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In-House Classroom Employee Training

Figuring out which programs to offer employees used to be fairly cut and dried. Most corporate training was delivered the old-fashioned way: through instructor-led, classroom training. Today, more than [more…]

How to Assess Employee Training Needs

A growing number of consulting companies and individuals specialize in helping clients identify the training needs of their employees. If your company is large enough, and you don’t have the time or resources [more…]

How to Track Employee Morale

In many cases, particularly if your company is small, you don’t have a hard time getting a good read on the general atmosphere among employees. But if your company is larger, periodically conducting a [more…]

How to Develop Employee Qualities and Attributes for a Job Description

Every job has a set of technical requirements for the employee, but a job description is not complete without those broad but telling aspects of a candidate known as [more…]

How to Use Social Networks to Recruit Potential Employees

An advantage of establishing a presence in online social networks is that you can build a large community of people who are actively engaged with your company — including potential hires. [more…]

How to Gain Permanent Benefit from Contingent Employees

Contingent employees have become a significant part of today’s workforce, and there are sound reasons for this growth. More and more talented people are drawn to contingent work because of the flexibility [more…]

How to Use Recruiters Effectively to Search for Job Candidates

Recruiters can be an invaluable part of your employee candidate search arsenal. If you know how to maximize their services, recruiters can more than pay for themselves. Using outside recruiters has several [more…]

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls in On-Campus Employee Recruiting

University campuses can be rich opportunities to engage with potential entry-level employees. You should consider the following points in preparing for any campus recruiting activities: [more…]

How to Get the Most from Job Fairs

Job fairs are recruiting events that bring together employers and potential employees in one location. They’re not only held on college campuses but also sponsored by professional associations and community [more…]

How to Get the Most from Employee Referral Programs

Employee referrals used to be considered a somewhat risky practice — an invitation to nepotism and favoritism. But today employee referrals are considered one of the most reliable recruiting sources. Few [more…]

How to Find Valuable Employees through Open Houses

Open houses to recruit potential employees are most commonly held by companies in industries that experience high turnover and, thus, have an almost constant need for new employees: mass market retailing [more…]

How to Find Valuable Employees through Social Media and Online Networking

It may sound obvious, but it’s worth pointing out: Job seekers go where the employment opportunities are. Because of the sheer number of openings they list, job boards and aggregators and company websites [more…]

How to Handle Helicopter Parents of Employment Seekers

What do employee hiring managers have in common with youth sports coaches, high school teachers, and college administrators? All these professionals are likely to encounter [more…]

How to Set Up a System for Evaluating Employment Candidates

No set rules exist for evaluating potential employees. The important thing is to have a system in place before résumés begin to arrive. The process should include a set of hard criteria to use as the basis [more…]

How to Avoid Legal Trouble with Employee Applicant Tests

Pre-employment testing is probably the most controversial of all evaluation options in use today. Everybody agrees with the basic rationale that test results often can alert you to attributes and potential [more…]

The Five Deadly Sins of Candidate Interviews

There are many all-too-common practices used in interviewing potential employees that create a surefire recipe for hiring mistakes. Beware of these five mistakes: [more…]

How to Avoid Discriminatory Questions in a Job Interview

The questions you or others in your company ask during an interview of a potential employee can result in legal problems for the company if you fail to follow certain guidelines. Antidiscrimination and [more…]

How to Close a Job Interview on the Right Note

With only a few minutes to go in an interview with a potential employee, you can bring the session to a graceful close by following these steps: [more…]

Factors to Consider When Making Employment Hiring Decisions

Here are some of the factors on which different Human Resources managers base their hiring decisions and what you need to keep in mind as you’re considering each one. [more…]

Online Reference Checking in Employment Decisions

Advances in technology and more sophisticated online search capabilities have increased the popularity of reference checking via the Internet. The practice will undoubtedly grow as more record holders [more…]

How to Negotiate Salary with New Employees

After receiving a potential employee’s response to your offer, be prepared to negotiate. Job seekers today have access to an abundance of information on salary negotiation through websites and books, so [more…]

How to Accurately Describe Job Duties in Job Descriptions

Job descriptions, although not essential, can be very helpful when hiring a new employee. But it is important that a job description accurately reflect the current job duties of the position you want to [more…]

Why You Didn't Get the Job: Real Hiring Managers Spill Their Secrets

Hiring managers were interviewed to find out the real reasons good applicants can get the ax — and seven revealed how potential hires they’ve interviewed have talked themselves out of a paycheck. [more…]

Best Practices for Hiring

People are the heart of every business. The better people you hire, the better business you have. Some people are just meant to be in their jobs. You may know such individuals — someone who thrives as [more…]

Five Steps to Better Interviewing

When it comes right down to it, your organization’s success depends in large part on the quality of the people you employ. Recruiting and hiring the very best people — and terminating the ones who aren’t [more…]


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