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How to Find the Source of Error in Your Operations Management Forecast

Operations management forecasts tend to be inaccurate, and you need to find out how (in)accurate your forecasting model is. Forecasting error is the difference between the forecast and actual values. Forecasts [more…]

Capacity Concerns for Your Operations Management

No simple standard equation exists to tell you how much capacity you need — right now or in the future — or when exactly your operations management should add capacity. Determining the correct capacity [more…]

How Operations Management can Alter Customer Perceptions

How you manage your operations may not seem important from a customer perspective, but nothing could be further from the truth. From a customer’s perspective, two theories are in play: how long the customer [more…]

The Purpose of Inventory in Operations Management

Managing your operations to balance inventory in an effort to satisfy customer demand — that is, actual demand in the market for products and services — without exposing the company to unnecessary cost [more…]

The True Cost of Inventory in Operations Management

Maintaining inventory is expensive; it diverts resources from other areas of your operations. But not having enough inventory can lead to lost sales and inadequate customer service. Therein lies the rub [more…]

How to Manage Inventory for Your Operations

Inventory management is one of the most difficult tasks in operations because it’s hard to predict actual customer demand. You can approach inventory management in many different ways. The right one for [more…]

Inventory Metrics for Your Operations Management

How effective is your inventory management process? To find out how well operations management is dealing with inventory, you must be able to measure it. Here are some common inventory metrics: [more…]

How to Determine a Corporate Strategy for Your Operations Management Plan

Your corporate strategy ideally establishes the organization’s direction and the basis upon which the business and your operations will compete. Michael Porter, a leading expert on corporate strategy and [more…]

How to Develop an Aggregate Plan for Your Operations Management

After a firm determines its corporate strategy and establishes its long-term capacity needs and production operation policies, focus shifts to aggregate planning. [more…]

The Components of an Operations Management Aggregate Plan

An aggregate plan provides the road map for business operations; it translates corporate strategy into a plan that can be implemented on the plant floor or on the front-line of service. For companies that [more…]

Material Considerations for Your Operations Management

A company’s master schedule focuses on creating the product or delivering the service that a company is in business to sell. Good operations management is essential. This commodity often requires materials [more…]

How to Plan for Services with Operations Management

Aggregate planning is rooted in the manufacturing sector, but many of its concepts apply to service industries, too. Operations planning typically happens in service-based companies. Following are the [more…]

How to Use Operations Management to Implement a Successful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

MRP led to the development of enterprise resource planning (ERP). As the name implies, ERP integrates an entire company into one information system that operates on real-time data it receives from throughout [more…]

How to Align the Supply Chain with Operations Management Strategy

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to building a supply chain. Each company needs to consider its goals and operation management strategy when designing a supply chain. Companies also need to account [more…]

How an Operations Manager Can Improve Supply Chain Management

Most companies know that designing and maintaining a strong and reliable supply chain is vital to profitability and long-term survival. It is important to improve supply chain management through better [more…]

How Your Operations Manager Can Eliminate Waste

Eliminating waste, or muda as the Japanese call it, is the core of the lean approach to business and is key to good operations management. Waste exists in any process, and the goal of smart business is [more…]

How Good Operations Management Can Level Production

Heijunka is the Japanese term for production leveling. The goal of heijunka is to reduce operations batch size as much as possible while still meeting production volume targets. Heijunka facilitates just-in-time [more…]

How Operations Managers Can Focus on Quality to Achieve a Lean Company

Quality is a pillar of any lean organization. Poor quality contributes significantly to the waste that lean companies strive to eliminate. In lean organizations, quality is the responsibility of everyone [more…]

What Your Operations Management Needs to Make a Quality Product

When assessing quality for operations management, the first question you need to ask is, “What is a quality product?” Only your customer can answer this question because quality is what the customer says [more…]

Why Your Operations Management Needs to Focus on Quality

You may have heard the saying “Quality is free.” Getting your operations management to implement an effective quality system is anything but free, but the alternative usually proves to be much more expensive [more…]

How to Ensure Quality in Your Operations Management

The best way to manage quality is not to make defects in the first place, and this begins with operations management. To do this, companies are finding that they must shift their entire focus away from [more…]

How Operations Management Can Design for Quality

Good operations management is essential for quality. Quality begins with a product’s design, which determines how well the product will meet customers’ needs and, to a large extent, drives the cost of [more…]

How Six Sigma Can Benefit Your Operations Management

Quality improvement programs aren’t a new concept or late-breaking fad in operations management. Companies have been using methods such as total quality management [more…]

Obstacles to Quality in Operations Management

Many things stand between a company’s operation management and its quality-centered end game. Among the obstacles are the tendency to lose focus on the goal of quality improvement, get sidetracked by a [more…]

How to Lay Out a Project Life Cycle for Operations Management

Planning for an operations management project can be a process, and like all processes, it benefits from standardization and discipline. A successful project rests on three legs, much like a stool. It [more…]


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