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Business Expense Analysis: Variable vs. Fixed Expenses

You should always have a good feel for how your organization's operating expenses behave relative to sales activity. But separating variable and fixed operating expenses is not quite as simple as it may [more…]

More Efficient Accounting Software Tools

There are now efficient accounting software packages for every size business, from small (say, $5 million annual sales and 20 employees or fewer) to very large [more…]

How to Process Payments Efficiently

Efficient payment processing involves both automatedsystems as well as a variety of methods. Much as many of us would like to move away from checks altogether, almost every business has at least a handful [more…]

Manage Accounting Automatically

Although every organization has its own comfort and ability level when it comes to process automation, there’s noexcuse for generating routine accounting material like invoices and receipts by hand. [more…]

More Efficient Customer Service

What is customer service efficiency? How can you determine what “efficient customer service” is? In order to answer these questions, first you need to define what customer service efficiency looks like [more…]

Six Tips for More Efficient Customer Service

Here are six helpful ideas and best practices to ensure that you are operating at peak efficiency as you satisfy and delight your customers. These days, all you hear about is how you need to be customer-focused [more…]

Seven Criteria for Effective Customer Service Standards

Seven criteria make a customer service standard effective. Start by reviewing your current standards against this list and revamp the ones that need it. Effective standards need to be as follows: [more…]

Develop Service Standards in Four Simple Steps

The key to developing efficient customer service standards is organizing the process into bite-sized pieces. Here are four steps for developing efficient customer service standards. [more…]

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Customer Service

Customer service is a broad term. When trying to determine how effectively you are meeting the needs and demands of your customers, several areas need to be analyzed. The following sections look at each [more…]

How Efficient Are Your Customer Service Responses?

Do your customers’ inquiries get resolved within a few minutes of asking a question or submitting a request? If they are required to ask multiple questions, or have to be routed to different specialists [more…]

Do You Need Customer Service Goals?

Often companies talk about their number one goal of satisfying customers, but they don’t establish customer service goals. Without goals for customer service, there can be problems between organizational [more…]

Business Efficiency and Time Goals

When you think about your organization's efficiency and time goals in regard to customer service, most people immediately think: “On-time delivery! Of course! What else is there?” But, as you will see, [more…]

Two Tips for Setting Efficient Customer Service Goals

Inefficient customer service when taking orders or addressing complaints can and will bankrupt a company faster than any other type of failure. Focusing on how efficiently you service your customers and [more…]

Measure Customer Service Efficiency

So, what determines efficiency in your business as far as customer service? Setting goals that describe exactly what you want to happen also involves measuring whether or not these goals are being met. [more…]

Alternative Work Arrangements

One of the most popular management concepts of recent years has been the scheduling concept known as alternate work arrangements. Broadly speaking, an alternate work arrangement is any scheduling pattern [more…]

Methods for Measuring Employee Effectiveness

All performance appraisal systems are driven by the same objective: to establish a systematic and efficient way of evaluating performance, providing constructive feedback, and enabling employees to continually [more…]

Tips for Clearly Documenting HR Policies

Even if your company has only a handful of employees, keeping your basic procedures and policies well documented is always a good business strategy. Whatever effort may be required to get basic company [more…]

The Key Principles of Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a powerful, proven method of improving business efficiency and effectiveness. In a nutshell, here are the key principles of Lean Six Sigma Business Transformation to bear in mind: [more…]

Using DMAIC in Lean Six Sigma Business Transformation

To undertake improvement activity in your business processes in a systematic way using Lean Six Sigma Business Transformation, you need to employ the useful framework of DMAIC: [more…]

Going for a DRIVE with Lean Six Sigma Business Transformation

Lean Six Sigma transformation is a journey and successful business transformation needs drive and energy. The DRIVE model provides the framework to help you travel from where you are to where you want [more…]

Using DMADV in Lean Six Sigma Business Transformation

Employ this framework of DMADV to design new products, services and processes for your business, as you use Lean Six Sigma Business Transformation for change: [more…]

How to Tackle Waste with Lean Six Sigma

You can improve process flow in a number of ways using Lean Six Sigma, including by reducing waste. The seven categories of waste are sometimes identified by the acronym Tim Wood: [more…]

Lean Six Sigma's Key Principles

Lean Six Sigma is a powerful, proven method of improving business efficiency and effectiveness. In a nutshell, here are the key principles of Lean Six Sigma to bear in mind: [more…]

How to Use DMAIC in Lean Six Sigma

To undertake improvement activity in your existing business processes in a systematic way using Lean Six Sigma, you need to employ the useful framework of DMAIC: [more…]

Value with Lean Six Sigma

When you're trying to improve value for your customers with Lean Six Sigma, remember that, in your customers' eyes, value is what they're willing to pay for: [more…]


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