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How to Make Employee Training Stick

If you want to have the perfect training session for your employees, you need more than good training material and an engaging trainer. You need to make sure that all the time and money is worth it. In [more…]

How to Build Training Sessions for Different Types of Learners

Great leaders know how to motivate all of their followers. In the same way, successful training sessions teach all of their participants. After all, a training session is only as good as what the participants [more…]

How to Prepare the Perfect Employee Training

If you want to train employees and get results, you need to do more than hire a trainer with a decent reputation. You need to prepare for training with the same organization you put into onsite leadership [more…]

Unusual Tips for Training Employees

Don’t be afraid to venture outside the typical business training session. If you do something new, the training will excite and motivate your employees. Build a “sticky” training session with these unusual [more…]

How to Hire the Best Brains for the Best Team

A great leader needs a great team. But how do you build the best team in your business? Even if someone looks great on a resume, you need to make sure they’ll be great as part of the whole business team [more…]

How to Hire the Best Brain for the Job

The best leaders know how to hire the best team — and it’s not all about evaluating resumes. In fact, the resume is just the starting block. To find the best person for your business team, you need to [more…]

Evaluating a Potential Employee's Fit in Your Company

Hiring new employees can be one of the biggest decisions a good leader makes. You need someone who can take your organization to the next level. A smart manager doesn’t make hiring decisions based solely [more…]

For Managers: Coaching Customer Service

To keep a high-level of commitment to great customer service, your staff needs constant support. Use these lessons as manager when you hold a staff meeting to get started: [more…]

How to Maximize Your Training Technique with Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth ten thousand words of how-to training. Every company has to train employees to use a process. Creating a video library for training saves you [more…]

Applicant Tests: Personality, Psychological, and Drug Tests

Some businesses require candidates to take certain tests after being offered conditional employment. Be careful with these tests, though, as there are some laws that may influence what you can require. [more…]

Basic Questions to Ask Applicants during a Job Interview

A good job interview question does two things: it gives you the specific information you need to make a sound hiring decision and helps you gain insight into how the candidate’s mind and emotions work [more…]

Some Creative Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

Avoid timeworn, clichéd questions, such as “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” when you are interviewing a candidate for a new job. Instead, develop a list of questions designed to elicit responses [more…]

How to Check a Job Applicant’s References

Getting a candid reference for a job applicant from an employer is tougher than ever these days. Because employers know that both saying too much and saying too little can have legal consequences, they’re [more…]

How to Conduct a Job Interview

When interviewing a candidate for your business, how you phrase questions, when you ask them, and how you follow up can go a long way toward affecting the quality and value of the answers you get. [more…]

How to Write Your Business’s Employee Handbook and Procedures Manual

Even if your business has only a handful of employees, keeping your basic policies and procedures well documented through an employee handbook and procedures manual is always a good practice. Whatever [more…]

How to Evaluate Job Applicants for your Business

The easiest way to make a hiring decision for your business is to weigh the options and simply go with what your intuition tells you to do. Easy — but risky. Gut decisions, whether they originate from [more…]

How to Find the Right Recruiting Agency for Your Business

You choose a recruiter for your business the same way you choose any professional services specialist. You take a look at what services are available, you ask colleagues for recommendations, and you talk [more…]

How to Evaluate Your Employee Training Program

Whether through surveys or meetings, you need to get feedback on your business’s onboarding program for new employees so you can make improvements for future new hires. Here are some questions that can [more…]

How to Offer a Job to an Applicant

After you make your final choice of whom to hire for your business, you may think that you and the other decision makers can just sit back and relax. Not just yet. [more…]

How to Plan a Staffing Strategy

The traditional business hiring notion of finding the best people to fill job openings has been replaced by a much more dynamic concept. It’s generally referred to as [more…]

How to Read Job Applicants’ Résumés

Based on résumés alone, you’d think all the candidates for your business are such outstanding prospects that you could hire them sight unseen. Anyone who does any research at all into how to look for a [more…]

How to Select the Right Applicant for the Job

Bad hiring decisions in any business rarely happen by accident. In retrospect, you can usually discover that you didn’t do something you should have in making your decision. [more…]

How to Use Phone Interviews to Narrow Job Candidates

After you’ve sorted through résumés and selected the most promising candidates for your business, conducting a telephone interview can help you narrow the list of individuals to call in for an interview [more…]

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Your ability to get the most out of the interviews you conduct for your business invariably depends on how well prepared you are. Here’s a checklist of things you should do before you ask the first interview [more…]

Applicant Tests: Proficiency, Aptitude, and Ability Tests

Applicant tests are business tools meant to measure specific aspects or qualities of applicants’ skills, knowledge, experience, intellect, personality or psychological makeup. As a Human Recources professional [more…]


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