Motivating Employees

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Develop Future Goals for Employees

A big part of employee engagement in your firm is developing goals for each employee. Developing a road map for the future involves the following: [more…]

Build Succession into Performance Appraisal

Succession planning is crucial to employee engagement because it encourages faith in your employees and hope for promotion in an orderly manner. There is a challenge with succession planning within a company [more…]

How to Conduct Employee 360 Assessments

As part of the process of increasing employee engagement in your company, an EDP (employee development plan) should include a summary of the employee's 360-degree assessment. So, what's that? [more…]

Best Ways of Accomplishing Performance Appraisal

The process of performance appraisals can either encourage or discourage employee engagement at your company. Most people don't like their organization's annual employee performance appraisal process. [more…]

What Is an Employee Development Plan?

Performance appraisals represent a significant opportunity for supervisors to build a mutual commitment with employees — which is a key engagement driver — but more often than not, this opportunity is [more…]

How to Use an Employee Development Plan

An EDP (employee development plan) is one good way to encourage engagement in your workforce. So, how do you use an EDP? Here's a breakdown: [more…]

Understanding Rewards and Employee Engagement

Both rewards (which usually have a cost associated with them) and recognition (which is typically free or of minimal cost) are essential components of an effective employee engagement strategy. [more…]

Design a Total Rewards Strategy

Instead of limiting rewards to money, adopt a total rewards strategy that will increase achievement and engagement among your employees. That means expanding your definition of rewards beyond cash. A total [more…]

Develop Your Compensation Strategy

You should diversify your approach to rewards in order to encourage achievement and engagement among your employees, but compensation is still a key part of the equation. Careful compensation is one great [more…]

How Does Recognizing Employees Encourage Engagement?

Imagine visiting an office, a known high‐performing site. What does employee engagement look like? Well, while there, you notice a palpable buzz in the air. The receptionist welcomes you with an amazingly [more…]

8 Tips for Developing a Compensation Strategy

Compensation is one good tool to use to encourage achievement and employee engagement. Here are a few tips that pertain to developing your compensation strategy: [more…]

Build an Employee Recognition Program

The only way firms can boost recognition is by formally introducing a recognition program — one that is measurable and has meaning. A 2012 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management [more…]

Employee Recognition Tips and Best Practices

Recognition, rather than rewards or compensation, is a useful tool for increasing employee engagement in your company. Here are a few ideas and best practices to keep in mind as you build your recognition [more…]

Avoid Employee Reward Pitfalls

Have you ever heard the phrase “No good deed goes unpunished”? It refers to the fact that beneficial actions often go unappreciated (or may even be met with outright hostility). And if the actions are [more…]

Setting SMART Goals in Performance Coaching

One aspect of successful performance coaching is ensuring that the goals set by the individual are clear, behavioural and realistic. Make sure that the goals you set are: [more…]

Asking the Right Performance Coaching Questions

As a performance coach, you will find yourself posing a number of questions, and you have a variety of different styles of questions at your disposal: [more…]

Questions for the Different Stages of Performance Coaching

Applying the right questions to the appropriate times at which to ask them is a key skill required for successful performance coaching. Use this table to guide you. [more…]

Achieving Excellence in Performance Coaching

There are secrets for making a success of your endeavours in all fields. Here are the ten commandments to hold dear when striving for coaching excellence: [more…]

Performance Coaching Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Put simply, performance coaching means getting the best out of people at work. Here are some essential tips and pointers to keep close to hand as you strive to coach performance in your workplace. [more…]


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