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Decision Making For Dummies Cheat Sheet

In a business environment of complexity and uncertainty, excellent decision-making skills are paramount. Employees, customers, and others touched by a company's actions respond to what they trust — ethical [more…]

4 Ways to Control Your Ego for Better Decision-Making

Your relationship with your ego is an essential part of your decision-making expertise. Everyone has an ego — composed of your self-esteem, self-worth, and personal sense of security — and it's the ego's [more…]

5 Ways Managers Can Also Be Leaders

A question that is often asked in business is, "What is the difference between managers and leaders?" It's an important question because the role of the manager as an agent of change has never been more [more…]

5 Ways Managers and Executives Can Collaborate in Times of Change

Management styles are undergoing a total overhaul as the "tell, sell, and make-it-so" approach gives way to co-creating solutions horizontally across and vertically up levels of authority. The impetus [more…]

10 Secrets to Making Successful Decisions

In a complex decision-making world, you can have every matrix, software program, or technology tool at your disposal, yet the most powerful element in your decision-making is [more…]

Is Crowdfunding Right for You? A Spreadsheet to Help You Decide

In crowdfunding, customers or investors provide direct financing for a product or service. Crowdfunding uses the web to collaboratively fund projects, company growth, or expansion. [more…]

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