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How to Reward Middle-Aged Employees at Work

Part of keeping your workforce engaged includes rewarding them. Employees of different ages respond to different types of rewards. Baby boomers and older employees respond well to the following types of [more…]

How to Train Gen X Employees

If you want to keep Gen X employees engaged at work, remember training and development is the key. Members of Generation X have been frustrated by their career progression — or lack thereof. Having been [more…]

How to Engage Generation X Employees

Generation X employees are looking for specific values in their work in order to feel engaged. If you're tasked with engaging Gen Xers, consider these points: [more…]

Younger Employees in the Workforce

Keep your Gen X and Gen Y employees engaged at work by understanding more of what motivates them. The first generation to insist on work–life balance, this group, born between 1965 and 1980, includes more [more…]

How to Engage Generation Y Employees

Keeping your younger workforce engaged can bring a lot of energy to your company. Are you tasked with engaging Millennials? If so, here are a few ideas: [more…]

Identify Characteristics of an Engaged Team

The characteristics of an engaged team is actually something most people already know. After all, everyone’s been on a sports team, a dance team, in Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, on church committees, or [more…]

Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development for Work

Group development leads to engagement in the workforce. Here is an idea useful to helping you understand how to keep your team engaged. In 1965, psychologist Dr. Bruce Tuckman proposed a model of group [more…]

How to Train Generation Y Employees

Generation Y workers — which will soon be the largest workforce demographic (if they aren't already) — require a continuous flow of positive feedback. Keep them engaged by offering them training, development [more…]

How to Define Who You Are to Employees

Odds are, your employees can articulate what you do as a company, the services you offer, and the products you sell. But can they speak to who you are, and why you’re a great employer? For many companies [more…]

Enlist Your Employees as Brand Ambassadors

It’s great when your company uses social media to broadcast its employment brand. But what’s reallygreat for employee engagement is when a company’s employees use these technologies for the same aim — [more…]

How Branding and Employee Engagement Relate

Company branding and engagement are connected, so writing an employee value proposition (which basically says who you are and why people should work for you) is an important step towards engaging your [more…]

Tri-Branding to Improve Employee Engagement

Clearly, decisions made from the heart aren’t entirely rational or logical. So, what does this have to do with employee engagement and employment branding? Simply put, branding is a lot about capturing [more…]

How to Foster Innovation among Your Employees

When it comes to innovation, engagement is both a chauffeur and a passenger — that is, it both drives and is driven by innovation. Indeed, innovation is a key engagement driver. Employees want to create [more…]

5 Myths about Employee Engagement

The Greeks and Romans aren’t the only ones with myths. You’ll find plenty in the work world, too. For example, here are some myths about employee engagement: [more…]

Are Your Employees Actively Engaged?

Management can gauge employee engagement in several different ways. One way to figure out if employees are really invested in their everyday efforts is to assess your training investment; another is to [more…]

Engage Employees of All Ages

As you develop your organization's engagement plan, you'll want to take all these generational differences into consideration. First, however, you should get a sense of how many Millennials, Gen Xers, [more…]

How to Communicate Your Employment Brand

An Employee Value Proposition (EVP), which you may think of as your employment brand, is an important element in employee engagement. To be effective, you must also communicate that employment brand, both [more…]

How to Reward Gen X Employees at Work

If want to engage and motivate staff members who were born between 1965 and 1980 (known as the Generation X), try these some rewards specifically targeted to Gen X: [more…]

Identify Your Firm’s Purpose and Engage Employees

When you think about whether your workforce is engaged with your company’s purpose, and why they should be, ask yourself if they are even aware of that purpose. Go to your company's website, and try to [more…]

What Gamification Does for Employee Engagement

Does your organization have low employee retention rates? Is your onboarding process a drag? Do you have trouble getting employees to collaborate, share knowledge, or keep records the way they should? [more…]

Hiring Engaged Workers: Assess Candidates’ Responses to Interview Questions

When you are looking to hire employees that will be engaged with your company’s vision and goals, you can find a lot out during interview. Of course, knowing what questions to ask in a job interview is [more…]

Engage Your Customers with Your Brand

Just as employee engagement is more important than employee satisfaction, so, too, does customer engagement trump customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer will supply a positive review of your company [more…]

Hiring Engaged Employees: Interview Questions

The idea for hiring good employees is to craft interview questions that are targeted toward the specific behaviors and traits that are unique to your organization and to the position. Although traits like [more…]

Use Employee Games to Achieve Your Business Objectives

Interested in applying gamification to your business in order to help increase employee engagement? If so, the first thing you need to recognize is that gamification, like any attempt to improve employee [more…]

Use Games to Reward Employees

Even the mere hope of receiving a reward — even a really lousy one — can motivate an employee to perform a desired behavior. Why? Oddly, it's not the reward itself that's motivating; instead, it's the [more…]


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