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The Enterprise Social Graph

Social collaboration is as much about people as it is about content, therefore understanding how a collaboration platform represents the connections between people is important. The “social graph” is a [more…]

Form Groups as Part of a Social Collaboration

In very few businesses does the whole organization work on every project. Likewise, most of the real work accomplished through social collaboration networks happens through smaller groups rather than the [more…]

How to Share Files and Media in a Social Collaboration

One of the distinguishing features of social collaboration systems for business is the ability to share files. Most public social networks will let you share a photo or a video but not a PowerPoint or [more…]

How to Respond to Another User's Post in a Social Collaboration

Posting and sharing your own content on a social collaboration site is great, but effective use of any social network is not all about self-promotion. You must listen to what others say and think about [more…]

How to Make and Cultivate Connections on a Professional Social Network

You may want to start building a professional social network with your allies — the people you turn to regularly for advice and guidance. This may include old college friends and respected former co-workers [more…]

Useful Posts for Social Collaboration

Varying the types of posts you make to a social network is one way of getting more attention for them. Choosing the right type or format for a post makes it more likely that you’ll communicate in the most [more…]

How to Look Professional on a Social Network for Business

You should dress up your profile the way you dress yourself for success in the workplace. At a bank or other traditional organization, a man’s profile picture may include a suit and tie [more…]

How Social Task Management Can Help Your Business

Social task management tools explicitly manage deadlines, assignments, and relationships between tasks. They distinguish themselves from other task and project management applications with social-style [more…]

How to Share Documents on a Social Collaboration Site

File management capabilities vary between social collaboration platforms, but as a rule, this is an area where the designers of these platforms tend to favor simplicity over sophistication. In other words [more…]

How to Collaborate on Documents in Google Docs

Often in a social collaboration, it's best to write, revise, edit, and leave comments on most documents within a browser. This is particularly true when a document has multiple authors and editors who [more…]

How to Choose a Social Collaboration System

It’s easy to imagine a small business owner choosing a cloud-based, social collaboration product on the advice of a friend, creating accounts for himself and a dozen employees, and never looking back — [more…]

Identify Key Features You Need in a Social Collaboration Tool

When searching for a social collaboration network for your organization, you need to look beyond the base level of the tool's main features like content sharing and social networking. Your choice as to [more…]

The Leading Vendors in Social Collaboration

Vendors in any enterprise will come and go, and some will merge, and product names will change, but like any industry, the leaders in social collaboration like Jive, IBM, Microsoft [more…]

Social Collaboration in a Cloud Environment

Many social collaboration products are offered exclusively in the cloud (meaning you don't have to install any software on-premises). The two most popular cloud-based collaboration tools are Yammer and [more…]

Cloud, Hosted, or On Premises Social Collaboration Tools

The following social collaboration tools are available as traditional enterprise software that you can install on your own servers or host on dedicated equipment. Each also offers some option for a subscription-based [more…]

How SharePoint Fits into Your Social Collaboration

SharePoint, Microsoft's portal software, winds up factoring into practically every social collaboration strategy, regardless of whether it is at the center of that strategy. At a minimum, every serious [more…]

Social Collaboration in the Cloud

The reinvention of business collaboration is driven at least as much by the rise of cloud computing and software as service products as it is by social media. Rather than being defined by the user interface [more…]

Distinguish between Cloud and Application Hosting for Social Collaboration Tools

Cloud providers like Amazon Web Services provide storage and raw computing power on a metered basis. SaaS providers typically charge per user, per month on subscription contracts. To understand the technology [more…]

The Advantages of Cloud-Based Tools for Social Collaboration

Most traditional software vendors have adapted to some version of the cloud business model by now, offering customers a choice of software or cloud-based software as a service [more…]

The Concerns about Cloud Services for Social Collaboration

For social collaboration, you have to decide whether the cloud service can be trusted to host important business conversations, documents, and project planning tools. What would happen if a competitor [more…]

The Evolving Security Standards in the Social Software Industry

The social software industry is still in the process of figuring out the best way to do social application integration. There are standard data formats, standard authentication security methods, and standard [more…]

Authorize Social App Access with OAuth

If you ever accessed a Facebook application that asked you to review a list of permissions that the application is requesting and then click OK, you have seen OAuth in action. You can use OAuth on your [more…]

OpenSocial: An Enterprise Standard for App Embedding into Social Collaboration Tools

OpenSocial is "the industry's leading and most mature standards-based component model for cloud based social apps," according to the OpenSocial Foundation [more…]

9 Ways to Make Social Collaboration Pay Off

Every technology initiative is judged by its payoff. But showing return on investment for social collaboration can be challenging. For one thing, when social collaboration is one element of an organizational [more…]

How to Collaborate on Documents Using a Wiki

In some cases, uploading and downloading files and working with them offline is the only option. But in many social collaborations, the ideal would be to do everything — such as writing, revising, commenting [more…]

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