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How to Handle Special Situations in Operations Management

Operations managers must sometimes cope with a number of special situations. These range from one-off projects to outsourcing processes and may include managing immature or obsolete products. Here’s some [more…]

Process Classifications for Operations Management

Processes fall into four different categories for operations management based on the nature of their function. Some processes relate primarily to a product’s cost structure; others address the company’s [more…]

The Fundamental Elements of Forecasting in Operations Management

Point forecasts, or single-number predictions of demand, are generally always incorrect. You want an accurate forecast to inform your operations management. That’s why you need not only an [more…]

How Demand Variation Affects Operations Management

Demand isn’t always consistent; demand can vary for many reasons and your operations management is dependent on understanding these trends. Recognizing why demand varies also helps you increase your operation [more…]

Causes of the Bullwhip Effect in Operations Management

The bullwhip effect exists in all supply chains — it’s the root of the boom and bust cycles that occur in many operations — and it can be devastating if not properly managed. Fortunately, you have ways [more…]

How to Avoid the Bullwhip Effect in Operations Management

Most companies are aware of the bullwhip effect and the damage it can inflict on their business. Yet many managers still fall into the traps that trigger bullwhips. Here are some basic techniques for avoiding [more…]

How Operations Managers Can Develop a Good Relationship with Suppliers

One of the major characteristics of a lean company is the relationship operations managers maintain with their suppliers. Lean organizations such as Toyota view their supply chain as an extension of the [more…]

Operations Management Project Evaluation Criteria

Unlike processes, you don’t perform projects over and over again; they’re usually one-time efforts. The metrics of success for any operations management project depends on the objectives that the project [more…]


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