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Ten Qualities of an Effective Team Player

If you were choosing team members for a business team in your organization, who would the best team players be? Assuming that people have the right technical skills for the work to be done, what other [more…]

Staffing Your Restaurant's Kitchen

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. You've heard this idea related to business a million times. Like all those other endeavors and enterprises, a restaurant can't run well or long without the [more…]

Differences between Employees and Contractors in a Business Setting

Your business may offer contracts to independent contractors — people who do work for your company but who don’t work for your company in the sense of being an employee. Independent contractors differ [more…]

How to Evaluate Résumés

When hiring, the résumé is your first contact with a job candidate. To get the most from this important document and determine if someone is worth calling in for an interview, you'll need to know how to [more…]

Five Interview Questions That Reveal the Most about Job Candidates

The job interview is perhaps your best opportunity to determine if a potential hire will succeed with your firm. But most applicants now have ready-made answers to standard questions such as [more…]

How to Create a Successful Internal Hiring Process for Your Business

Key procedures you need to put in place in your business to set up a successful internal hiring process include establishing a way to communicate job opportunities to your employees and a procedure they [more…]

How to Find the Right Recruiting Agency for Your Business

You choose a recruiter for your business the same way you choose any professional services specialist. You take a look at what services are available, you ask colleagues for recommendations, and you talk [more…]

How to Write a Job Description

As you conduct your business’s hiring process, you’ll need a job description – a set of criteria as you attempt to find, attract, and make a job offer to the best candidates. Among other things, these [more…]

How to Recruit Employees on College Campuses

College campuses have long been fertile hunting ground for businesses recruiting entry-level talent. Smaller firms without well-organized college recruiting programs have always been at something of a [more…]

Basics for Writing Job Descriptions

The job description is where your business’s hiring criteria are first formally set forth. But this doesn’t mean just any garden-variety job description will do. The job description you’ll construct will [more…]

How to Write a Great Job Posting

Writing a good job posting is a critical step in the hiring process, but the task is often more difficult than many people think. Obviously, you won’t have candidates beating down your door to apply for [more…]

How to Use Applicant Tracking Systems for Employee Recruiting

An applicant tracking system (ATS), sometimes called an e-recruiting system, offers a central location and database for an organization’s employee recruiting efforts. Information can be gathered from internal [more…]

The Difference between Employee, Contingent Worker, and Independent Contractor

When looking outside the company to hire new employees, you have a number of options. If core team members are fully occupied, and you have new tasks that must be handled on an ongoing basis, it probably [more…]

How to Kick Off the Employee Hiring Process

You should always have a general idea before you start any employee recruiting effort of how you intend to conduct and manage the process. A good way to begin is to set a deadline for when, ideally, you [more…]

How to Recruit Potential Employees through Online Job Boards

Job boards are extremely popular with job seekers. These websites, used by employers to advertise jobs, may be the best way for a company to reach a large number of candidates quickly. Literally thousands [more…]

How to Recruit Potential Employees through Your Company Website

There was a time when ambitious employment candidates would try to study up on the company they were applying to by requesting company literature — annual reports, sales material, marketing brochures — [more…]

How to Develop Employee Qualities and Attributes for a Job Description

Every job has a set of technical requirements for the employee, but a job description is not complete without those broad but telling aspects of a candidate known as [more…]

How to Use Social Networks to Recruit Potential Employees

An advantage of establishing a presence in online social networks is that you can build a large community of people who are actively engaged with your company — including potential hires. [more…]

How to Gain Permanent Benefit from Contingent Employees

Contingent employees have become a significant part of today’s workforce, and there are sound reasons for this growth. More and more talented people are drawn to contingent work because of the flexibility [more…]

How to Use Recruiters Effectively to Search for Job Candidates

Recruiters can be an invaluable part of your employee candidate search arsenal. If you know how to maximize their services, recruiters can more than pay for themselves. Using outside recruiters has several [more…]

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls in On-Campus Employee Recruiting

University campuses can be rich opportunities to engage with potential entry-level employees. You should consider the following points in preparing for any campus recruiting activities: [more…]

How to Get the Most from Job Fairs

Job fairs are recruiting events that bring together employers and potential employees in one location. They’re not only held on college campuses but also sponsored by professional associations and community [more…]

How to Get the Most from Employee Referral Programs

Employee referrals used to be considered a somewhat risky practice — an invitation to nepotism and favoritism. But today employee referrals are considered one of the most reliable recruiting sources. Few [more…]

How to Find Valuable Employees through Open Houses

Open houses to recruit potential employees are most commonly held by companies in industries that experience high turnover and, thus, have an almost constant need for new employees: mass market retailing [more…]

How to Find Valuable Employees through Social Media and Online Networking

It may sound obvious, but it’s worth pointing out: Job seekers go where the employment opportunities are. Because of the sheer number of openings they list, job boards and aggregators and company websites [more…]


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