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Create a Budget Estimate Using the Bottom-Up Approach

Preparing a budget for your project requires two steps: First you prepare a rough estimate. Then when you move into the organizing and preparing stage of your project, you're ready to create your detailed [more…]

3 Structures for Project Administration

Projects are administered in three basic structures: the traditional functional structure, the project-focused projectized structure, and the extensively used matrix structure, which combines aspects of [more…]

Depicting Roles with a Responsibility Assignment Matrix

One way you can display team roles and responsibilities is in a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) — also called a Linear Responsibility Chart (LRC). Defining and sharing team roles and responsibilities [more…]

How to Resolve Conflicts between Project Team Members

With most projects, the question isn’t ifdisagreements will occur between team members; it’s when. So you need to be prepared to resolve those differences of opinion with a conflict resolution plan that [more…]

How to Control Project Scope Creep

Scope creep is the gradual expansion of project work without formal consideration and acceptance of these changes or their associated costs and effects. Scope creep can occur as a result of any of the [more…]

What's Hot (and What's Not) in Project-Process Reports

Preparing the project-progress report gives you an opportunity to step back and review all aspects of your project so you can recognize accomplishments and identify situations that may require your early [more…]

How to Prepare a Project Communications Management Plan

A project Communications Management Plan is essential with the diversity of audiences that will be looking for information about your project and the array of data you’ll be collecting. This plan helps [more…]

How to Use a Project Dashboard for Your Project-Progress Report

To make your written project-progress reports most effective, you can use a project dashboard to include the greatest amount of information in the least amount of space. A [more…]

What Traits Do People Look For in a Leader?

For you to lead others effectively, they must first agree to follow you. Although every leader develops a unique personal style of leading, people typically look for the following traits in their leaders [more…]

How to Use Social Media to Enhance Project Management

One way to collect project-related information, as well as to keep tabs on your project and share its progress with the rest of your team is to make use of social media — you know, blogs, Facebook, Twitter [more…]

How Social Media Can Support Your Project Planning and Performance

You can support your project's planning and performance with social media. Project success depends heavily on accurate and timely information sharing, productive interpersonal relationships among the team [more…]

How to Support Your Project Communications with Social Media

To ensure that social media provides your project team responsive communications support, consider the following questions when thinking about setting up your project’s presence on social media: [more…]

10 Questions to Ask as You Plan Your Project

Answer these ten questions to make sure you’ve completely identified all the work your project will require. When you begin a project, you always feel the pressure to jump in and start working immediately [more…]

How to Prepare Your Project Plan

Even though you can’t avoid surprises or changes as your project unfolds, you can provide a logical order for your project’s planning activities. Sticking to this order as much as possible discourages [more…]

Manage Software Projects with 10-Minute Task Meetings

Successful software project managers encourage critical communication by regularly holding 10-minute task meetings. Software projects are labor-intensive and it's easy to have long, time-wasting conversations [more…]

Pre-Development Checklist for Project Plans

Smart software project managers do considerable prep work before they create a project plan. Applying a pre-development checklist ensures that your project plan will have a strong foundation. [more…]

Project Managers: 7 Signs of Potential Project Failure

The ability to recognize the signs of potential failure gives project managers a big advantage in the software project management game. That awareness leads to pre-emptive action in dealing with issues [more…]

Software Project Management For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Effective software project management centers on the serious business of getting work done on time and within budget while meeting customer expectations. Software project managers focus on accomplishment [more…]

How to Decide Your Kickstarter Fundraising Goal

The first step in determining your fundraising goal for your Kickstarter campaign is determining the scope of your project: [more…]

8 Quality Control Tools to Know for PMP Certification

There are many ways to assess quality control, and professional project managers (PMPs) make good use of them. When you take the PMP certification exam, you should be able to apply the following quality [more…]

Understand Scheduling Relationships for the PMP Certification Exam

When you're ready to take the PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification exam, expect to see up to ten questions dealing with network diagrams, precedence diagramming, and scheduling issues. Here [more…]

PMP Certification: 4 Estimating Techniques for Project Managers

You can apply PMP (project management professional) estimating techniques to resources, effort, duration, and costs. PMPs use different methods of estimating, depending on the situation. [more…]

PMP Exam: Statistics for Normal and Cumulative Distributions

PMPs (project management professionals) often apply basic statistics to their projects. For the PMP certification exam, here's what you need to know when dealing with normal and cumulative distributions [more…]

PMP Certification: 6 Strategies for Conflict Resolution

Experienced project management professionals (PMPs) know that as they plan and execute projects, they'll encounter conflicts and differences of opinion. As you study for your PMP certification exam, become [more…]

PMP Earned Value: Variances and Indexes

On the PMP certification exam, you'll see five to ten questions on variances and indexes. Here's fundamental information that project managers need to determine cost and schedule variances and indexes. [more…]

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