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How to Use Competition in the Workplace

Using competition in the workplace can be healthy and productive. Competition increases levels of chemicals like testosterone and is motivational in many situations. It also can cause stress and alienation [more…]

How to Make a Brain-Friendly Workplace

Productivity flourishes under the right conditions, not just the right leader. If you want a successful business, make your employees happy. If you want a successful and [more…]

Challenging Your Employees' Brains

Great business leaders challenge their employees. To have a productive workplace, after all, employees (and their brains) need to explore, test, and challenge. At the same time, challenge needs to be balanced [more…]

How to Deal with Toxic Employees

Because negativity and toxicity spread like germs in the workplace, you need to recognize the characteristics of the toxic worker. Whether it’s gossip, unconstructive criticism, drama, bitterness, constant [more…]

How to Reinforce Changes in an Organization

No one said change was easy, but a good leader can make it easier. Changing an organization means changing brains, too — and brain change is a challenge. If you meet resistance to change with your employees [more…]

How to Set Achievable Goals for Your Business

Goal setting is vital to the success of every team, and thus to the success of every leader and business manager. If you know how to make goals that work, you’ll help your team — and thus the organization [more…]

How to Meet Goals with Right-Brained Employees

An organization cannot succeed without goals. A leader cannot succeed without setting the right goals, in the right way, for her followers. Believe it or not, there’s an art to setting and meeting goals [more…]

Motivating Yourself to Be More Innovative in Business

Finding ways to innovate and add creativity to your business and career is fun and very rewarding. The following questions can help motivate you to dive into the process of creating new ideas to jump-start [more…]

Plan to Take Motivating Action

Planning to take positive action helps you to overcome barriers and keeps you moving forward. Here are some general tips to help you with your planning. [more…]

Ten Motivating Tips

Achieving things can be hard when you feel demotivated. Help yourself to get motivated and stay motivated by always keeping these ten quick and easy tips in mind: [more…]

Daily Commitments for Managers

The energy, performance and output of your area of responsibility and the people in it starts with you. So remember these tips, and go forth to energise, enthuse – and inspire! And the profits will come [more…]

Using the NLP Four-Point Formula for Business Success

You can apply this neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) formula for success to both long-term and short-term goals. So, whether you simply want to hold a productive meeting or are planning the holiday of [more…]

Sharpening Your Business Rapport in Seven Quick Ways

Rapport is the foundation of valuable relationships and is key to your success in your interactions with others in business. Here are some ways to help you build rapport fast: [more…]

Ten Ways for Managers to Motivate Employees in Business

Employees may not need a pay rise as much as they do personal thanks from their manager for a job well done. Show your workers that you support them, and encourage better performance by motivating them [more…]

How to Align Your Team with Video

Motivating different types of people to do or say the right things in the right ways consistently is always a challenge. Video marketing is a useful way to get all team members on the same page. [more…]

Getting People to Listen to You

You don’t have to become a different person to get people to enjoy listening to you – you just have to make it easy for them. Even small changes on your part make the vital difference in how you come across [more…]

How to Motivate and Encourage Business Change

The status quo is never a catalyst to change. Now is the time to remind your employees to leave the status quo and move to this wonderful new future. Here are some ways you can start challenging the existing [more…]

Generation Gaps Spur Business Change

A giant barrier to communication in the workforce is the generation gap. In your office, you may have someone who remembers life before e-mail and Internet, whereas others can’t even dream of living without [more…]

How to Recognize a Need to Change with SWOT

A SWOT analysis looks at an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. If change isn’t easy, why in the world do you want to change in the first place? Pinpointing your need is the [more…]

How to Manage the People Factors during Business Change

When all is said and done, the success of change is based on how committed the people in the organization are to making the change happen and last for years to come. Even if your organization decides to [more…]

How to Lead by Example to Create Business Change

When a leader leads by example, maintains interest, and holds the pedal to the metal to keep intensity and commitment at their highest levels, the rest of the organization usually picks up on it, and people [more…]

Ten Ways to Fine-Tune Your Focus on the Job

Making the best use of your time is closely connected to your ability to concentrate. Maintaining your focus on the most critical tasks is one of the most perplexing challenges you face as you strive to [more…]

Part of the Series: Companion Content from the E-Book Effective Time Management In A Day For Dummies

How to Create an Employee-Friendly Work Environment

Making your company a great place to work will help you attract — and keep — great employees. But creating an employee-friendly work environment involves more than just offering an attractive paycheck. [more…]

Seven Steps to Efficient Change Management

Change is good, but it can also wreak havoc on an organization if not managed with thought and careful planning. Here are seven steps to managing change in any organization, efficiently. [more…]

Basics for Writing Job Descriptions

The job description is where your business’s hiring criteria are first formally set forth. But this doesn’t mean just any garden-variety job description will do. The job description you’ll construct will [more…]


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