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Deal with Resistance using Critical Conversation Skills

If your critical conversation encounters resistance, focus your skills and turn the situation around. Critical conversation skills can defeat resistance in a discussion by teaching you to stay flexible [more…]

Avoid Pitfalls in Critical Conversations through Preparation

The success of a critical conversation is based on the amount of planning that goes into it. Four major pitfalls contribute to critical conversation catastrophes. The good news is that you can avoid these [more…]

Build Rapport and Trust Before Having a Critical Conversation

As you prepare for a critical conversation, building rapport and trust to set the tone can get the conversation on the right track from the start. Rapport and building trust give the recipient of the critical [more…]

Workplace Dynamics and the Need for Critical Conversations

Workplace dynamics can make a good team perform at an extraordinary level or fall to pieces. Many workplace dynamic critical conversations come about because of subjective issues such as personality differences [more…]

Prioritizing Issues for a Critical Conversation

If you have a laundry list of issues that need to change, prioritizing them before having a critical conversation is key. Decide which issues you need to discuss in a critical conversation, and which ones [more…]

Decide on Options to Move Forward in a Critical Conversation

Critical conversations lead to better relationships and productivity. The EDGE model for critical conversations calls for you to decide on options for moving forward, after examining data and acknowledging [more…]

How to Coach Employees using Critical Conversation Skills

Combining coaching with critical conversation skills can employees achieve and sustain top performance in support of organizational goals. Using coaching along with critical conversation methods can turn [more…]

Create Powerful Action Plans using Critical Conversation Skills

Thanks to your prep work, you aced the critical conversation. Now it's time to create an action plan based on the critical conversation's discussion, so that all the agreements, ideas, and feedback presented [more…]

Decide When to Have a Critical Conversation on Past Issues

Even past issues can be addressed in a critical conversation. Having a critical conversation isn’t as easy as scheduling a meeting, however. Critical conversations take work, time, and follow-up, but having [more…]

How to Resolve Resource Overloads

Even if your product resources are accurate, people who work on your project team can get overloaded. Consider one or more of the following strategies to eliminate your overcommitment and get your project [more…]

3 Structures for Project Administration

Projects are administered in three basic structures: the traditional functional structure, the project-focused projectized structure, and the extensively used matrix structure, which combines aspects of [more…]

Depicting Roles with a Responsibility Assignment Matrix

One way you can display team roles and responsibilities is in a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) — also called a Linear Responsibility Chart (LRC). Defining and sharing team roles and responsibilities [more…]

How to Resolve Conflicts between Project Team Members

With most projects, the question isn’t ifdisagreements will occur between team members; it’s when. So you need to be prepared to resolve those differences of opinion with a conflict resolution plan that [more…]

How to Prepare a Project Communications Management Plan

A project Communications Management Plan is essential with the diversity of audiences that will be looking for information about your project and the array of data you’ll be collecting. This plan helps [more…]

What Traits Do People Look For in a Leader?

For you to lead others effectively, they must first agree to follow you. Although every leader develops a unique personal style of leading, people typically look for the following traits in their leaders [more…]

Manage Software Projects with 10-Minute Task Meetings

Successful software project managers encourage critical communication by regularly holding 10-minute task meetings. Software projects are labor-intensive and it's easy to have long, time-wasting conversations [more…]

PMP Certification: 6 Strategies for Conflict Resolution

Experienced project management professionals (PMPs) know that as they plan and execute projects, they'll encounter conflicts and differences of opinion. As you study for your PMP certification exam, become [more…]

Setting Up the Room for Your Meeting or Workshop

Setting up the room is something that few people spend much time thinking about, yet it has a phenomenal impact on participants and the conversations you then have. For example, if people can’t see each [more…]

Understanding Experiential Learning

Lots of people talk about experiential learning,but what is it? Isn’t all learning an experience? In simple terms, it means learning by doing and then thinking about the experience. So it’s about assimilating [more…]

10 Ways to Build Excellence in Running Meetings and Workshops

If you really want to make leading excellent meetings or workshops a core part of your personal repertoire, you’re setting out on a journey. Unfortunately, that journey takes time. But from our long years [more…]

How to Put Together Plans for a Workshop

You don’t want to just show up for a workshop and wing it. It’s important to think about a few particular things before your participants start to arrive: [more…]

Developing Key Skills You Need for Meetings or Workshops

The following list is full of reminders you can keep at hand during any meeting or workshop. You can use the list either as a nudge to check that you are using these skills – ideally, during a break or [more…]

Running Great Meetings & Workshops For Dummies Cheat Sheet

All meetings and workshops take planning, and it’s so easy to forget something crucial. You can run great meetings and workshops when you pay attention to all the little details, as well as think about [more…]


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