members come from various [more…]

The Importance of Teamwork to Business Change

You’ve heard that two is better than one; a cord of three can’t be broken; there’s no “I” in “team.” A team working together well is a beautiful thing. Here are a few of the best aspects of teamwork: [more…]

Make the Technology-Innovation Link for Business Changes

Setting a future-focused vision and strategy for the organization by embracing changing technology in its products, services, and operations brings a tremendous benefit: People want to explore and innovate [more…]

How to Recognize a Need to Change with SWOT

A SWOT analysis looks at an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. If change isn’t easy, why in the world do you want to change in the first place? Pinpointing your need is the [more…]

How to Spot Business Change Indicators

How do you know if you need to enact any business changes? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a big alarm that went off to let you know you need to change? Although that may seem like wishful thinking, you [more…]

Managing Records on Local and Network Drives

The amount of electronic information has grown exponentially over the past decade. Local (C: Drives) and network drives are becoming digital graveyards. An effective records management program will provide [more…]

Benefits of Records Management

Properly managing your records can help you reduce operating expense, enhance customer service and ensure your company is in compliance with laws and regulation. [more…]

Appraising Records and Managing Retention Scheduling

A fundamental part of a successful records and information management program is identifying what records and information your company possesses and then applying appropriate retention periods. [more…]

View Small Business Sales by Target Market Segment

Identify your small business's target market by analyzing your product sales data, and focus your marketing efforts precisely at target audiences that have the interest and ability to purchase your products [more…]

Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships for Managerial Accounting

Managerial accounting provides useful tools, such as cost-volume-profit relationships, to aid decision-making. Cost-volume-profit analysis helps you understand different ways to meet your company’s net [more…]

Budgets that Go into Creating a Master Budget

A master budget is a plan created to manage a company's manufacturing and sales activity to meet profit and cash flow goals. Creating a master budget requires careful coordination of several smaller budgets [more…]

Eight Tips on How to Choose a Consultant

Select a consultant when you need added expertise to solve problems in your business. Which expert should you hire? When is a consultant a good idea? There are pitfalls to avoid and ways to ensure an efficient [more…]

Define a Brand Blog for Social CRM

Blogs play an important role in your social CRM. They are part of the conversation that you need to integrate into your system to ensure that you’re interacting with your customers. [more…]

Social CRM Fundamentals

The definition of social CRM is complete only if you consider the fundamental elements of a successful social CRM strategy. Social CRM includes two main elements: influence and community. [more…]

Social Versus Traditional CRM

There are some key differences between traditional and social CRM. Social CRM is a strategy. It’s a philosophy, not just software and technologies to gather and manage customer data, though such technologies [more…]

Top 5 Challenges of Social CRM

One of the biggest challenges in social CRM is the speed at which new technology, communication channels, and customers adapt to each other. Social CRM is a major shift in the way companies perceive and [more…]

Prioritize Activities and Resources for Social CRM

In order to build a sustainable and scalable social CRM program, you must prioritize activities with dedicated resources in mind. We’ve talked a lot about the philosophy of social CRM, social business, [more…]

Strategies to Establish Your Social CRM Goals

Even though you’ll see social CRM’s benefits over time, not overnight, you should still establish goals for a long-term strategy. Here’s the main question: Why do you want a social media and social CRM [more…]

How Customer Habits Play into Your Social CRM Strategy

In order to create a successful CRM strategy, you need to know that habits of your customers. Many businesses have been merely reacting to the phenomenon of customers gaining control of the marketplace [more…]

How to Influence the Customer with Social CRM

In order to influence modern customers with Social CRM, you have to give customers what they want. Remember the social customer is empowered with knowledge. Relevancy presents the key to influencing these [more…]

How to Find a Leader for Your Social CRM

For true social CRM success, identify a social leader to drive the cultural change from sales to experience. This organizational leader will coach, mentor, empower, and support the overall social business [more…]

How to Incorporate Social CRM Into Your Company Branding

There are two social factors key to branding your business within the new Social CRM business model: humanization and personalization. Too often, a brand representative thinks she must be a faceless entity [more…]

How to Measure the Impact of Social CRM

Anyone who takes on a new business venture , Social CRM, or investment wants to know how to measure success. Social CRM requires patience, with a focus on long-term goals and benefits. There are many benefits [more…]

How to Engage in Co-creation for Social CRM

Brand value in Social CRM isn’t defined only by marketing people. Its value is co-created by many individuals, including consumers, employees, partners, and so on. The communities surrounding these individuals [more…]

How to Customize the Overall Experience for Social CRM

Social CRM is a true success when you customize the overall experience. Co-creation and collaboration with your customers can be a true test of your company’s ability to evolve with the times. It requires [more…]

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