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Popular Perks for Employees

A workplace that’s designed to keep employees happy and productive helps pay for itself in many ways, such as greater retention and a sense that the company genuinely values the people it employs. Although [more…]

Low-Cost Perks Any Company Can Offer Its Employees

Smaller companies can’t afford all the employee perks larger firms can provide, as a rule. But attractive employee perks don’t have to expensive. Here are some inexpensive but no less appealing perks: [more…]

Make Alternative Work Arrangements for Employees

A company’s ability to attract and retain employees with the expertise it requires relates increasingly to the human side of the day-to-day working experience — the general atmosphere that prevails in [more…]

How to Make Alternative Arrangements Work for Your Employees

In theory, alternate work arrangements offer a win-win situation for you and your employees. Many studies have shown that flexible scheduling policies improve morale and job satisfaction, reduce absenteeism [more…]

Employee Buy-in for New Process Automation

You can mandate a business change in strategy or process all you want, but employees will find a way to revert back to their old ways if they feel threatened, intimidated, and/or frustrated by the new [more…]

10 Great Gamified Sites and Apps

Business gamification uses elements like points, achievements, levels, leaderboards, missions, and contests to drive desired behaviors. All of a sudden, promoting a brand becomes fun for customers, and [more…]

Survey Says: Conducting an Employee Engagement Survey

Are your employees engaged? Good question. And the only surefire way to answer with any accuracy is to conduct an employee engagement survey. Your organization should conduct an employee engagement survey [more…]

Diplomatic Immunity: Identifying Your Engagement Ambassadors

You've probably heard the term brand ambassador. A brand ambassador is someone who embodies a brand and serves to promote it. Similarly, an engagement ambassador [more…]

All in the Family: Engaging Employees by Engaging Their Families

Spouses and other family members have a huge influence on how a person feels about his job or company. These individuals' views on the firm can make the difference between keeping a valued employee and [more…]

Employee Engagement For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you’re trying to engage your workforce, it helps to know how engaged they already are, and you can do this by conducting an employee engagement survey and acting on the results. A key way to build [more…]

Corporate U: Establishing a Corporate University

A great way to share best practices among employees is to create a "corporate university" — in other words, create learning materials and make them accessible to employees. [more…]

Using Social Media to Recruit Employees

If you're looking to hire, you can't afford to overlook social media. That means maintaining relevance on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube [more…]

Establishing an Employee Engagement Committee

If your organization has declared that employee engagement is a top business objective, then it should also assemble an employee engagement committee. This committee, which will consist of 10 to 20 people [more…]

10 Quick Recognition Ideas to Boost Employee Engagement

Although recognizing your employees is easy to do, it's also one of the easiest things to forget. Don't let this happen! Recognition provides reinforcement and spurs motivation — both key components of [more…]

Employee Engagement Is Not a “Program”

Employee engagement is more than a program; it entails a cultural shift — a change in how things are done and communicated from the top to the bottom of an organization. Engagement can't be shunted to [more…]

How Do You Measure Employee Engagement?

If your goal is to improve employee engagement at your firm, you first need to find out just how engaged your employees are now. Discover various ways to gauge employee engagement, both now and in the [more…]

Pick the Right Employees for Engagement

A big part of cultivating an engaged workforce is choosing the right people as employees. Often, when faced with selecting employees (in other words, hiring), employers focus on candidates’ education and [more…]

What Drives Employee Engagement?

What, exactly, drives employee engagement? In recent years, the business world has reached a consensus: Employee engagement is good for the bottom line. It's a simple equation, really: If you can't satisfy [more…]

What Is Employee Engagement?

If you’re interested in learning about employee engagement, it’s probably because something's not quite right at work. People talk about leaving as soon as the economy improves. They no longer speak well [more…]

Why Does Employee Engagement Matter?

Employee engagement results in lower absenteeism and turnover, as well as higher productivity and profitability. A 2012 Gallup study — which examined nearly 50,000 business or work units and roughly 1. [more…]

The Dangers of Employee Disengagement

Unfortunately, employee disengagement is much too prevalent. Since the Great Recession of 2008–2009, a “perfect storm” of company layoffs, marginal opportunities, minimal pay increases and bonuses, limited [more…]

Employee Engagement and Innovation

Researchers overwhelmingly agree: Engaged employees drive innovation. Engaged employees are empowered to seek ways to innovate, whether that means improving the customer experience, boosting profitability [more…]

Work with a Consultant to Conduct Employee Engagement Surveys

A companywide employee engagement survey is the most thorough tool for capturing your company's engagement baseline. Such a survey can help you determine where to invest first to increase engagement; it [more…]

How to Analyze the Results of Employee Surveys

Surveys can help you gauge how invested your employees are in your business. Obviously, simply conducting an employee engagement survey isn't enough. You have to analyze the results to determine what to [more…]

What to Ask on an Employee Engagement Survey

The best surveys about employee engagement contain a blend of closed-ended questions and open-ended questions. Here are a few examples of both types, which you can use yourself or build upon to create [more…]


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