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Common Quality Tools for Operations Management

All quality management and improvement movements share the same basic foundation, regardless of what your company calls its quality program (some companies spend more time coming up with clever names for [more…]

How to Maneuver Risk in Operations Management

Risk is a situation involving exposure to danger. Let’s face it: In life, risk is everywhere. In business, there are several types of risks you should be aware of and actions you can take to prevent the [more…]

Operations Management: A Sample Project Proposal

What follows is a sample project proposal for constructing and operating a concentrated solar power plant in the fictional country of Magrebia in North Africa. Concentrated solar plants use specialized [more…]

Ways to Protect Your Core Competencies in Business

It’s important to identify what gives you the advantage over your competitors. These advantages are your core competencies, and you must protect them, especially if you’re planning to outsource any part [more…]

11 Questions to Ask when Considering a Career in Business Operations

What skills do you need to be an effective operations manager? Though there’s no single profile for the ideal operations manager, most successful managers do have certain skills and traits. If you’re wondering [more…]

Business Operations: Formulas for Project Management

The management of one-time projects to install new operations or change existing operations is a major discipline for operations managers. Though based on similar skills used in optimizing ongoing operations [more…]

Inventory-Management Formulas for Improving Business Operations

Managing inventory is an important way for a business to manage variations in demand. Inventory can provide a means to manage demand fluctuation so that process capacity and resource utilization are kept [more…]

Operations Management For Dummies Cheat Sheet

In business, operations management is the development, execution, and maintenance of effective processes — whether used continuously for the production and delivery of goods or services or for the one-time [more…]

10 Traits of World-Class Operations

What makes a company world class, or the best at what it does? A firm’s operations are a pivotal element in what customers experience. Consumers can say why they like a certain product or service — and [more…]

10 Mistakes That New Operations Managers Make

Everyone makes mistakes, especially when just starting out in a new job or activity. There are certain mistakes that rookie operations managers tend to make. Don’t feel too bad if you’ve made all of them [more…]

10 Pivotal Operations Management Developments

What’s currently called operations managementevolved from a long line of discoveries, inventions, and revolutions. You may find it hard to believe that there was a time when products weren’t mass-produced [more…]

How to Develop a Process Map for Operations Management

Creating accurate and useful process maps requires considerable time and resources, but these maps are vital to any meaningful operations management process evaluation and improvement effort. Here’s some [more…]

What Should You Include in Your Operations Management Process Map?

A well-defined process doesn’t have many special cases or deviations, so documenting or describing operations and business processes in a clear and practical way ensures that everyone involved — employees [more…]

How to Improve Processes as an Operations Manager

Companies spend a lot of time and resources on process improvement projects that fail to produce the desired results in operations management. A primary reason that many projects fall short of expectations [more…]

How to Design a Process in Operations Management

There are countless ways for an operations manager to design a process. What constitutes a good or bad design depends on what your objectives are. Some general rules of thumb can help you maximize your [more…]

How to Improve a Process that has Excess Capacity in Operations Management

Though every operation manager’s dream is to have unlimited demand for her product or service, many businesses have more than enough capacity; customer demand is the actual bottleneck. In this case, an [more…]

How to Manage Bottlenecks in Operations Management

If, as an operations manager, you’re lucky enough to be in a situation where demand for your product or service exceeds your ability to make the products or deliver the service, then you want to find ways [more…]

Shared Resources and Operations Management

In many organizations, managers need to be aware of resources that perform more than one operationin a process or are shared across processes. For example, a receptionist in a doctor’s office not only [more…]

How to Maximize Operation Batch Size

In a process, some operations can process multiple flow units at a time and others can’t, so it’s important to analyze the operation batch size to maximize the total system’s capacity. To accommodate other [more…]

How to Optimize Transfer Batch Size in Operations Management

The transfer batch size refers to the number of units in operations management that move as a group from operation to operation. On a process map, the transfer action is represented as an operation even [more…]

How to Manage Process Disruptions in Operations Management

Few things are more disruptive to operations management than poor quality. Poor quality has a negative impact on all your process metrics. You will need to know how to manage your process given the current [more…]

How to Improve Operations Management behind the Scenes

Your business will become more efficient as a whole if you can improve your operations management behind the scenes. For the most part, anything that the customer doesn’t have to be directly involved in [more…]

How to Strengthen the Customer Interface with Operations Management

Any process that requires direct contact with the customer needs special attention by operations management. These face-to-face interactions reveal blemishes along with beauty marks to the customer. Examples [more…]

How to Fulfill Customer Demand with Operations Management

How do you manage your operations to most efficiently supply products to your customer? The product-customer interface typically follows one of two patterns: make to stock or make to order. [more…]

How to Design Products with Operations Management in Mind

A large part of a product’s cost to manufacture is determined by the product design itself. The design affects operations and determines how many components make up the product and dictates how these components [more…]


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