Running Great Meetings & Workshops For Dummies Extras

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Setting Up the Room for Your Meeting or Workshop

Setting up the room is something that few people spend much time thinking about, yet it has a phenomenal impact on participants and the conversations you then have. For example, if people can’t see each [more…]

Understanding Experiential Learning

Lots of people talk about experiential learning,but what is it? Isn’t all learning an experience? In simple terms, it means learning by doing and then thinking about the experience. So it’s about assimilating [more…]

10 Ways to Build Excellence in Running Meetings and Workshops

If you really want to make leading excellent meetings or workshops a core part of your personal repertoire, you’re setting out on a journey. Unfortunately, that journey takes time. But from our long years [more…]

Running Great Meetings & Workshops For Dummies Cheat Sheet

All meetings and workshops take planning, and it’s so easy to forget something crucial. You can run great meetings and workshops when you pay attention to all the little details, as well as think about [more…]

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