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What and How to Automate in Your Business

The steps for identifying processes in your business that can or should benefit from a more technological automation generally follow the same pattern. Follow the roadmap below to uncover automation opportunities [more…]

Automation in Your Business: Small and Big Changes

Some process automations that you might want to tackle in your business can be integrated slowly, tested by a small group of stakeholders and then released to the company at-large after it’s fully polished [more…]

What Makes a Good Business Efficiency Goal?

Here's how to make an effective goal for change in your business: You need to be crystal clear when stating your project’s objectives. The more specific your project objectives are, the greater your chances [more…]

Who Sets Your Business Efficiency Goals?

When you want to make changes in management of your business, you will want to define several measurable goals. When it comes to any effective business goal, who sets a goal has much to do with who is [more…]

Five Poor Excuses for Not Making Changes in Your Business

One of the hallmarks of an effective business goal is to be specific. “Be more efficient” is a terrible business goal. Your goals need clarity and specificity if you’re to know whether you’re on the right [more…]

Five Different Types of Business Efficiency Goals

“Efficiency” in your business or organization is not a standalone metric. Rather, it always refers to another measure, whether that is money, time, quality, or something else entirely. A well-rounded efficiency-enhancing [more…]

How to Choose Business Efficiency Projects

There’s no one right answer as to which business efficiency project you should tackle first in your organization, but considering the following criteria will surely bubble a project or two up to the top [more…]

How to Measure Your Customers’ Satisfaction Levels

You have many ways to gather customer information about customer satisfaction so that you can measure your organization's efficiency with regards to customer service. One common way is to review your customer [more…]

Business Efficiency: Survey Staff and Customers

If you’ve already decided to survey your customers and you’re reading this article to find out what else to do to increase efficiency, don’t stop there. The importance of surveying customers is obvious [more…]

How Efficient Are Your Business Expenses?

It’s easy for expenses to creep out of control over time, especially those that are outside your core areas of expertise (for example, a grocery store may not be on top of the latest computing technologies [more…]

How Efficient Are Your Prices?

If you’re charging too much — or not enough! — your pricing is not efficient. Get to the bottom of your pricing efficiency by asking yourself the following questions: [more…]

How Efficient Is Your Business Budget?

Budgeting for your business or organization, when done right, is an important part of an efficient and responsible financial strategy. You can check the health of your budget process with the following [more…]

How to Lower Business Expenses Responsibly

When looking to increase efficiency or profits in your business, simply slashing expenses is not (necessarily) efficient. In fact, this behavior is why efficiency sometimes gets a bad rap. Recall that [more…]

Business Expense Analysis: Variable vs. Fixed Expenses

You should always have a good feel for how your organization's operating expenses behave relative to sales activity. But separating variable and fixed operating expenses is not quite as simple as it may [more…]

More Efficient Accounting Software Tools

There are now efficient accounting software packages for every size business, from small (say, $5 million annual sales and 20 employees or fewer) to very large [more…]

How to Process Payments Efficiently

Efficient payment processing involves both automatedsystems as well as a variety of methods. Much as many of us would like to move away from checks altogether, almost every business has at least a handful [more…]

Manage Accounting Automatically

Although every organization has its own comfort and ability level when it comes to process automation, there’s noexcuse for generating routine accounting material like invoices and receipts by hand. [more…]

More Efficient Customer Service

What is customer service efficiency? How can you determine what “efficient customer service” is? In order to answer these questions, first you need to define what customer service efficiency looks like [more…]

Six Tips for More Efficient Customer Service

Here are six helpful ideas and best practices to ensure that you are operating at peak efficiency as you satisfy and delight your customers. These days, all you hear about is how you need to be customer-focused [more…]

Seven Criteria for Effective Customer Service Standards

Seven criteria make a customer service standard effective. Start by reviewing your current standards against this list and revamp the ones that need it. Effective standards need to be as follows: [more…]

Develop Service Standards in Four Simple Steps

The key to developing efficient customer service standards is organizing the process into bite-sized pieces. Here are four steps for developing efficient customer service standards. [more…]

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Customer Service

Customer service is a broad term. When trying to determine how effectively you are meeting the needs and demands of your customers, several areas need to be analyzed. The following sections look at each [more…]

How Efficient Are Your Customer Service Responses?

Do your customers’ inquiries get resolved within a few minutes of asking a question or submitting a request? If they are required to ask multiple questions, or have to be routed to different specialists [more…]

Do You Need Customer Service Goals?

Often companies talk about their number one goal of satisfying customers, but they don’t establish customer service goals. Without goals for customer service, there can be problems between organizational [more…]

Business Efficiency and Time Goals

When you think about your organization's efficiency and time goals in regard to customer service, most people immediately think: “On-time delivery! Of course! What else is there?” But, as you will see, [more…]

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