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Critical Conversations and People Who Text, Type, or Check Messages

Modern technology devastates the art of conversation. People who continue to text, type, or check their messages won’t focus on critical conversations or hear the message you’re trying to convey. [more…]

Quick Tips for Stopping Me-versus-You Language in Critical Conversations

Critical conversations filled with pronouns like me, I, or you may quickly turn divisive and non-inclusive. Me-versus-you language turns ordinary conversations into battles by focusing on the “us versus [more…]

The Role of a Timekeeper in Critical Conversations

Everyone plays a role in critical conversations, even the guy who keeps time. The timekeeper tracks time’s passing, and how long a critical conversation is taking. The watch-checker is the evil and a bit [more…]

Tips for Encouraging People to Contribute to Critical Conversations

Dealing with silent team members during a critical conversation is often best done by creating opportunities for participation. Dealing with talkers who suddenly go silent during a critical conversation [more…]

Quick Tips for Handling Offensive People in Critical Conversations

During critical conversations, a person may become offensive, dominating the conversation. Even when discussing a problem one-on-one, a person who takes the offensive during a critical conversation is [more…]

Tips for Stopping People Who Blame Others during Critical Conversations

People who play the blame game during critical conversations love to avoid responsibility by throwing the blame around. If you want a critical conversation to be successful, you must learn to corral people [more…]

How to Facilitate Critical Team Conversations

An important element of critical conversations is how to facilitate team discussions. The goal of facilitating group conversations (critical conversations) is to help groups become teams that work together [more…]

How to Make Group Decisions during a Critical Conversation

When critical conversation techniques are used during the decision-making process, there is often better follow-through on the decisions made during the critical conversation because more than one person [more…]

Addressing Difficult Behaviors with Critical Conversation Skills

You can use a critical conversation to stop difficult behaviors. Critical conversation skills can turn difficult behaviors from negatively impacting productivity, and help the people involved start to [more…]

Temper Anger and Hostility with Critical Conversation Skills

In meetings with an angry hostile people, it's difficult to get anything done. Angry people stall progress, but by applying critical conversation skills, you can change the course of the critical conversation [more…]

Quiet the Office Gossip with Critical Conversation Skills

Office gossips are insecure, attention seekers who can submarine your efforts. Deter office gossip by skillfully applying your critical conversation skills and stop the rumor mongering in its tracks. [more…]

How to Dig into Workplace Complaints using Critical Conversation Skills

An employee complaint can be resolved with a critical conversation. However, workplace complaints that can be resolved by a critical conversation tend to have even higher emotions. Therefore it is a good [more…]

When to Bring a Mediator into Critical Conversations

Deciding to bring a mediator into a critical conversation is often a judgment call. A mediator can make your job in a critical conversation easier, and prevent workplace concerns from turning into crises [more…]

Apply Critical Conversation Skills When an Issue Is Raised

What an employee has a concern, it’s time to sharpen your critical conversation skills. Many issues can be potentially resolved with a critical conversation. Critical conversations teach you that as you [more…]

Handle Emotions at the Office with Critical Conversation Skills

Critical conversation skills can help you handle a lot of situations, including emotional employees. A critical conversation can help keep an employee's emotions in check while you uncover the real problem [more…]

Five Critical Conversation Steps to Resolve Workplace Conflict

Critical conversation skills can help you address a myriad of problems, including conflict. Like any good critical conversation, a conversation designed to help resolve conflict should follow a common [more…]

Conduct a Performance Review using Critical Conversation Skills

Discussing an employee's poor performance can be an emotional experience, but with good critical conversation skills, the conversation doesn't have to end poorly. To conduct a meaningful performance conversation [more…]

Fire Employees with Compassion using Critical Conversation Skills

Dismissing an employee is difficult, but critical conversation skills can make even that difficult process manageable. Through a critical conversation, you can find ways to fire an employee with compassion [more…]

Checking Body Language during a Critical Conversation

Body language often alerts you that someone’s not invested in a critical conversation. When that happens, how can you check someone’s body language and focus them back on the conversation? [more…]

Tips for Handling Defensive People in Critical Conversations

People naturally defend themselves and their opinion when they receive feedback during a critical conversation. But when someone’s on the defensive, how can you steer a critical conversation back on track [more…]

Keeping Agreements Intact During Critical Conversations

Agreements reached during a critical conversation may unravel, causing the conversation to run off-course. How can you keep agreements you've already reached from affecting a critical conversation. When [more…]

Apply Critical Conversation Skills to the Hiring Process

The critical conversation skills and its EDGE model can be applied to the hiring process, in order to build effective teams. With critical conversation skills, HR can identify the best people to complete [more…]

Ask Interview Hiring Questions Differently by Applying Critical Conversation Skills

Not only can the hiring process benefit from critical conversation skills, the interview questions can too! Applying critical conversation skills when interviewing a potential new employee candidate will [more…]

How to Critical Conversations to Respond to Ignored Action Plans

At the end of critical conversations, an action plan should be created that reflects the agreements reached. But if action plans or agreements are ignored, what should you do? If action plans or agreements [more…]

Refocus Critical Conversations that Go Off-Track

Even if you use a positive facilitation approach during a critical conversation, the discussion can still go off-track. Critical conversations can go off track for many reasons. When one does, refocus [more…]


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