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Project Management For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

In today’s time-pressured, cost-conscious global business environment, project management skills are essential. This Cheat Sheet offers you some key pointers to maximising your effectiveness in project [more…]

Efficiency and Availability when Estimating Project Management Personnel Requirements

Productivity, efficiency, and availability are the three factors that influence the amount of time you and your project management team need to complete a project task: [more…]

Minimize Micromanagement on Your Project Team

The project manager has to continually determine the line between acceptable amounts of guidance and support and excessive intrusion and hovering. Micromanagement [more…]

Ten Steps for Getting Your Project Back on Track

Sometimes you join a project in progress only to find out that things are languishing. Other times, the project on which you’re working loses focus. To get back on track, think of the remaining work as [more…]

The Power of Rewards: Show Appreciation during and after Projects

Rewarding people throughout and at the conclusion of a project for their effort and accomplishments confirms to them that they achieved the desired results and met their audience’s needs. It also reassures [more…]

Decomposition Helps to Increase Your Project Understanding

Decomposition is the systematic process of separating a whole into its parts so that you can identify all elements of the whole and fully and clearly describe each of these elements. When planning a project [more…]

Project Management For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Because of the ever-growing array of huge, complex, and technically challenging projects in today's world, project management has become a critical skill. People need special tools, techniques, and knowledge [more…]

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